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  1. I could do this after a couple conditions are met 1)I would need a 5200 controller 2)I would need to finalize a compound Currently I'm dealing with the paints in their normal state as an acrylic and I'm almost certain there's going to be some cracking/peeling. Fortunately I should have sufficient knowledge to get around this and whip up something more ideal.
  2. I've been working with methods of fixing conductivity with membrane pads, which was heavily inspired from 5200 experience and I'm just passing the info here So far I'm play testing with the first batch for durability but it looks promising At this point I'm open to suggestions. I can't test on a 5200 unfortunately since I don't own one personally.
  3. 7800 needs more attention for sure, since it'll do the Atari everyone remembers, and more.
  4. I don't exclusively mod Atari but I've dealt with the 5200 inputs... I've decided to document my mods and experiments using youtube now. And for anyone curious I'm currently doing some experiments using conductive paints, starting with the membrane pads used in most digital inputs. I wasn't sure which area to share this in since it has applications beyond a specific console or pc. Eventually I'll be working with changing the formula if I feel it needs a different finish or flexibility. I don't really have proper recording gear, bit it gets the point across -
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