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  1. This is true. So much attention is on Nintendo. I've pretty much stopped my NES collecting because of this. E-Bay is not the best place to get "Atari era" games, unless you buy lots then resale the duplicates. I've been finding Atari games (consoles and computer) for $1 or $2 a piece at local game stores and retro game convention, even the more uncommon/rare ones. The last convention I went to had multiple vendors with totes just full of Atari, Intellivision, etc carts. They don't even bother sorting or looking up prices on them. Most notable from last year was a Donkey Kong Jr and Centipede for the 7800 for $1 each. I got Pitt Fall and River Raid carts for the Atari computer pretty cheap too, maybe $3 each (memory is fuzzy on those).
  2. Yes, thanks for organizing this. It was fun way to try out homebrew game i hadn't played. Any plans of running another in 2019?
  3. ZeroPageHomebrew's stream inspired me to play again tonight. Beat my previous score with 114,100 :-)
  4. Greetings! I just acquired my first Odyssey 2 console this weekend while at the Retro Game Con in Syracuse. Unfortunately, my adventures with KC Munchkin are on hold while I figure out a video issue. When turned on the picture is black with or without a cartridge in it. I can hear the audio from the game when I press a number key so I know code is being executed and that the CPU is probably fine. I've reset both CPU and AV chips in their sockets a few times. I also re-flowed the socket pins. I also added a composite amp to remove the RF modulator from equation. I get audio through it but the video is still black through composite. The TV does see a composite video signal. Next I want to re-flow some more pins, check some continuity, signals (AV and Color chips), and maybe replace the electrolytic caps (the seem ok though). Before I do that I wanted to tap the knowledge base here. Does anyone have any recommendations on how I should go about debugging/fixing this? I do have an oscilloscope available. Composite amp schematics: http://solarfox.triluminary.net/hwh_o2avc_p2.php Odyssey 2 schematics I'm using: https://console5.com/wiki/Odyssey2 I found this thread, but it was a dead-end: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/170540-magnavox-odyssey-2-picture-problem/
  5. Here is my high score of 6,010. I think I can do better, just don't think I have time tonight to play :-)
  6. Had a good morning run 111,350 on standard and on my 2600 this time instead of Stella.
  7. Ooops, missed that rule. I will try to get another run in this weekend.
  8. I am a little late to the party, but still want to play Missed the first 3 rounds. Here is my high score for Ladybug so far: 62540
  9. The problem does not happen when using the ctrl key. Thanks for that tip! It also doesn't do it when using a usb game pad. it must be something specific to my notebook's keyboard. Thanks everyone! Edit: I tested with my usb keyboard and could not duplicate it. I guess it must be a feature of Thinkpad keyboards.
  10. I added that to try to fix the problem. I removed that and the next if statement and the problem still persists. I was thinking about that on my way to work. Maybe windows or my keyboard driver is doing a "sticky key" type thing? I will try using a usb gamepad tonight and report back.
  11. Hello all! I am checking to see if I'm doing something wrong in my code, or if I found a compiler or Stella bug. I am having an issue with the joystick direction getting stuck frequently in Stella when the fire button is pressed. I have confirmed through the debug tools that the joystick direction switch is stuck on when this happens even though I am not holding down any cursor keys. The cursor keys on my computer are not having problems in any other software. It can be duplicated by pressing a direction and tapping the fire key and releasing the direction key. I think the timing needs to be right, but it will do it eventually. I am using DPC+ I've attached my debug basic code that is stripped of everything except for the movement, playfield collision, and animation code. I kept removing pieces of code hoping to find the culprit but no luck. The code that is left is based off from code I found in the "batari Basic Command Reference" which I modified to fit how I wanted the player to move on the screen. I am running the latest Batari Basic dev software found here in the forums and my Stella version is 5.1.3 I do not have a Harmony cart to be able to test this on a real 2600 (but I am curious if it also happens on a console). I appreciate everyone's time. debug-movement.bas.bin debug-movement.bas
  12. I didn't even get to go past a hello world type game before being afflicted I'm guessing no need to worry? I downloaded everything from links in this forum.
  13. Hello RevEng, Is this the same false positive you are talking about?
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