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  1. Very old topic resurrection - but as this still pops up in searches - I've written a cart that has 10 (or more) 2 player competitive games and 1 cooperative game for the Vectrex. All these games are simultaneous multiplayer. For more info, check out the page http://www.jubbernaut.com/?page_id=645 Cheers, Robin
  2. http://www.jubbernaut.com/?page_id=645 For Player 2, so far
  3. jubber

    Player 2

    Thanks very much for buying a copy! It's so cool to be able to turn code into an actual thing people can buy. The game is now on sale. For anybody who is interested - more info here on the updated site http://www.jubbernaut.com/?page_id=645 Cheers, Robin.
  4. jubber

    Player 2

    Hi there - I'm currently working on a new cartridge for the Vectrex called Player 2 - and this seems like a good place to give some early information about the game. I'm a few weeks away from finished the code (it's taken months to get to this point!) and I'll soon be making physical carts - once the code has been tested up and down for bugs. Here is a webpage I've made with more information about the cart. http://www.jubbernaut.com/?page_id=645 Cheers, Robin.
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