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  1. My Astrocade audio cassette interface plug that goes into the light pen port adapter got ripped out. Does anyone know the pin out?
  2. I just noticed there's a sticker underneath with the serial number. I'm guessing 4255 is an early model.
  3. I finally got some time today to take a crack at repairing an Astrocade that belonged to my step dad. I was hoping to get some more historical data on the unit. I think he bought it in the late 70's. It has a sticker on the board with HV-A25782_. Is that the serial number? The PCB silk screen includes the number MM T1 A084-90701-B620 A080-90701-B620 and is labelled MIDWAY MFG. CO. A BALLY COMPANY. The date codes on the IC's are between 1977 and 1978. Here's a pic:
  4. Thanks, but the kit is already on my desk. I figured the electrolytics didn't appreciate spending 35 years in a very hot attic. The Console5 kit looks good. The small caps are Japanese (Nichicon and Matsushita). I don't see any manufacturer markings on the 1500 μF and 10k μF. Unfortunately, the 2 big ones are radial instead of axial. All appear to be rated for 105° C. After reading Michael Matte's troubleshooting article, I think the 10K μF cap is probably underrated at 10V. I'll probably swap it out with a 16V axial. I can't wait until I get some free time to work on it.
  5. Thanks the power supply article will help a lot. I've got a black screen. I've only taken a cursory look. I noticed some of the rectifier diodes are getting very hot. Hopefully, it's just a bad diode, cap or regulator. The Astrocade has been sitting in an attic for over 30 years.
  6. I’m restoring an Astrocade and would like to build a Balcheck. I’ve reviewed the plans and photos on Bally Alley (awesome website!). I’d like to create a PCB with parts that are currently in production. Can anyone recommend a modern alternative to the 2716 EPROM used on the Balcheck device? I’d prefer an EEPROM or Flash with very similar functionality. A quick search on Mouser returned the Microchip AT28C64B. It’s larger than need but I can ground the unused addresses A11 and A12. Also I have a TL866 so I can easily program it. Btw: could the AT28C64B work for a homebrew cartridge too? I figure all the other IC’s can be replaced by a single inexpensive MCU. I’ll post the Eagle files when I’m done. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.
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