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  1. I just have ONE request! Will the sgm2 be able to do vector graphics?
  2. How close can you get to the real hardware in the terms of graphical fidelity? Is the SGM2 considered emulation because the game is not running the real hardware? or another way to look at it, is which part of the hardware actually gives the original look that seems so hard to replicate?
  3. So if i understand correctly lets take for example The new Zaxxon game will be on a SGM2 cart that will plug into the SGM2 cartridge slot right? And the SGM2 module is still using parts of the CV cpu do get work done? Thanks!
  4. ZilogZ80

    Opcode 2019

    So if i understand correctly the sgm2 will work in collaboration with the CV hardware. Will these new capabilities give you the ability to make "arcade perfect" ports of lets say Zaxxon and DK? Thank you again for your dedicated work toward our small niche market! its very appreciated!
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