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  1. Good points! Will arcade Popeye be a arcade perfect port?(In SGM2 mode) or will it be an enhanced version of CV game?(graphic and audio wise)
  2. Bummer my SGM1 is still new in its box! I dont see why i should keep my SGM1 if SGM2 can do it all! Oh well..congrats and thank you for making this happen!
  3. When i first heard of the SGM2 and its technical specs, i said to myself finally a true to arcade port of classic games like Zaxxon(and others) will be possible! But maybe all those classics have already been done "close enough" for the SGM 1(i.e. Zaxxon super game by Pixelboy,etc..) and maybe for SGM2 you will be focusing more on NES generation games? Thanks!
  4. Hi Opcode This is a silly question Will you keep SGM 1 in your product line after the SGM 2 is officially released? Do you see them as two different products serving different markets? Thanks!
  5. Hey Eduardo You stated sometime ago that the SGM2 was too alien to the CV, what has changed this time around? or how is it less alien? Thanks!
  6. So does the SGM2 still plugs in the CV? If yes, does i connect into the front expansion? If it plugs in the CV does it use some the CV cpu power? Or is it a complete stand alone console?
  7. ZilogZ80

    SGM 5th run

    Hey guys what are these replacement nameplates you are all talking about??
  8. ZilogZ80

    SGM 5th run

    Hello I have not received an email concerning the second payment for the SGM, is this normal? Thanks!
  9. Not interested in MAME(hate all the hassle of going from PC to CRT) i dont have the time or money to wire a arcade cabinet.. I want to be able to play arcade perfect ports(not revised versions) of Zaxxon,Popeye, Gorf etc..from my couch with my colecovision on CRT.(with a real physical media i can hold in my hands) I think maybe in a naive way i am hoping that the SGM2 + Collector vison + Pixel Boy would deliver on that account. Once all the early classic arcade games have been covered i will then look into brand new games.
  10. Is it 100% certain that you will release arcade perfect ports of classics fore the SGM2?(Zaxxon, Front Line etc..) or maybe Collectorvision will?
  11. Where can i play a perfect arcade port of Popeye or Moon Patrol at home?(aside from MAME) seriously if these early 80 games are not in the SGM2 future, then im not intersested...i have the mid to late 80's games covered with my Pc engine,NES, Genesis consoles.
  12. Maybe my wishlist is too basic but i'm expecting SGM2 to delivery arcade perfect ports of the following ports Zaxxon & Super Zaxxon Lady bug Pepper II Popeye Frenzy And of course the big two (wish i will not talk about..) :)
  13. Fantastic job! especially the part where you say the colecovision cpu is dowing all the work! brilliant!
  14. I just have ONE request! Will the sgm2 be able to do vector graphics?
  15. How close can you get to the real hardware in the terms of graphical fidelity? Is the SGM2 considered emulation because the game is not running the real hardware? or another way to look at it, is which part of the hardware actually gives the original look that seems so hard to replicate?
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