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  1. Hi Pieter look at your PM for Email Address
  2. Here is another snipet of info, hopefully this will jog a few memories A bit more info micopendium 1994/10 Scheduled for release in late 1994 (pending completion of 20 pre-sales orders ) is the latest version of Rich Gilbertson's RXB, Version 6. According to O'Neil (abbreviated slightly) " Rich has painstakingly hand entered all the original TI Extended BASIC source code from printouts he aquired " "Gilbertson has cleaned up and sped up much of TI's XB code and because of the larger space in the available in the WHT Module and GRAM Emulator devices etc...
  3. Thanks for the info --- Ω -- regarding RXB, at the moment i am concentrating on the history of this board . I found this also from Micopendium 1994/03 A Cartridge using generic EPROMs for any number of programs, similar to the PGRAM produced by the late John Guion, is available from Don O'neil of Western Horizon Technologies " for a modest Fee" I have looked in various Cartridge lists produced in other threads here, but WHT is not mentioned. Does the above description of a cartridge ring any bells with anyone ?
  4. Thanks for the info KSARUL, at least i now know that the 16V8 refers to programmable PALs. the Universal Cartridge Board has EXCEL DS, 94V-0, 07-94 on the Reverse i found this in Micropendium 1994/02 RXB in module form Now you don't need a GRAM KRACKER to enjoy this POWERFUL version of TI's Extended BASIC. WHT has engineered an inexpensive module to hold RXB, includes disk and Manual. Has anyone got this cartridge ? or Photos internally?
  5. Hi everyone Universal Grom/Rom Module I have been trying to track down info on this PCB, but no luck here on previous threads or WHTECH about multi-carts, it has similarities to the Super Extended Basic cartridge around the Grom section of the PCB. I am hoping that the wiser people can dig deep into their memory's and illuminate this Boards history. Any info would be a plus.
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