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  1. From looking at the artwork, I could tell this would be awesome, but I can't get it to work. My 2018 Legends FB has rmr md's fantastic MAME 2000 enabling CFW. I extracted this RAR file to the root of my SD card which is compatible with the Legends FB. But it starts up as normal with no change to any artwork. Was there supposed to be an arcade_update img file included?
  2. I have another warning about the firmware update for the 2019 Legends Flashback. Out of the box, mine played SNES games off the SD card just fine, but since I upgraded the firmware it won't play or even acknowledge the FIG format SNES roms. I wish there was a way to rollback to factory settings, as with most devices, but not a big deal.
  3. My Phoenix Walmart had a bunch of FB9's and Legends marked at $35, but luckily I thought to scan them and they were $21, so I bought a couple more Legends. Probably worth it for the controllers alone. rmr md really opened up the possibilities for this thing - GEN, MAME 2000, NES, SMS. Already a great deal. Soon we'll see whether the SNES can be opened up since the Star Wars games are obviously there.
  4. The new AutoBleem Beta is out now. Most importantly to me, there was a bug in the earlier Retroarch that would cause it to crash if you played too many games. After testing it for a few days, I think it's been fixed. There is also some analog stick support, but not sure how it goes yet. Funny, I almost never play PS1 games on the Classic, just the old stuff. For a non-PC gamer, this might be the best emulation box I've seen besides the OG Xbox.
  5. I ended up deleting the emulators, then Ftp'ing new ones from another Xbox softmodded by someone else. When I configure the new ones to show screenshots, they actually show xmv preview movies, so go figure. Still better than nothing though. It's weird that a feature as simple as showing different media at the game select screen can be this troublesome. Overall, the emulators are pretty solid, even if there are some glitches. Like they all play the background music even after you tell it not to. Hearing the same 30 second song was annoying so I deleted the mp3 just to be done with it. Anyway, I will probably figure out how to show box art by accident some day. Thanks for reading.
  6. I own a couple of original Xboxes that were softmodded by other people. Overtime I’ve learned to mod them myself and I can get Coinops running no problem. I prefer Neogenesis for playing Genesis, but I can’t get the box art or movies to show on the game select screen. They would appear on the other Xboxes, but when I copied over Neogenesis (via FTP) to my new Xbox, that feature stopped working. Everything else works great, and I made no changes, even using the same partition letter. I’ve gone through all the config files and directories with no luck, although I can get screenshots to appear. A web search hasn’t turned up anything either. I’ve had the same issue with Z26 and the NES emulator for Xbox too. Makes me think there is something simple I am not understanding. Thank you for any help.
  7. My 2 wishes: 1. The D-pad that came out with the first Atari portable (2016) was adequate. The more recent one (2017?) with Pacman on the box art is not as good, especially with diagonal movement. This makes Crystal Castles much more difficult than usual. 2. Some kind of wood grain effect Looking forward to buying the next version. There is no greater feeling than going on lunch break with almost every Atari 2600 game ever made to choose from!
  8. I'd like to recommend the HD retrovision cable and required adaptor for the PS1. Together they go for $80. If the best S-Video connection from a TV to your PS1 rates a B+ on an academic scale, the HD retrovision rates an A-. There is an incremental difference that you won't notice on all games, but when you do there is a touch more definition and some of the PS1 fuzz goes away. This is probably not worth it for someone who occasionally plays PS1 games; they should utilize the backwards compatible PS2 or PS3. But some games like Vigilante 8 are not 100% compatible, and only the older PS1's have parallel ports for gamesharks. And I don't think PS2 cd lasers are very robust.
  9. Or you can be a news regurgitating video game youtuber and essentially steal the content of Kotaku's article and make money with views, without citing your source. I've unsubbed them and hidden from my recommendations but a few still slip by. This is wrong and I can't believe none of these guys have ever been sued, to my knowledge. Maybe not $100k, but a lot of these guys do YouTube full time.
  10. Maybe I missed it but I don't see whether your Xbox is soft modded, is chipped or TSOP flashed/whatever. If it's soft modded, I believe if the buyer accidentally updates Xbox Live, it will overwrite the mod. I know on an Xbox I modded I popped in Tron Killer App, and I thought I was being careful, but somehow it did the update and I had to fix it.
  11. Will there be annual iterations of the Legends Flashback Boom? 50 great games to start, then the latest firmware upgrade made GEN, NES, SEGA CD, MAME 2000, etc. playable through SD card. It's a fantastic value and IMO gives the Super RetroCade a run for its money, especially considering you can play with Genesis controllers. The most common suggestion I've seen here is having PNG images go with the games on the SD card. Then maybe the Legends would be like the Atari FB is, where each year has a slightly different game lineup.
  12. I believe not, or if so, no one has figured out how to do it (to my knowledge).
  13. I just finished testing all 1600 or however many MAME 2000 roms form the complete set. When you factor in I don't like fighters or sports, I am left with approx. 600 games that work really well and that I really want to play. And I haven't even tried FBA yet. Can't thank you enough, rmr_md.
  14. Just wanted to give a quick word of thanks for this and your command prompt method for changing file extension names. Before this, I would do this all by hand. Much appreciated.
  15. Figured out what I was doing wrong. Kind of new to MAME, so didn't realize that not all arcade roms are the same. I had tried using a set that was made available for the Super Retro Cade, but now I understand the rom set needs to be specific to MAME 2000. Thanks for your patience.
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