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  1. Ok, the FAQ is overwhelming. Thanks for that. Good source for an newbie.
  2. Thank for the infos. Danke, das werde ich haben :-)
  3. Recently I obtained an original PEB. It has been come along with the RS232 card. I like to connect this machine to my PC to transfer Basic-Programs to the TI99/4A. In an Youtube video I was faced with an program called Magic FM. I cannot find it anywhere. Is there an alternative software or is there a source I can download the MagicFM? Thanks in advance for your help. Greetings, Achim
  4. Ok, I bought an Speech Synthesizer on ebay already. 2 Days ago I bought an original PEB in mint condition. It's very heavy, but it works fine. I am still waiting for my NanoPeb.
  5. Thank you very much. The TI99/4A was the very first contact to an home computer. A friend owned one. My parents wouldn't buy me one. But the first impression has been written in my brain. It took over 30 years to get my hands on this machine. At last. And now I like to learn what make this machine running. It looks so gorgeous. I am overwhelmed, the old machines hasn't reached their limits. New hardware will be developed, new software will be written. Achim
  6. Thank you very much for your fast response. This was helpful. Achim
  7. I am new in the TI99/4A scene. I beg your pardon for my beginners question. Is it necessary to plug in the NanoPeb into an Speech Synthesizer before plugin the TI99? I saw on serveral Youtube videos this configuration. Thanks in advance Achim
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