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  1. Throwing a sensitive analog controller at a floor and then being angry it broke? Sounds about right...
  2. Oh man, these weird-ass Chinese knockoff multicarts are a guilty pleasure of mine. The poor quality never ceases to amaze me.
  3. buick

    Lost Game?

    If nothing else, thanks for a laugh ahahaha
  4. Always funny to look back at old predictions and see how wrong they are, lol. Considering how even desirable games like classic Activision and Atari titles (such as Pitfall or Missile Command) can still be easily obtained for well under $5, if you know where to look, I'm not sure Atari values will ever reach the same heights that old Nintendo titles do. At my local game stores even the most common Mario/Duck Hunt cartridges are priced at 5-10 bucks while much more desirable games for the Atari struggle to beat that. Not that I'm complaining. I can get 8-10 Atari games for the price of even a semi-desirable NES game.
  5. Honestly this is just too cool for me to sell right now lol. I'll let you know if I change my mind, though! They did, but this cart works on my NA light sixer so it's definitely not PAL.
  6. Tennis can be beaten in well under a minute if you know what you're doing.
  7. Wow so there's at least one more around! Is there any way to determine how many of these made it into circulation?
  8. That wouldn't make sense. Black ink doesn't sun-bleach to such a vibrant orange. And besides, if that were the case, why don't we see any other Atari 2600 labels that look like this? Some sort of pirate label is the most likely answer I've received so far.
  9. Is there a local video game store near you? You could bring the paddles there. They probably have a working 2600 you can test them on to know for sure before you go ahead and do anything to your console you can't reverse.
  10. It's not a fake, or at least not one done by me. I got it from a local game store with a lot of about 20 games, most of which were other similarly low-value titles (think Asteroids and Bowling). I hope someone can shed some light on this.
  11. They didn't even bother coming up with an actual name for it. Just plain old "special edition".
  12. Homemade was my first guess, but it fits in that spot just a little too well for that, and it's made of similar paper to typical Atari labels. Maybe this is a pirated cartridge? Also just noticed I made a typo on the original post, "white font hand has" is supposed to say "white font and has".
  13. Howdy folks. I've had this copy of Pole Position sitting around for a few years and I've realized that an orange end label is actually not commonplace for Pole Position. I've never found an identical copy. The face label is identical to a typical Pole Position but the end label is bright orange with white font hand has the "POLE POSITN" mis-spelling. Anyone have any information on this?
  14. Don't send them to him. I'll swing by your house and just pick them up, free of charge!
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