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  1. Monitor has been sold :-( and I found that my friend is going nearby this town :-( ooooo I am too sad....
  2. Thank you a lot. The monitor is Commodore 1085S which I am looking for. It could be great to find someone who could help me. I have no problem to pay for the service and shipping cost. Maybe 40-50 EUR is no problem for me. I tried to find someone from Barnstorf on Facebook but I can't imagine the reaction of the person :-D when I will ask for this
  3. Hello dear, I have little crazy question. But maybe someone could help me :-) I found a seller in Deutschland (town Barnstorf) who sell the monitor I am looking for. He has a requirement "nur Abholung, KEIN versand". Is here anyone who live close to this town? I am able to pay for this service and shipping to Czech republic. Many thanks.
  4. I only need to run new Atari games... and I expect more than 128K is necessary .... If there is any cheap way and easy manual how to do... let me know please :-)
  5. Best... I found this web in past... looks really strange but they sell interesting parts... for example 320K upgrade for 130XE... I could make some bulk order there :-)
  6. Thats great. E-switch is much cheaper... I will order it. Thank you... you can check my website http://atari.techline.cz
  7. Digikey is really expensive !!! Are you sure the ebay seller has the right type for ATARI ?
  8. Hello everybody. I am looking for any clear documentation or type code of the switch ON/OF suitable for ATARI 800XE. Me and some friends around me need to replace this switch. I tried to find on Alibaba because nobody sell type this in Czech Republic. I found company "Ningbo KLS Electronic" so I asked them... they have little different and also another simmilar types... Is it very hard to find the right one. Could you help me please? Maybe you already have a supplier for this. Thank you.
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