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  1. Hey guys, I got a really nice Lynx 2 that doesn't power on. I replaced the caps with no change. I've read through dozens of threads and I'm not sure which pins on which ICs I need to test to see if I haven't over voltaged the thing. I've read a bunch of threads where people tried the headphone jack-jumper-trick and toasted their stuff. I'd like to go about troubleshooting this the proper way but I haven't found any pics pointing out where to measure from. I know questions like this have been asked over and over, so I appreciate everyone's patience. Thanks!
  2. Very cool. Thanks guys! I didn't even know what to search for.
  3. Awhite2600 thanks for the info! Piracy huh, I guess that's kinda cool. Is it of any particular value?
  4. Hello everyone! Would anyone recognize this type of cartridge? I just picked it up in a lot of games recently. I haven't seen it in my travels , it kinda looks homemade but I was wondering if it might be a diagnostic cart
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