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  1. Yes it is, not sure why everyone keeps referring to a Centronics 34.
  2. Did anyone even come up with a solution for this printer? Just got one and the rollers have completely fallen apart.
  3. Love the idea, I used to run a Phreak board back in the mid 1980's until the FBI shut it down. lol I was just a kid at the time but had a blast.
  4. I’m gonna have some great Ultimate carts at a great price soon.
  5. As long as they have composite it works fine. IMHO nothing works as well as a CRT, but I am old school. I have used several LCD TV's on my original 800 but happy to have an Amdek now for it.
  6. You can not use a SDrive-MAX for ROMs, only disk and tape images. I am making a batch of Ultimate Carts that will be ready soon, at a really great price, that are used for ROM/CAR/BIN images.
  7. What do you have? I would be happy to help out. I have been printing for a little over a year, and use the highest rated 3D printer for the second year running, Prusa!
  8. Just finished a new SDrive-MAX design! Atari 810 and Atari 1050 with working lights! They look amazing! 

    1. Grig


      Hey Gavin, will you have pics on facebook soon?

    2. Gavin1968


      Yes I have some on my Facebook page  - https://www.facebook.com/VintageComputerCenter

      They look pretty cool if you ask me :)

    3. Grig


      Fabulous. I will probably be ordering one … AGAIN! Thanks Gavin, I will be in touch.

  9. Gavin1968

    Epson FX-80

    I missed this post of yours. Love the MX-80 as well!
  10. Gavin1968

    Epson FX-80

    I can't wait! I got 4 ribbons delivered from Amazon today!
  11. I had a pair of Rana 1000’s and they worked flawlessly. In fact I still have one of them in operation today. Love it.
  12. Hello, Were you able to flash the Arduino and get it to run? That can be done without connecting any wires or to the 8bit. Does that work? The SDrive-MAX will still start up even with no SDCard if it is working. Disconnect all that "wiring" and hook up the screen and flash it, if it doesn't work at that point you have a bad UNI or screen. Could have fried it with that soldering.
  13. You said you wanted one for size, that is a cheap one, who cares about the condition...
  14. Try each of the drivers, if none of them work you have a screen that is not supported. It is that simple unfortunately. That does not look like a supported screen.
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