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  1. It has been added? How about up updated version then please? Trying to help here, so need to be able to build what you guys are using.
  2. Is there a gerber for the board or the design files so we can have some made for our own testing? Thanks, Gavin
  3. I want to start working on this, can I use this board: https://www.amazon.com/HiLetgo-Internet-Development-Wireless-Micropython/dp/B010O1G1ES Thanks, Gavin
  4. I would love to help any way that I can, testing, helping with 3D printing stuff or some other way that you could use. PM me if there is something I could help with and I will do my best. Gavin
  5. Wish there was more people like me here in Central California, I would love to have a CCAUG or a CVAUG
  6. FYI, my pricing has drastically changed since this was posted
  7. I love it when just posting out thoughts on here is a help! You asked a question, no one answered, and you worked your way though it! This is so awesome! Great job! I look forward to watching your progress!
  8. Yes it is, not sure why everyone keeps referring to a Centronics 34.
  9. Did anyone even come up with a solution for this printer? Just got one and the rollers have completely fallen apart.
  10. Love the idea, I used to run a Phreak board back in the mid 1980's until the FBI shut it down. lol I was just a kid at the time but had a blast.
  11. I’m gonna have some great Ultimate carts at a great price soon.
  12. As long as they have composite it works fine. IMHO nothing works as well as a CRT, but I am old school. I have used several LCD TV's on my original 800 but happy to have an Amdek now for it.
  13. You can not use a SDrive-MAX for ROMs, only disk and tape images. I am making a batch of Ultimate Carts that will be ready soon, at a really great price, that are used for ROM/CAR/BIN images.
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