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  1. I have NEVER had a media mail package inspected and have used that method countless times for shipment of items like this. You have had them check and refuse?
  2. Something tells me he didn't want any competition from us
  3. Thank you!! Love this emulator when I can't use my real hardware. Thanks for letting us know, I just went and got it!
  4. I don't know what it is about that READY prompt that just makes my heart smile. Oh the memories of that beautiful screen back in the early '80s. Sorry, got side tracked there
  5. Same here! I love finding treasures like this!! I am in California so didn't attended. I did graduate high school that year though, and think I was working at Sierra Online at that time. Enjoy your treasure.
  6. I was the same way, I never had a 2600 when I was a kid, I got my original 800 when I was 10 and that was all I needed. In recent years I have gotten a couple 2600's, as well as all the other Atari VCS's out there, and a C64, an Apple //e and some more Atari computers. I have an addiction and love this old stuff. I don't think adding a 2600 to your collection was a waste at all!
  7. Cool, I make them by hand, and they are a lot of work so I charge for it. No big deal to me if no one buys them since they take more than an hour to make. I just have them if someone really needs one. You can always make your own as well. That would save you even more.
  8. I suggest one of my high-quality SDrive-MAX's https://www.vintagecomputercenter.com/product/atari-1050-sdrive-max But I am bias.
  9. My guess cost had something to do with it. Atari was very cost conscious back in the day, trying to keep costs down as low as they could. I remember making my parents get me a bunch of hole savers for them.
  10. https://www.vintagecomputercenter.com/product/3-atari-sio-cable Here are mine, but if you are not in the states the shipping is going to be high I am sure.
  11. I found that is the most difficult part, getting that darn case split open! LOL
  12. I am still using mine from my first Atari 800 that my dad bought me when I was 10, and I am 51 now! These are rock solid.
  13. Not really interested in that, I find the quality of the things I build far better so I would only want to make my own. Thats a bummer would really love to make these. Thanks. Gavin
  14. I would love to have it on my site too! It looks amazing and I think would be a fun kit to build.
  15. Did you try uploading them to ROM Ident? http://romident.coinopflorida.com/
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