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  1. Too funny, I had it on my old Pirate BBS before it was even released.. Loved that game, still do.
  2. And there is a new iPhone every six months and people line up for hours to spend $1000+ on the new version. It's crazy.
  3. Tommy, The details about what is new is on the FujiNet 1.5 product page. I have them up now. Basically if you want to use the FujiNet with any other SIO device you want the 1.5 because it handles the SIO chain way better than 1.0 as well as high speed SIO. 1.3 has many design flaws and I would avoid. I don't know if anyone even sells the 1.0 any more. I only sell the latest version, 1.5 https://www.vintagecomputercenter.com/shop
  4. No, not for the hardware revs, the software yes always.
  5. The 1.3 is garbage! Don't waste your time. I will have the 1.5 this week. Promise
  6. I’m happy to ship worldwide. I sell SDrive-MAXs and I’ll have 1.5 FujiNets in stock this week. https://www.vintagecomputercenter.com/shop
  7. If you reversed the power and the ground a bunch of bad things could have happened. It would have blown out the first component and saved the rest of the board or you could have toasted everything on the board. Just because there was no sound or smoke doesn't mean it isn't all cooked. Not a good thing to happen unfortunately. Maybe you got luck and just cooked the first thing from the power source and all the rest is ok. Good luck, would like to know what you find. Gavin
  8. Maybe the use of unshielded ribbon cable isn't a good idea for video? Just a thought, you are going to get interference with this kind of wire. That's my only idea, I am sure there are many others. Good luck, Gavin
  9. You can always email us for help. Yes it is calibration. Follow the steps above and that will do it.
  10. What if I paid for shipping? I love this old stuff and have a large collection
  11. Hi, What is the problem you are having with it? I have built and sold more than 1000 SDRive-MAX's and have not had anyone say they have had any problems with the 800XL. No one has modified their computer to use the SDrive that I know of either, that is the whole point of it, you don't have to do anything other than plug it in. Gavin
  12. There was many a time when I was a kid that my Atari 800, my 810 and my TV were on my bed with me. Wasn't that unusual at all back in the early '80s.
  13. Was the most popular and well known 80 column option back in the day. Requires no soldering, opening any cases or anything else, just stick it in and go! Also the DT-80 and the FujiNet work togeter for CPM as well. Plug in the FujiNet and the DT-80 cart, turn the computer on and you are in CPM! Pretty cool.
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