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  1. Just wondering about the personal game programmer. Other than a catalog scan, I can't find much about it.
  2. Why would First Star want to keep it hidden when they've made nothing but boulder dash updates since 2004? Maybe a repro for $10 would entice them to release the game?
  3. Why is astro chase 2600 not dumped? A proto is known to exist and so is the ROM. Heck, there is even a screenshot so, why is it not dumped (quote from atarimania The VCS version of this game was announced and advertised, but never released. The ROM is known to exist.)
  4. Hello Atariage! I was wondering what your rarest game is. Mine is either a bootleg 4 in 1 cart or a boxed chuck norris superkicks + artillery duel. P.S. so sorry about my last post
  5. never mind its the end of a reveiw dont bother
  6. I was reading through enter magazine when I saw a game called wrap up. According to the kids that reviewed it, it was like Donkey Kong in the scoring and had good graphics. They also mentioned that it was a port of an arcade game. They also said it was available for Atari 2600 and 5200 and it was a good game to use a trackball controller. it is not mentioned on any archive site like atarimania. The only mention of the game I found is on issue 1 (October 1983) of Enter Magazine
  7. Irvingnator

    Good find

    Found Jawbreaker for 10 cdn dollars. good price?
  8. I have several r4s and a few r5s but I cannot find any games from Telesys. I live in Ontario and the stores that I bought my rarer stuff from do not have them. Does anyone know if Telesys games were sold in Canada?
  9. I'm looking for a vintage computer with some games. Anything from 1977 up to 1994. In working condition in waterloo area
  10. Found this at a barn sale. I have some things I would like to know. 1. Who made it 2. Rarity and value 3. Year of release It is not on atarimania.
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