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  1. Undocumented (at least on atarimania) Logitachi Argentinian atari 2600 games in box for sale at www.ebay.ca/itm/Lot-Of-Atari-2600-8-In-1-Multi-Games-Made-In-Argentina/333786040621 Hurry only 2 days if you want to buy
  2. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Lot-2-cartouches-Atari-2600-Prototype-Activision-Frostbite-Space-Shuttle/114324068240?hash=item1a9e3ed790:g:Hv8AAOSwWItfHdzk
  3. Look at this: https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.ar/MLA-749659195-consola-antigua-video-computer-2600-edu-games-_JM?searchVariation=32907568255&quantity=1&variation=32907568255#searchVariation=32907568255&position=5&type=item&tracking_id=3e2298a3-c8cc-4b9b-83d5-01cded9b37dc
  4. living in Canada, I cannot find any of these. dont care brand or pal/ntsc
  5. I want to collect bootleg atari multicarts but cant find any because I am in Canada. Ebay dosent have too many. any ideas
  6. I already asked about telesys games, and most spectravision games are a bit hard to find, but I can't find any, even planet patrol. were spectravision games sold in canada?
  7. Eggomania - imo its better than kaboom as the difficulty is more fair The Official Frogger - the supercharger makes one of the best ports of the game. You may not want to play the cart version after this Ghost Manor - great spooky vibe, challenging gameplay make it xonox's best game by far
  8. I bought the goliath pal release sea monster which is a rarity 6 out of 10. I bought it because it would be even rarer in Canada. The game does not work as your ship will not appear when I start the game. Tested on enulator to make sure it wasn't me. No improvement when cleaned. Do you guys have any ideas on how to get it working before I try to get my money back?
  9. Thank you! Do you know how to get a picture from the ipad onto this forum?
  10. my copy of california games is a standard copy, except for the BMX stage. There is no collision detection, sometimes the screen just shows random patterens, many graphical glitices occur and sometimes the score will mess up, causing me to get insane amounts of points. the cartridge has been cleaned to try to solve the problem, but it didn't work. All other stages work fine. Any advice?
  11. chewy posted at 230 in the morning and kept asking for answers and being sarcastic (Thanks people) All in the span of two minutes. please do not start a flame war.
  12. No need to be rude and impatient, no one will see this thread in an hour of your post. The sega genesis controller has a slightly different pinout and using it may damage the port. Also, racing car uses the right joystick port, which is usally used for player 2
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