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  1. Undocumented (at least on atarimania) Logitachi Argentinian atari 2600 games in box for sale at www.ebay.ca/itm/Lot-Of-Atari-2600-8-In-1-Multi-Games-Made-In-Argentina/333786040621


    Hurry only 2 days if you want to buy

  2. I bought the goliath pal release sea monster which is a rarity 6 out of 10. I bought it because it would be even rarer in Canada. The game does not work as your ship will not appear when I start the game. Tested on enulator to make sure it wasn't me. No improvement when cleaned. Do you guys have any ideas on how to get it working before I try to get my money back?

  3. my copy of california games is a 

    standard copy, except for the BMX stage. There is no collision detection, sometimes the screen just shows random patterens, many graphical glitices occur and sometimes the score will mess up, causing me to get insane amounts of points. the cartridge has been cleaned to try to solve the problem, but it didn't work. All other stages work fine. Any advice?


  4. According to atariboxed, the quelle games seem to be fairly common, all getting a rarity rating of three loose on atariboxed, depending on whether you are in north america or europe. rarity is unknown for x-man and beat em' and eat em'. are you interested in selling? If you are, please share to buy and sell forum.

  5. According to their catalog, they sold various "lost" unreleased atari games. People have used their games to find a lost game (Off Your Rocker). Has anyone used their cartridges to search for their games 

  6. Why is astro chase 2600 not dumped? A proto is known to exist and so is the ROM. Heck, there is even a screenshot so, why is it not dumped (quote from atarimania 

    The VCS version of this game was announced and advertised, but never released. The ROM is known to exist.)

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