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  1. Hello Atariage! I was wondering what your rarest game is. Mine is either a bootleg 4 in 1 cart or a boxed chuck norris superkicks + artillery duel. P.S. so sorry about my last post
  2. never mind its the end of a reveiw dont bother
  3. I was reading through enter magazine when I saw a game called wrap up. According to the kids that reviewed it, it was like Donkey Kong in the scoring and had good graphics. They also mentioned that it was a port of an arcade game. They also said it was available for Atari 2600 and 5200 and it was a good game to use a trackball controller. it is not mentioned on any archive site like atarimania. The only mention of the game I found is on issue 1 (October 1983) of Enter Magazine
  4. Irvingnator

    Good find

    Found Jawbreaker for 10 cdn dollars. good price?
  5. I have several r4s and a few r5s but I cannot find any games from Telesys. I live in Ontario and the stores that I bought my rarer stuff from do not have them. Does anyone know if Telesys games were sold in Canada?
  6. I'm looking for a vintage computer with some games. Anything from 1977 up to 1994. In working condition in waterloo area
  7. Found this at a barn sale. I have some things I would like to know. 1. Who made it 2. Rarity and value 3. Year of release It is not on atarimania.
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