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  1. I just posted a pretty nice Atari Portfolio system on ebay. Comes with 2 256K RAM expanders, a couple of RAM cards, PowerBASIC, parallel interface and AC adapter. https://www.ebay.com/itm/113810457485
  2. A fellow in Spain is selling pens tor the hexbus Printer/Plotter on ebay. These pens also work on Sharp printers and perhaps others. Do a search for Sharp EA-850and you'll find it. Price is reasonable also! Curtis
  3. I have 1 RS-232 hexbus peripheral left. No box, no instructions, no AC adapter. Your mileage may vary! $20 + shipping. First come, first served. Curtsi
  4. I have 3 hexbus RS-232 interfaces available. No packaging. No parallel cable attachment. You will need a TI 9201 adapter also which I do not have. Manual is downloadable on WHT's website. $20 + shipping each. Shipping will be from Amarillo, TX 79121. First come, first served. Shoot me a private message. Curtis
  5. Found an old IBM Thinkpad 760ELD setup that is now on ebay. Also a Sharp PC-E500 and a PC-E650. Both with printer/cassette interface. ebay username is mcmccain. Curtis
  6. Interesting historical note. The CD initials in the pictures, if I remember correctly, are for C. D. Wilson, the project manager for the CC-40+ project. I met him a few years back. Quite an interesting fellow. He told me the problem with the wafertape was just a few days form being fixed when the CC-40 project got canceled along with the 4A. Something about spin up timings. Too many years ago...
  7. Yes, this is one I forgot I had. I picked it up from a guy who thought he could solder and he couldn't. Just ask Fabrice! I had planned on fixing it myself, but never got around to it and actually had forgotten I even had it. Didn't find it again until I started cleaning things out. Since I got it, my eyesight has not improved and I knew I wasn't up to the task of bringing this back to life. Fabrice did an outstanding job on it as you can tell from the logs. Curtis
  8. And I just added a Stats cartridge and an in-box modem and out-of-box RS-232 with parallel cable fro the CC-40. ebay handle is mcmccain. Curtis
  9. For a still in the box Stats Cartridge. Also an in-box Modem and an out-of-the-box RS-232 with parallel interface cable. Same seller, me! mcmccain on ebay.
  10. Wow. That's news to me!
  11. I've posted 5 cartridges for the CC-40 on ebay. A couple of Finance cartridges, A Games I cartridge - was there ever a Games II? An 8K Constant Memory with a new battery, and An 8K Constant Memory that needs a new battery. ebay name is mcmccain. Curtis
  12. I've posted several CC-40 cartridges on ebay as part of my collection liquidation. They are Finance - 2 carts Games 1 - 1 cart Was there ever a Games II? 8K Constant Memory - 1 with a new battery other probably needs changing. My ebay handle is mcmccain. EVERYONE BID!!!!!
  13. All the Printer 80's now have new homes. Also, Ksarul is the new owner of the "tiger stripe" CC-40 prototype. That deal was started before I decided to go the ebay route. Hopefully he will do a download on the ROM and post it for all to see. And, given that the rest of my equipment is fairly mundane I'm just going to sell it on ebay but I will give first notice here in the For Sale section. Curtis
  14. curtis


    Thanks, but I've already got that. It's just that my eyes have gotten so bad I can't see fine enough to do the soldering anymore. Like I said, getting old sucks and it ain't for wimps!
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