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  1. Dan, did you print the original case or the one with the opening? Mine fits perfectly when using the case with the opening. If it still doesn't work, don's email me! I'm just the guy who saw a need and opened it up to the community! @weird_w I'm thinking there will be people who could use different cases. Heck, there are probably people who could use a full 4A case! So, if you like tinkering with stuff like this, knock yourself out! Here's a thought, how about that gear in the printer/plotter that keeps stripping out! I know several people who'd be all over that one.
  2. I've been working with amiman99 for the past few weeks and he has come up with a replacement 3D printed case for CC-40 cartridges. He has graciously released this to the public for others who need these. One note, these will not quite fit the new EEPROM cartridges from Retro Innovations as it covers the DIP switch and using a socket for the EEPROM makes it a bit taller than allowed for in the case. He is working on a modification for allow for those 2 exceptions and, if he is willing, he may release the altered design here. However, if you're just needing a replacement case for a regular cartridge AND you have a 3D printer, here are the necessary files. Enjoy, Curtis cc40carts.zip
  3. Third time's the charm. Or 3 strikes... I'm rooting for the first!
  4. Message sent requesting address. He's closer!
  5. With the development of cartridges for the CC-40, is there anyone with a 3D printer that could make available for a reasonable amount of money cases for the cartridges? This could also come in handy for someone who has a busted cartridge case and wanted a replacement! Shouldn't be too difficult if you know what you're doing with the printer, which I do not have nor have any experience with. Just a thought.
  6. Why clear the bench? That's the way to lose stuff. Just shove it into a corner. Ask me how I know!!!
  7. There's an 18K CC-40 on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/264459330543 He's a bit high on price, IMHO, bit still factory 18K.
  8. I, for one, would be interested.
  9. So, I've been playing with the ROM board from Retro Innovations and am quite impressed with it. However, I'm curious. There are several components not needed for the ROM version and am wondering if this same board could be used for a RAM upgrade. It looks like it could given there is a place for a 3v battery. If this can be used for a RAM upgrade, what components would be used and what is the max RAM that can be installed? Would all the RAM be available or would it be paged? Curtis
  10. Keep plugging on that SD card. Given the schematic for the PCIF is out there does that make it public domain now or is the big, nasty TI still clutching onto the rights for it? You'd thing after so long they'd release it.
  11. Still cleaning out that closet! Olivetti M10 (Brit version), TI Hexbus RS-232, and some older Casio and TI calculators. My ebay user name is mcmccain.
  12. Maybe we can persuade Jim to offer a PC Interface module. Couple that with the hex to dockbus adapter and the CC-40 will have a storage possibility along with a PC display function! Do we need to have a survey to see what sort of things people would want for the 40 and it's cousin the TI-74? First on my list would be a PCIF followed by a floppy drive and then get the SD card reader up and running for either the hexbus or dockbus. Who's next with their wish list?
  13. And then Zenith bought them out and Heathkit disappeared shortly thereafter.
  14. At my first duty station, our main communications computer was called Streamliner. It's nickname was Screamliner for the sounds it made when something was wrong. It had a wire wrap panel that was about 2 feet by 3 or 4 feet. It had a habit of shedding at least 1 wire every shift. Really annoying part? All the wiring was blue. We all felt sorry for the techs that had to work on it. And they wouldn't let us "normal"/non-school trained techs get even close to it. Not that we wanted to!
  15. I've worked on some equipment that looked a lot like that. Absolutely NO FUN!
  16. It's one I've been mulling for several months. Sickness kept getting in the way of clear thinking however. Another thing is I'm more of a hardware guy. I can program, but it's a very uncomfortable process. Lots of teeth grinding, head banging, glaring at the page. That sort of thing. Also, I've been told my code isn't very elegant, more of a bull in a china shop type code. It works, but it's usually not pretty.
  17. Got my adapter in today! Will start playing this weekend. One suggestion I have just upon initial examination, maybe a couple of mounting holes for when a case, with batteries, is designed. Not a real high priority item, but could make it mounting a bit easier.
  18. I appreciate all the warm welcome back's. For what it's worth, the project I've decided on is one near and dear to my heart, an A1C tracker and converter from blood glucose level to A1C. John Gardner and I had been working on one, but he tends to a lot of peeks and pokes and machine language subroutines. To be honest his is probably a heck of a lot faster than what I plan, but to put it bluntly, I AIN'T THAT MUCH OF A CODER! What I'm going to TRY is a pure BASIC version that will hopefully run in a 6K machine. Got a lot of the framework worked out in my head and will start pseudo coding tomorrow. Hopefully.
  19. Didn't know there was anyone else here! Is that an Army uniform? I'm retired Navy.
  20. And it's now some realty company. Oh well, was hoping to find out what happened to their left over stock of TI stuff. It's gotta be somewhere!
  21. The past 6 months have not been kind to me. I started peritoneal dialysys in February. That, to put it politely, wasn't a match made in heaven. My poor, old beat up body just couldn't process the poison and get it out properly ending with my starting hemodialysis 3 times a week 3 hours every session. Was screening for a transplant when my left kidney was discovered to be cancerous which is the reason it stopped working. Out it came. And now I have to wait FIVE years being cancer free before going on the transplant list. Which all leads to the fact I've got 3 hours 3 times a week with not a whole lot to do except read, watch TV(boring), or find a project. I've decided a project would keep me best involved and the project I'd like is working on the CC-40 or TI-74. I'm looking for a PCIF for the dockbus which is easily converted to hexbus. All of the above will explain the sudden rash of my posts regarding the 40, 74 and associated stuff. Curtis
  22. Well, guess it's worth a dime to try and call them. Perhaps find out who got all the hexbus/dockbus stuff! Maybe rescue it.
  23. Resurrecting an old thread. Does anyone have the capability/willingness to burn one of these CC-40 mega ROM's for me? Thanks, Curtis
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