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  1. I know y'all are probably joking, but you do realize that it's a question mark on the cart, right? Not a Z or a 2.
  2. And what comes next? Hey! Bust-a-Move.
  3. Sorry, what I meant was, will there be a release in Europe?
  4. It helps to think of the N64 controller as an SNES controller on which you have added more comfortable handles and an analog stick. The "face" and shoulder buttons are very much alike, if you ignore those features.
  5. Why haven't you used any of them? Is it because whoever produced them didn't acquire rights to any games?
  6. I'm confused, when does the pre-order for Panther Mini start?
  7. Worth noting here, speaking of optical drives and how far in advance you have to factor in price, is that Xbox One S, which had UHD BD-ROM, released mere months before PS4 Pro back in 2016. The former had it despite being a budget offering, while the latter didn't despite being a premium version of PS4, probably because Sony had finalised the specs far in advance and didn't consider it economically viable to include it.
  8. Thanks for your reply. On the side of toy truck in the picture you provided it says "Big Rig" så I thought that was the game's name.
  9. The "Amiga 500" mini is more than the 500, from what I understand they'll also include games from models like 1200, and it's made by a small company with a limited production as opposed to the ones made by Nintendo, Sega and so on but yeah, it's a gamble alright. No mini console is a sure thing, despite Sony having sold 100 million PS1's the PSX mini still flopped.
  10. The problem is, is that you don't start ordering parts for your project months before it hits shelves at stores, but rather years before. It's probably more accurate to factor in prices of CD drives back in 1990 when planning started for the Jag.
  11. Still rookie numbers. The least sold console that has gotten a mini variant was the PC Engine which sold 6 million, while other mini consoles originally sold 30 millions or more. Anything less than 10 million is in my opinion a huge, huge gamble.
  12. Was "Big Rig" also a released or planned Jag game made for these rides?
  13. I'm guessing some games are also multi-disc? I think Myst came with several CD's for Windows and Mac.
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