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  1. Do you have this in your possession? If so, could you post a picture of it underneath?
  2. Sounds plausible, if they sold 10% of their preorders that would mean 20,000 units, which could mean over £2M in cash.
  3. This was written in Retro Gamer UK, and they quoted Darryl Still.
  4. Interesting read, what game would you say showcased the potential of the 32X best?
  5. Actually the Jaguar's launch was a huge success, over two million pre orders in Europe alone, but they could not meet those demands so they lost momentum.
  6. Are you saying they would've made a much more faithful port if they'd released it on the Jag CD?
  7. One of the main reasons I'm interested in this is actually because of the homebrew scene.
  8. OK, 4, 5, 6, and 7 are excellent. Atari Karts is decent. Will give 1 and 10 a solid try when given the chance. So you're saying Towers II is good? Might have to give it another go then.
  9. Arcadia


    Never seen this thread before, it looks pretty cool. Would it be compatible with the JagSD?
  10. Interesting that most valuable doesn't necessarily mean best!
  11. The only thing that's obvious is that this conversation is going nowhere. Someone said that they'd want DN3D on the Jag and I replied that a version existed for a lesser powerful platform, albeit in a very watered down version. This is the last I'm going to say about this matter.
  12. Gotta be honest, I tried reading that a few times but it doesn't make sense. I even tried googling "differm" but came up with nothing related to this topic. And it goes without saying that a pro makes a better port than an amateur, was this even up for debate?
  13. Inferior ports have always existed. Compare Doom on the Snes and Doom on the Jag, and it's obvious the Jag version of DN3D would've been better than the MD version.
  14. DN3D came to the Mega Drive, so I don't see why not.
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