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  1. Okay. We need to differentiate between "visually impressive" and "visually pleasing". Neither of the games I mentioned are visually pleasing, like most 3D games from that era. Squeezing a 3D game into a 2D machine can be impressive, but rarely pretty. Starfox is impressive, but I'd rather look at (and play) ALttP.
  2. Hardly surprising for a game that was never released or finished. However, I stand by my comment that it was visually impressive (I never said anything about playability) for a machine that was essentially something between the SNES and the Saturn in power.
  3. Still, that doesn't stop games like Black Ice White Noise and Robinson's Requiem for the Jag CD to be much more impressive visually than those titles. But creating games like those are not worth the hassle for a theoretical 20,000 units, of which most probably doesn't even work by now.
  4. Only if sales of homebrew software locked to the Jag GD takes off, there's no denying the cheap production of homebrew titles for CD versus cartridge. Only thing holding it back is the lack of Jag CD's out there.
  5. That's not you in the Collector's Corner of Retro Gamer 214, with the twitter handle "retrohquk" (which doesn't seem to exist, so I thought it was a typo) and talking about his love for the Jag?
  6. Hey SainT, saw you in the latest Retro Gamer mag. Pretty interesting stuff!
  7. No you can't, because not that many were made.
  8. Arcadia

    Back to CRT

    It happens. I found two when a local TV station went bankrupt and I was asked to drive their old equipment to the junkyard. That was five years ago mind you, but I bet there's still TV stations with old PVM's who haven't bothered to get rid of them yet.
  9. A more accurate metaphor would be you buying a station wagon for 25% more than you could a super sport car like Koenigsegg. I mean sure, it holds more cargo, but why would you when you can get a station wagon for far less. But we're talking specs and dollars. I acknowledge that nostalgia is worth a few bucks too. How much, is up to each and every one of us.
  10. It's what you can buy 'em for in the store that matters, not kickstarter early bird perks. If people are to buy into the Atari VCS ecosystem, there's no point in telling them what they could've bought it for if they pre-ordered it two years ago.
  11. The price is an indicator. $400, almost $100 more than the Xbox Series S.
  12. The VCS could have had a chance if it was marketed as a contender to the Nvidia Shield, not the PlayStation or Xbox. A Tegra chip, Android TV with the flair of an Atari styled custom theme, a market app for classic Atari games with a large selection of games included for free, and the game pad and joystick included, for $150. Maybe a little more than that. I would buy it for sure, to replace my current old generation Nvidia Shield.
  13. Sure, toggle weapons and items is a good use for the keypad. Maybe also more mundane things usually found in options menus, like muting music, or changing the HUD, switching the camera view, those kinds of things. Or what about switching fighting styles, like say the character can switch between aggressive/defensive (aggressive dealing more hit points, with the risk of suffering greater damage to himself, I'm just spitballing here), or ice/fire or whatever, depending on what kind of monsters he encounters? That's probably way too advanced though, I'm not a programmer myself so I wouldn't know.
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