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  1. Where does somebody get one of these? I need one for my 400 to go with the UAV.
  2. Outstanding! I haven't had a chance to try mine yet but I drool on the box periodically
  3. A user on Reddit directed me to this: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/270354-the-uav-blog-install-uav-ac-in-the-400/?hl=uav+400 which describes the 400 upgrade process pretty well. I also ordered a composite video adapter from Tynemouth software. Now I'm debating if I should use both, use the composite adapter for my output and this to clean things up. I think I'll try the composite adapter first and see what it looks like, this board might get to live in my 130XE instead.
  4. So glad I saw this thread, I've been messing with my old joystick adapter for hours. Ordered a 2600-dapter II...
  5. Hmm, I received my upgrade recently but I'm not sure I'm smart enough to get it installed in my 400. Has anybody made a walk through? I'm sorry but the 1 picture of 1 wire just isn't enough for somebody who isn't super into modding systems...
  6. Paid! Thanks for doing this, its so cool!
  7. Sweet, I heard your interview on Antic and wondered if this was an option. I'll check it out!
  8. I remember that ad but I don't think I ever saw the game, thanks for bringing it up!
  9. ToD is my favorite game of all time. Its THE reason I got a TIPI, I couldn't be bothered to pull out the PEB or tape deck, who wants to wait 200 seconds to load. I remember that time being agonizing when I was a kid. 10 level dungeon, a 2 liter bottle of cola a bag of chips and a box of soft cookies was a fine Saturday night. Might explain why I was always a chubby kid...
  10. Are these still available? I've only just gotten back into 8bit computing and I fear I've missed out on some of the fun.
  11. Hi Greg, thanks for the reply. I've been able to put some basic and xbasic programs on the TIPI and load them but never anything that used Editor/Assembler and I've never been able to save from the TI to the TIPI. I was with you right up until "This should automatically create a directory called TOD under tipi" which it doesn't instead I see: I was under the impression TIPI wouldn't work with DSK files, certainly I've never gotten it to do anything with one.
  12. Hello all, I've had my TI for about 35 years now, its part of the reason I learned to read, and type for that matter. Sometime in the late '90s I bought a literal pickup truck load of TI stuff... Anyway recently I got bit by that old bug and picked up a TIPI, RPI and 32k RAM expander and I've been bashing my head against the wall for almost a week now. To be honest there is exactly 1 thing I want to do, play Tunnels of Doom without waiting 200 seconds for the cassette to load or dragging out the PEB. So far I'm having no luck. I've gotten a couple of basic programs I downloaded to work (Hero and of course RPS) but none of the editor/assembler things. Finally I tried writing some basic programs and saving that to the TIPI, I figured if I could get that to work I could load TOD from tape one more time and save to TIPI but alas no luck. Looking around the stuff I see assumes you already know something. I need TIPI for the complete idiot...
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