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  1. Wow those custom controller look insane! Do they work?
  2. I'm interested in the cx78 controller
  3. Dang these are getting expensive. I'm glad I got mine for free back in 2007 when no one cared about 3dfx. I still use it in a dual Amd k7 rig. It's an awesome card with modern drivers and a fast processor.
  4. Thanks for the drives they work great in my home server!
  5. I'd grab it if I wasn't so far away. Kinda a long drive from Minnesota
  6. I believe the op said that he is giving us 8 years to respond to the ad. In that case, I'm interested!
  7. I'll take wing commander if no one claimed it already. Also sign me up for the giveaway box!
  8. Man Tetris is tempting. It looks like the perfect title for the channel f.
  9. Not available in my location or for shipping. This isn't available nation wide I guess.
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