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  1. I'll take the stackable storage.
  2. I bought a Jaguar game from 8_is_enuff and couldn't be happier. He is a great guy to deal with and the game was in perfect condition. I will definitely purchase more from him.
  3. I'm interested in syndicate and pitfall for jag.
  4. I'll take them. I am sure I could used them for something.
  5. Yes it sure is. All the games seem to be about creating an avatar, dressing it up and then printing out screen shots as stickers. I unfortunately don't have any stickers for this and have no desire to search for them. Yeah I know, and pretty much all the games for the system only use one or two of the buttons. Maybe they had plans for more elaborate games that would take advantage of the horrible four button layout? Maybe not?
  6. I bought this for some stupid reason. I don't have any games to test it with and I doubt Ill ever find any locally.
  7. You have a very healthy collection! I love the Pioneer stereo... I have the same equalizer as yours. Im using it with a carver amp and Marantz preamp... is that a real bearded dragon?
  8. Nice collection! I wish I had at least one arcade cabinet like wrestle fest or Simpsons arcade game.
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