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  1. Thank you Greg and [email protected] for checking it out for me. I appreciate it. I am glad to know that it is not a TIPI issue. I will rebuild my SD for the TIPI and see if that corrects my issue. Again, I appreciate the prompt responses and assistance. 👍 UPDATE: It is not the console, RPi or the SD image. I swapped out the TIPI Sidecar and it works. I took the TIPI and 32K board out of my case, cleaned all the connections, reseated the chips and EPROM, put it back together and it works! Thanks again for the help!
  2. TIPI_Log.txt FYI - I copied the same file to Classic99 and it works:
  3. V1.50 (You can see the TIPI cfg screen in the first video.)
  4. Doesn't work for me when I give it the TIPI path either... PHD5020TIPIPath.MP4
  5. It is not working for me... PHD5020Issue.MP4
  6. PHD 5020.dsk Sure! Thank you arcadeshopper!
  7. Good day everyone. I am trying to use PHD 5020 "Music Maker Demonstration" with the PHM 3020 "Music Maker". I have tried extracting the .dsk file using Ti99Dir 6.4a (then converting to TIFILES format) and also tried uploading the .dsk using the TIPI (v1.50) web browser (which automatically creates a MUSICDEMO folder and extracts the files) but either way, cannot get the program to read in the song data. I receive a load error "I/O ERROR 25". I notice that when I double click on a song file (CHILDREN, CHRISTMAS, CLASSIC#1, CLASSIC#2 or ROUNDS) TiDir acts like it is a directory with a file that has a Ti Name of OK. How do I convert this (encapsulated?) file to TIFILES format? What am I doing wrong?
  8. Greetings and Salutations, Does anyone have a scanned copy of the TI Color Monitor PHA 4100A Service Manual? I would like to fix the convergence but do not know which rings control what and I don't want to get it too far out of convergence flying blind messing with them.
  9. Seriously these ROCK! I really appreciate and enjoy your hard work Sparkdrummer!
  10. Greetings and Salutations TI-Terry! Glad to have you here!!
  11. Shout out to Peter Fleeman whom I purchased the Color Monitor from to complete my setup. Back in the day, I would stand there drooling and awestruck in the store dreaming of owning one. Thanks man! I really appreciate how accurate your descriptions/photos are in your auctions and how well you pack your items! Also, a big thank you for this community! Everyone has been so supportive and giving! I appreciate being able to share my passion for this computer with y'all!
  12. Thank you arcadeshopper for calling me and walking me through expanding the disk filesystem on the SD card (https://github.com/jedimatt42/tipi/wiki/tipi-installation). I missed that step on setting up the TIPI PEB! I appreciate it!
  13. Thank you arcadeshopper, I followed the instructions. cd /home/tipi/tipi/setup sudo ./upgrade --upgrade line 2 did not work for me. I changed it to "sudo ./upgrade.sh -- upgrade" and it responded with "Current Version: 1.44 Latest Version: 1.44 fatal: unable to write a new index file" What should I do now?
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