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  1. I would be happy to devote hardware and internet service to keep it available for you in the interim. PM me if interested.
  2. Does anyone have a current list of TI-99/4/4a - Geneve 9640 Related BBS's? My list is out of date/incorrect/incomplete: NAME: 9640 News BBS URL: 9640news.ddns.net PORT:9640/9918? SOFTWARE:Mystic NAME: FuSiON BBS URL: fusionbbs.ddns.net PORT:9640 SOFTWARE:Mystic NAME: Heatwave BBS URL:heatwave.ddns.net PORT:9640 SOFTWARE:? NAME: My TBox URL: MyTBox99.ddns.net PORT:61643 SOFTWARE:AfterHours NAME: The Keep BBS URL: thekeep.net PORT:23 SOFTWARE:Worldgroup @Arcadeshopper - Could we add the current/updated list to the Sticky New User Resources Listing?
  3. Wow! This is awesome! Thank you so much @retroclouds
  4. One other question. I read somewhere that when the TI99 is reading a file from tape, the monitor will produce the sound of the tape, is that correct? Yes, that is correct.
  5. That sounds good, will contact you then. Best wishes on your surgery and hope for a quick, full recovery.
  6. Thank you Beery for attending and attempting to chat. I hope we can get your issues solved so that you can participate in the next one.
  7. Beery, Unfortunately, I could not make it last night. I am available now if you would like to test it. I am using real iron, with a TIPI, mouse and Stuarts browser version 9.3. I will connect now and post some things to test.
  8. Do you have any TI-99/4A Themed Ornaments? If so, please post them! I took the 3D printed miniature console that I received from ARCADEShopper, added a screw, some wire nd voila: Happy Holidays!
  9. Reminder that the chat is today at 9 PM Eastern. Use Stuart's Internet Browser and go to MYTI99.COM, then select group chat. Hope to see you there!
  10. I apologize for causing this topic to go off course. Thank you so much Omega for the sticker. It looks awesome!
  11. Lol, if it existed and if it were filled with that, it would be empty!
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