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  1. I am up for that. How about creating a poll to see how many are interested in participating?
  2. Good day everyone! I am sorry that I missed this month's chat due to being out of town. I am looking forward to next month's chat.
  3. Omega made the point that it is actually cool that you need an actual TI to join the chat, and I can agree with that! Thanks Omega!
  4. I am going to be out of town on the 9th but would still like to participate in the monthly group chat. I am unable to take my TI with me. Is there an emulator that supports serial connectivity? I have a WiModem232. I know that Stuart created a Python Script to Emulate the Lantronix Serial-to-Ethernet Adapter. Is there any way to leverage what is currently available? Is there any type of remote control software (VNC/RDP)/hardware (arduino) solution for the TI?
  5. AWESOME! Thank you sparkdrummer!!
  6. I was on from 9 PM EST to 9:40 PM EST. Sorry that you couldn't get connected.
  7. Good day everyone, I have a friend who contacted me recently. She dug her SX-64 out of storage that she bought new to run some games that she enjoyed playing some years before. She turned it on, and only gets a black screen (well, she described it as a white screen because she turned up the brightness when it didn't display anything). I told her that I would look at it, so I drove over to check it out. I confirmed that it displayed a black screen, no garbage. When I took the cover off, the rail on the right (from looking from the back of the unit) was broken. I asked her if she or anyone had it apart, and she told me that to her knowledge it had never been opened. The inside looked all original and I did not see anything that had been replaced. I spent some time cleaning it and checking all of the wire and board connections. I started to re-seat the socketed chips. The CPU board is a Rev A and I noticed that the 6510 MPU (ceramic type - original?) had thermal grease on the legs. I took it out and saw that the rightmost bottom leg (2?) was bent under the chip not inserted into the socket. I carefully straightened the leg and re-inserted it into the socket. No Change in symptoms. I tried taking out the SID, no change. I swapped out the PIA, no change. I swapped out the Kernal, no change. I am unable to locate a MPU to swap it out and I do not have the diagnostic cart & cables. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement MPU? If I can get a replacement and if it does not fix the issue, what should I try next? Does anyone offer diagnostic services?
  8. [email protected] this is so cool! Thank you so much for your knowledge and time spent. You ROCK!
  9. This is FANTASTIC! Thank you!
  10. I know it's a bit late but if you have 80 column support for your terminal program of choice, then connect to towel.blinkenlights.nl on port 23 to see the first movie Star Wars: A New Hope presented entirely in ASCII
  11. With adamantyr's permission, I have converted the assembly language version of TI-TREK to a .BIN format for FG99 use. It can be downloaded from HERE or download the attached file. TI-Trek.zip
  12. Absolutely! This Thursday May 9th - 9-10PM CEST and 9-10PM EST! Please join us!!!
  13. I am unsure of which switch you used on the PCB so look at these to see if you can locate a compatible match.
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