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  1. I am planning to attend tonight at 9PM EST. Hope to see you there.
  2. Sparkdrummer, You Rock! I really appreciate and enjoy your monthly Yesterday's News and calendars!
  3. I joined. Everything was going along nicely when.... DOH!
  4. A reminder about the TI99 Group Chat tommorrow! (Thank you so much sparkdrummer for adding it to the Yesterday News Calendar!)
  5. Brilliant! Thank you jmazzy and [email protected] I have reached out to sparkdrummer to have it added to his monthly calendar publication too.
  6. I was going for CET not CST. I was asked to provide a chat time for European users as well. Sorry for the confusion. Tim
  7. I feel like I am cursed. Right before the chat, my Internet connection went down, I finally got it restored after working with tech support around midnight. The real kicker is... I have no idea what the issue was or what fixed it. I just know that tech support passed me to three different techs and reset my connection at least 5 times. Ugggghhhh. Tim
  8. All, My TI-99/4A Mitsumi Keyboard (Black not Beige) stopped working. I opened it up and found the mylar to be too far gone. I would need to buy some silver paint/pens and retrace most of the sheet. I am looking for a replacement keyboard. Please contact me if you have one available. Thank you, Tim
  9. REMINDER: 😀 Next Monthly TI-99/4A Group Chat: Sat May 9th @ 9-10 PM CET & 9-10 PM EST - (http://www.myti99.com) Looking forward to chatting with you then! Pass it along! Join the fun!
  10. Great job wolhess! Wonderful troubleshooting! Inspirierend!
  11. I am looking for a journaling program to give me another excuse to use my TI99 every day. Ultimately, I would like to be able to have the program run from a cart/fg99 and have the option for the TI99 to read/speak the daily entries (TIPI compatible files) I type, back to me (or to my family whom I hope would use the TI99 someday) to review my nuggets of dribbling incoherent thoughts. 😂 Does anyone know of any programs that exist and/or would be willing to help modify/create one? I am a novice programmer but love learning. I am hoping to get involved with a virtual TI99 users group, as I have not found a local user group, to learn from and have community with. v/r Tim
  12. Put me down for 1 8Mb assembled. Thank you Jim!
  13. Here is an updated keyboard strip for PlatoTerm 99 v0.1
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