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  1. Wow. Sorry to hear that buddy--I've had a few negative experiences with buyers on eBay as well. There never seems to be a middle-ground--it either goes amazingly smoothly or it quickly devolves into a dumpster fire. Nevertheless, I cannot believe someone would report you for sending them extra stuff for free... Hope it works out!
  2. A Falcon would be nice, but I can't justify the prices folks want for them...
  3. Misteraddons sells pretty much everything you'd ever need to get setup. That said, I was somewhat of an early adopter myself and have really enjoyed watching the community grow over time (much quicker lately!) MiSTer is quite a fun project to be a part of, even if it's just on the side of testing out new cores and improvements as they come out. It's not what I'd call overly cryptic, but there is certainly a fairly high barrier to entry when compared to "plug and play" FPGA or RPi-based solutions that basically require no user configuration or involvement outside of initial installation.
  4. Good catch, I didn't even pick up on that among all the other visual treats on display...
  5. It'll be very interesting to see what's underneath the hood. I'll hold judgement until we know more details.
  6. True, but if you factor in the price point--for someone not looking to spend the money on an expensive upscaler, it might do a good enough job. It'll be interesting to see how the video output actually looks.
  7. Very interesting read! Thanks for taking the time to put it together like that.
  8. In the vein of "retro tech related" Mr. Carlson's Lab is my favorite -- incredible amounts of information there about vintage electronics EEVblog is another great one for this sort of stuff My Mate Vince Also, game related - Retro Core
  9. I might have to rethink backing if they got the Oton Ayr guy... Easily my favorite crowdfunding personality, so delusional yet so earnest. Haha.
  10. I completely agree. It just rubs me the wrong way that the Mega SG gets extended capability immediately, while the Super NT gets to sit on the "well, we may re-release the super expensive NT mini at some point, so you all get to enjoy what you got." While I understand the financial reasons for it, it just annoys me. I know I'm essentially just blathering into the ether on this one, but Super NT owners paid just as much and seem to have been forgotten in favor of other possible, at some point, offerings. I'll stop derailing the thread with my whinging now.
  11. I understand that much. It just feels slightly obnoxious, honestly. If they were going to hold to, "you get what you paid for." That's great. But, selective favoritism is off-putting in my book. I suppose I'm in the minority and that's fine.
  12. Yeah, and tell me again how the NT Mini had those systems built into the original core logic. My point is, the cores exist and can clearly run on the hardware. Why is only the Super NT passed over in terms of extended functionality?
  13. Does anyone else who bought a Super NT last year, feel as burned as I do? Why is it that the Mega SG gets multiple extra cores, essentially day one, when we're stuck languishing on basic rom support a year later? Feels pretty crap to me.
  14. Very nice website! My family's first PC was a Gateway P133 with MMX. I loved that ugly box--tons of nostalgic memories playing Jazz Jackrabbit 2 on that thing.
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