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  1. A reliable source leaked me the official, internal sales figures for this thing, and, holy ravioli! The guy behind it all must have retired to his own private island by now with a humongoid sack of cash. And have y'all seen the reviews?! Outta sight. Personally I think he paid 'em off, becuz I think the product SUX. (No, I am definitely not letting the anger and bitter disappointment of my order never arriving influence my comments.) Damn him.
  2. Today's website update: Merry 2020, guys 'n' gals! Our first update of the year is, like the two updates that preceded it, all about scans. For one, I busted Block Buster out of its tight, repressive blister pack to get scans of the insert + English & Italian language instructions. And, two-hoo! There's scans of the Golden Free Trade Supervision box and instructions, from down Mexico way. Fab stuff, amirite?
  3. Thanks! I love that commercial he's in. It's so ridiculous and over the top, and it served its marketing purpose because it sucked me in back then. If I'd have had the fundage to buy a game.com as a teen, I would have. (Eww.) Anyway it was cool of John to participate. He seems to be a pretty nice guy, though I admit it would have been awesome if he'd answered one of my queries with, "IDIOT! NEXT QUESTION!"
  4. Sure, you're welcome. I enjoy doing the research, and sharing what I learn. There's one of them in every forum. Don't encourage 'em. I'm all for underdog machines, obviously. But there's a big difference between fun, cool, impressive ones with good games, like the Lynx, and absolute dreck like the game.com and Supervision. And there's nothing wrong with freely admitting that; you're not going to hurt the system's feelings after all. (Somewhere, a game.com is shedding a virtual tear. A buggy virtual tear.)
  5. *proper (Didn't notice it until after the post editing time limit had expired. How careless of me.)
  6. Seeing the games more clearly won't reprogram them to be good. You're still not going to want to play them. According to Dave Nelson, the kind chap who "upgraded" my game.com so I could make peoper audio recordings (i.e. fixed Tiger's SUPER STATIC producing hardware), it's an absolute nightmare to work on this machine. So even if you CAN replace the screen, by the time you remove the many, many, MANY screws from the system + very carefully avoid nicking any of the poorly soldered or glued wiring, et cetera, and trying to put it all back together without catching any of said wires in the casing... Yeah. You're really barking up the wrong tree here. No offense. Just trying to save you a lot of grief over a crap console.
  7. Today's update: Added some details and screenshots for Holyfield Boxing, NBA Live '99, and Small Soldiers to the rumored games page. This info was mostly scooped from the archived website of developer Handheld Games. game.com rumored games page
  8. You just wrecked the framework of your own idea, man! You let them get in your head...
  9. "Hate" is such a strong word. I'm only keen on emulation for research & development purposes. For strictly playing and enjoying the games, I'm a purist so that means real, authentic hardware or nothing. So I understand and support your preference for the real deal. Good on ya, broski.
  10. Super A'can, no doubt about it. 😉👍 (So I could hurl it directly into one of the chasms created by this massive earthquake, like the One Ring into Mt. Doom. Yeah, that'd be sweet.) Ah... but in all seriousness: The Super Nintendo, with Tetris Attack and Earthbound. And that's it, I don't even need another three. And that's saying something, because the Sega Genesis is abso-Scoobly my favorite game console of them all. But it doesn't have Tetris Attack or Earthbound. And that would be a problem.
  11. My favorite of all-time is the IBM Model M. It should be #1 on everyone's list, natch. #2 is Northgate Omnikey 101. The quality is right up there with the Model M. But the big deal for me? It appears to be the one and only keyboard that has a switch for Tandy 1000 TX mode, meaning I could ditch the crap keyboard the computer otherwise *requires*. For everyday use on my primary (modern) machine, I use a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic (the exact model # escapes me at the moment).
  12. Howdy, y'all. This has been in the works for far too long and today, I'm nauseous to announce that: “The end of the game.com” rides again. www.diskman.com/presents/gamecom Yep. My formerly threadbare website about a handheld game system that's even less enjoyable than the Supervision [!!]... is back. Now bloated with far more information than you'll ever care to know, to experience it is a grand adventure in masochism. (Though still less painful than actually playing game.com games.) If you're wondering why I've wasted so much time building a virtual shrine to such a useless piece of plastic stuffed with shoddy electrical components, it's simple: I did it because I knew no one else would. Amen. So come on by and relive all your game.com favorites! (I'd say, "You'll be glad you did," but we both know you'll regret it.)
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