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  1. Wow. I don't know if I can handle your EXTREME enthusiasm for the Supervision. I mean, even your phone is getting in on it. But what might interest you, if you haven't seen it already, is my modest Supervision website @ www.diskman.com/presents/supervision You can learn all about what you may want to avoid collecting. I don't have any items to sell you, though. You're on your own there. Best luck.
  2. The following items have been sold: - JVC X'Eye - Mega Jet - Nomad w/original carrying case - Sega CDX - Atari Lynx II (no battery cover)
  3. Let's add photos, part II: the revenge. Notes: 1). Note the scratch on the GBC screen. Most sellers would say it "does not affect gameplay," but they'd be full of snot. 2). Admit it: Galactic Pinball is calling to you with its siren song. 3). Apparently some items were not, in fact, photographed yet. D'oh!
  4. Let's add photos: part I. Notes: 1). Pardon the lackluster photos. 2). While controllers and AC adapters are included for all Genesis / Mega Drive systems and compatibles, those things aren't shown in the photo. I can take photos of said controllers and adapters if someone has a burning desire to see them. 3). GGPro flash cart does not come with free birdseed.
  5. It's definitely a case of "much more enjoyable to research than it is to play." Which is sad. Because researching it doesn't exactly provide for a yippee-yahoo type experience either.
  6. The following items have been sold: - Pioneer Laseractive w/Sega PAC - Game Boy Light - game.com - game.com pocket pro (green) - game.com pocket pro w/backlight (grey; no battery cover)
  7. Bought a blister pack version of the QuickShot Supervision online, kindly asked the seller to please protect the cardstock insert against potential shipping damage. So of course, the guy crams the thing into a box an inch too short, and the insert gets bent. Well, whatever. I could still get a scan. And now, that scan is online. I also updated the grey box scans to include the Block Buster & Cross High 2-in-1. Enjoy!
  8. Hello, all. As part of my continued spring cleaning efforts I'm selling my Taiwanese video game collection for PC (DOS) and Mega Drive. Also included are two American games. Some pretty cool stuff here, most are rather difficult to find: PC: 熊貓大進擊 (aka Panda, Go!) <- Two versions: One complete (CD version), second is disks and manual only. 西楚霸王項羽 (aka Xiang Yu, The Overlord of Western Chu) <- Complete except for outer box. 西遊記 (aka Journey to the West) <- Two versions: Both complete (CD and disk; disk version not pictured because box looks exactly the same). 爆笑保齡球 (aka Hilarious Bowling) <- Complete. VR網球96 (aka VR Tennis '96) <- Complete. 排球原人 (aka Volleyball Hominid) <- Disks and manual only. 天才寶寶大進擊 (aka Little Geniuses, Go!) <- Disks and manual only. Metal & Lace: The Battle of the Robo Babes <- Complete. One Must Fall 2097 <- CD w/manual & all inserts. MD: 麻雀惡魔塔 (aka Devilish Mahjong Tower) <- Complete. 悟空外傳 (aka Legend of Wukong) <- Complete. 世界職棒爭霸戰 (aka World Pro Baseball '94) <- Complete. All disks/CDs in great shape. Recently all were tested. All CDs are fine. Floppy disks however, ~95% read OK w/no errors. However I cannot guarantee any of the data on the floppy disks due to age. Game cartridges likewise are recently tested. They work fine. I originally bought these games for research purposes, including making scans. Staples were removed from the manuals in order to get the highest quality scans. Sold "as-is." Please keep this in mind when considering a purchase. I prefer to sell the collection complete, for USD$350 -> USD$300 (includes shipping within USA). Please inquire about international shipping. Please get in touch by PRIVATE MESSAGE if interested. And don't litter the thread with "PM Sent!" messages. Nobody cares. Pardon the lackluster photos. Thanks for having a look.
  9. Hey, y'all. I'm in the process of spring cleaning over @ Amibay, jettisoning some goody oldie PC hardware. Figured why not try and oust some of my vidjagame stuffs here, while I'm at it? So I pulled out a LOT of stuff. Here's most of what's available: Systems: - Turbografx-16 w/Turbo Booster - Mega Drive 2 (two different models) - Genesis 3 - Super Nintendo (European, console only) - Super Famicom (console only) - Game Boy Advance (white) - Game Boy Advance SP (silver) - Game Boy Color (see-thru purple) - Atari Lynx w/original carrying case - Atari Lynx II (stuck power button; system works fine) - Super A'can (console only) - Pioneer Laseractive w/Sega PAC <- SOLD - JVC X'Eye <- SOLD - Mega Jet <- SOLD - Nomad w/original carrying case <- SOLD - Sega CDX <- SOLD - Atari Lynx II (no battery cover) <- SOLD - Game Boy Light <- SOLD - game.com <- SOLD - game.com pocket pro (green) <- SOLD - game.com pocket pro w/backlight (grey; no battery cover) <- SOLD Accessories: - Kisado Connector (Turbografx-16) - Avenue Pad 6 (PC Engine) - Arcade Card Duo (PC Engine), complete - Mega Key (Genesis) Games/software: - Doom, Mortal Kombat II (32x), carts only - Bonk's Adventure, Bonk's Revenge (Turbografx-16), complete - Robotrek (SNES) - Street Fighter II' (PC Engine), complete - Galactic Pinball, Red Alarm, Flashboy Plus w/Hyper Fighting demo (Virtual Boy), carts only - Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Gold, GB USB smart card 64M (Game Boy/Color), carts only - Socrates Interactive CD (NTSC CD32), complete - Flash 2 Advance 256M flash card w/Mother 3 translation (cart only) - GGPro flash cartridge (Game Gear) - Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls (Jaguar), complete I'm taking offers for everything. Please send by PRIVATE MESSAGE. I'll consider them all & we'll see what we can do. Note that I am NOT interested in trades. I have photos available for your viewing pleasure as well, just ask. Notes: The Sega systems -- with the exception of the Nomad, CDX and Laseractive which I properly protected -- have some scratches on their tops, due to them all just sort of resting casual-like atop each other in the tub. The "tub-'o-Sega-stuff" has a whole pile of controllers, AC adapters, and A/V cable thingies at the bottom, just waiting to welcome you. So if you buy a system from me, make sure to specify if you'd like something extra. So, yep. Feel welcome to get in touch by PRIVATE MESSAGE if you're interested in having a rap about this neato, OMG SUPER RARE LQQK!!* collection. Oh... and for the love of God, please don't litter the thread with annoying "PM Sent!" responses. Think of the children. Thx. * - "OMG SUPER RARE LQQK!!" is subjective.
  10. https://youtu.be/1CA-IvToZcM?t=33
  11. DISK VOLUME 254

    1. PacManPlus


      God, I miss those days. I'll take my Apple IIc over any other computer any day.

    2. DeathAdderSF
  12. Holy schnikes! I was finally able to make high-quality scans of all the Supervision cartridge label variations that I own. Are you ready for a heaping helping of bad artwork? Then you've come to the right place. Special thanks to Frank Cifaldi for suggesting an effective way to scan the uniquely shaped (inconveniently humped!) cartridges: by laying them over the edge of an 0.93 inch sheet of acrylic. I had to use a Canon 5600F scanner to get sharp, clear images, as my Epson Perfection V39 has a severe case of nearsightedness.
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