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  1. Yo. I have five RPGs for PC-9801 (Japanese computer). I don't know why I have them, and I don't care how much they may be "worth." I just know that I do not want them. Four games are pictured. The fifth is Brandish 2. It is not pictured because it's just a black plastic case with no labels. Everything that should be in the box, is inside the box. The former owner of the games took fab care of them, so all the materials inside the boxes look brand spanking new. (God bless the Japanese, always so respectful of and careful with their stuff.) Lucky recipient to pay for shipping via PayPal personal payment. USA peoples only, please. Get in touch by PM if you want 'em. Otherwise in a week or so, they're dumpster food. 😱
  2. Zaku moved 1,000 units overall. So I think we did OK. 😏 I'm incredibly proud of Zaku, as well. Being a part of the development process (as producer) was one of my favorite experiences from all the years at Super Fighter Team. PenguiNet (Osman) created a landmark title for the Lynx. Even if it had only sold 10 copies, it's just a game that, in my opinion, had to exist.
  3. Holy schnikes! You just brought back some fond memories of the early years of our company. I loved the Symbian platform. That was back when Nokia was the mobile phone industry. The N-Gage was my first cell phone, and I loved it (despite its many shortcomings). Needless to say I was delighted to oversee development of the first official sequel to Super Fighter on that device. I'm still very proud of that game.
  4. I sent you a PM about that. In the least, I can give you some pointers about what you have.
  5. All righty then! The page for the single-game cartridge version of Cross High actually has some content on it now, but don't get excited 'cuz it's just some screenshots and a note about the (non-)ending. While preparing this stuff, I've been listening to the soundtrack of the far superior Motocross Maniacs for the Game Boy: the game Cross High poorly ripped off. Irony? Or just common sense? Maybe a little bit of both. www.diskman.com/presents/supervision
  6. You're welcome. Please feel welcome to share your feedback once you've tried it out. Our website currently does not include videos.
  7. Hello, all. In development for quite some time [!], we at Super Fighter Team are pleased as Christmas punch to finally release our complete, full game of Tough Guy: Fighting Titans for Windows. 😄 Official website and Direct download This game is based on the DOS original by Panda Entertainment, from 1995. We acquired their back catalog in 2012, and this updated version of the game is very much a labor of love for us. New features: * Completely redesigned fight system * Unique "Tough Skill" for each character * Improved animation, presentation, control * Remixed soundtrack * Selectable boss characters Thanks for trying, we hope you enjoy it. Please feel welcome to share your feedback.
  8. Generally I agree with you, as most of the "let's make one computer into another one" hardware solutions I've tried -- and I've tried many! -- really underwhelmed and / or were quite unreliable. The Trackstar line, on the other hand -- and ESPECIALLY the Trackstar E -- is in my opinion the best of the bunch. Very versatile, extremely easy to use, and extremely high compatibility. You can have floppy disk images, ProDOS HDD images, and / or connect real Apple 5.25" drives to it. I grew up with an Apple IIc and I can say the Trackstar really provides an authentic experience very close to it. Sure with modern software-based emulators these kinds of products are very niche now, but for guys like me who prefer running off real hardware, they can be pretty cool and fun. (Plus my website takes all the guesswork out of it.)
  9. I wasn't trying to imply it had anything to do with the CPU. Something about the proprietary PC Transporter hardware is likely responsible for the game incompatibilities. As I recall none of the issues I had were speed related, it was all problems with the keyboard input not working right in games, and/or PC speaker sound issues. Not something you'd see on your average PCs. I was told by a PC Transporter enthusiast that AE targeted the business market with this product, so I doubt game testing was high on their priority list.
  10. It shipped with a NEC V20 (8088) and was apparently not intended for gaming at all as every game I threw at it, no matter how old and simple, had problems. I could also never get it to recognize any of the several 8087 co-processors I installed, despite them being the correct model & speed. When I was a teenager I too daydreamed about playing PC games on my Apple II. It wasn't meant to be for either of us. The PC Transporter is also a bitch to install, especially in the cramped IIgs case. After all the work I put into getting it in there, I'm not going to remove it even though it's basically useless to me. 😑
  11. If you do, I would recommend the Trackstar E. It's the most advanced of the line, and also the easiest and most convenient to use. If you pick one up and need any help, feel welcome to get in touch.
  12. I've got a whole website devoted to it, as well as a similar product called the Quadlink... www.diskman.com/presents/trackstar Gobs of info there, the majority of which is based on my own original research. Check it out. 😉
  13. Rise from your grave. 😆 I have since obtained a Trackstar 128 Utility Program disk and a copy in KryoFlux format is available on my website @ www.diskman.com/presents/trackstar If anyone else buys a 128 w/o the disk, you can write a copy of the disk, with copy protection intact, using the KryoFlux.
  14. Wow. I don't know if I can handle your EXTREME enthusiasm for the Supervision. I mean, even your phone is getting in on it. But what might interest you, if you haven't seen it already, is my modest Supervision website @ www.diskman.com/presents/supervision You can learn all about what you may want to avoid collecting. I don't have any items to sell you, though. You're on your own there. Best luck.
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