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  1. Fun facts time!! The Tiger Learning Computer, which is a licensed Apple IIe clone from 1997 [!], solely uses cartridges for program storage. Thus it's the only Apple II to officially do so. Each cartridge contains the contents of at least one 5¼" floppy disk. User data is saved to a special flash RAM cartridge, which can be formatted as either a DOS 3.3 or ProDOS "disk."
  2. Thanks for the info; no wonder I couldn't recall seeing those stickers before as I don't think I've previously bought any SV crap from France. As for your scan offer: thanks, but I've already got that particular box design scanned as you mentioned. If I decide I absolutely can't live without the GB 2002 specific version, I'll just buy a better condition one & scan it myself. No biggs, they pop up from time to time. BTW if you haven't checked 'em out already I recently added some AudioSonic France marketing papers; you might dig on 'em.
  3. Did somebody say Tiger? Oh yeah!! The primary focus of today's update is the “Taike Boy” from Taiwan, a Supervision variant I have been on the lookout for since the dawn of the millennium. Naturally, I am pleased as Christmas punch to now have high-quality scans of its box, instructions, and game cartridge order form. And if you mosey on over to the scans page, you can have 'em, too! Of hilarious note is the fact that both Street Fighter II and “Mortal Komba” are advertised on the front of the box, suggesting that these two high-profile game titles were on their way to the Supervision. Hogwash! Utter tripe! They were never on their way to the Supervision. (But then again maybe they were, it's difficult to say.) What a shameless way to try'n sell a doomed game system. Also featured on the box is everyone's (other) favorite Supervision vaporware title, Devil Paradise. Good show, gentlemen: 3 out of 5 (or 60%) of the games shown on your packaging DON'T EXIST! But, wait! There's more. I've also added: - A set of Soccer Champion instructions in English, Dutch, and French. - Scans of some French language product attention & warning labels. - A better quality scan of the Sonny sticker.
  4. Yesterday I added 14 new videos, mostly from the game "Son of Evil" : all elven bosses, the final boss & ending, and an ingame virtual tour of the Funtech offices. Super A'can (敦煌F-16) [HD]
  5. I've read about it before on that site, but since I have a IIe Card I wasn't interested. I find your benchmarking idea curious, however, so I s'pose I'll give it a go in my "hot-rodded" LC 475. You'll just have to sit tight about a month or two [!], until I get the free time. Until then, hopefully someone else'll indulge you.
  6. Standard VGA is where it's at: 256 colors in 320x200; that's all you ever need.
  7. At least they totally redeemed themselves! with the DOS version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Even with the v1.6 upgrade patch it still isn't perfect, but it looks great, sounds great, and plays very well. But that's OK. We had plenty of other fighting games for DOS. One Must Fall 2097 was (and is!) especially impressive.
  8. Ha. No way the worst version of Street Fighter II. Far from it, in fact. For a true nightmare, try the Amiga, C=64 and / or PC (DOS) versions... if you dare.
  9. The Acorn Archimedes port of "Alone in the Dark" is ugly and unplayable. I question why it was developed and published. Meanwhile the FM Towns port, while excellent, only allows you to play with the joypad?! 🥴 I finished it, but with only 1 health point remaining. Thankfully the FM Towns port of the sequel supports the keyboard. Whew!
  10. Howdy! Here's the first update for 2021, and boy is it a doozy! New content has been piling up for nearly a year now, but somehow I kept letting everything (and anything) get in the way of properly processing it all. Imagine that!! *wink* Anyway! Let's itemize all the rad new scans that were added today: - An Eagle Plan cartridge label variant. - A better quality TV-Link Adaptor cartridge label. - A complete TV-Link (NTSC) product set. - An update to the TV-Link (PAL-B) product set. - Chinese language instructions for 2-in-1 - Hash Block & Eagle Plan. - English and Chinese language instructions for Treasure Hunter. - English and Spanish language instructions for Crystball. - A “new game cartridges” catalog from AudioSonic France (courtesy of Morgane Dumont). Now if you'll excuse me, all this Supervision overindulgence has left me exhausted. I'd better go lie down. Supervision: handheld of the less fortunate
  11. Hey, y'all. So the first thing I decided to do w/my nifty new USB3HDCAP gizmo was to record some vids from my s-video modded Super A'can. Since all the existing A'can vids are either recorded from crap composite or extremely preliminary emulation, I figured that sharing some higher quality stuff would... like... be pretty cool, or something. If you'd like to take a gander, here's what I've got posted online thus far... youtube.com/channel/UCFlU404bvC4DOWhDsRW2T7w ^- You'll have to copy & paste the link. The forum screws direct links up. Sorry, eh. More to come. Later. Perhaps. Ah... and before anyone asks: I'm not interested in selling, trading, and / or giving away (yeah right) any Super A'can stuff. Kthx.
  12. Fab. Can't wait to check it out, and create a Trackstar-compatible disk image. God bless him for having kept such extensive backups of his work, and his family for honoring said work by making sure it got into caring hands.
  13. Sadly there's a lot of sketchy jerkface SOBs out there, both on the buying & selling end. Thankfully I've had very little in the way of negative experience w/buyers, so, that's, like, pretty cool, or something. Uh huh huh, huh. Personally I tire of sellers who build up their item descriptions with a mess of embarrassing sales pitches that come off as pandering and are representative of plain ol' greedmongering. Pathetic. So I simply avoid giving these types of poopieheads my business, no matter how much I may want the items they are hawking. I dunno, I just like to have fun with my listings, give people a laugh. And hey! If this approach helps me rake in some add'l dough, then all the better amirite?
  14. I know, right? Weird, wild stuff. But my bank account's fairly pleased.
  15. Winning bidder was a guy in Japan, so of course he paid. Almost immediately, in fact. But thanks for your concern.
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