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  1. Thanks Thomas, i was here doing the same math and got the same conclusion. I was really intrigued by that about WIP as well.
  2. I honestly think that Zero Page has eliminated any doubtful votes that may have occurred in all categories. Perhaps they will publish the final result, which would clarify several points, for example: how many voted for this category in 2018 and 2019? Was there an absurd increase in the number of voters or is it more or less in the average? Because honestly, without even knowing how many new people voted for this edition, it seems to me an excessive and disproportionate judgment from you. And as to whether it is better or worse, it is a personal opinion, -“oh I think the fourth or fifth best”, ok was your vote. Apparently everything is ok with the vote and if it really is, your vote lost, this is called democracy.
  3. Hi guys, just making it clear that I am not responsible for the game Rally Racer, just a collector who knows the game well and thought that the arguments to ban the game were extremely strong and disproportionate. There was no movement on the part of More Work or its managers requesting mass votes on their game, nor creating accounts for that, let alone fake accounts. I believe that new users with good intentions, made on new IPs, are real people and only have to add to the award and the whole AtariAge. I am radically against any fraud, so I agree to ban any recent user created on repeated IP, or via proxy, VPN. Remembering that it is my opinion and of several collector friends, many who already knew Atariage and others who discovered it recently and intend to continue doing part of this great community. Please excuse any excess and I know that your decision will be as impartial as possible.
  4. I totally agree Albert! Same IP, proxy or VPN created in the last few days can only be malicious and should be banned.
  5. Good example, they need to be banned, and the IP too. cheers, good sunday
  6. “Again “ You are not serious, now brazilian comunity knows. cheers
  7. Multiple accounts? Of course its not ok for me! How do you know is multiple? I know 10 friends, collectors that make a account to vote, they are real people my friend, very real.
  8. Ok, what will be the new rule? You need to vote in 2 categories? 3? You are a very intelligent men and you all know that it doesnt make any sense. But its your award isnt it? So, you can change the rules with the game playing!! Good Lucky for all ( from AA Of course)
  9. Sorry but none of these arguments seem plausible justifications for disqualifying a game. In addition to none of their justifications being in the rules follows a clear example: How would someone who likes Rally Racer packaging and even have access to Atari7800 or 5200 games vote for this part of the award? That would disqualify the award, it is fair to vote with conscience only on what is known. It seems to me that it was not in your script to lose in a category and that is why you are creating justifiable justifications for inventing a disqualification, which is at least sad, but in fact only bad faith. I hope they are fair because it is not what it seems to me (and to a large part of the community that until today respected AA).
  10. True Thomas , now I understand, it doesn't make any sense. I tried to delete that answer only quoting, but I couldn't 😕
  11. Maybe he agrees with the posts without having to write that he agrees, isn't that why you like a post?
  12. Of course, it was just my opinion, and it's not even the main point of the topic. Sorry if I did not express myself well because English is not my first language, in fact it is the third, behind Portuguese and Justice. Regards
  13. I think that what you say needs to be proved, because "suspicions" are not in the rules. The dissemination of the game and the award on the social networks of collectors only has to add, increase the users of the site, gives more visibility to the award and everything else related to AA. Many people like the game and haven't had an AA account yet, which is a concrete proof of what I'm talking about. What is the reason for disqualification? " “Suspicions" are not the norm, I know the staff at More Work although I have no direct connection with them, I am only a collector, but I am well aware of the honesty and ability of all members. And let's face it, the packaging of the Rally Racer is by far the best of all competitors, nobody would have such an incentive to come and vote for it if it weren't really an excellent game (in all aspects). Cheers
  14. Hi Nukey This screen appeared during a race( it’s not a score), i was overtaking cars and obstacles and suddenly got into this screen, so I realized I got a great bonus in miles, then the race back to where I was! In the game the author talks about Delorean and other cars (Herbie, Ferrari Testarosa, etc) and they appear during the race as opponents. I just don't know exactly what I did to get this bonus! *The final score screen is another you can see in this print here:
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