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  1. Hey guys, thanks everybody. I twisted the knob and now the colours are good. Anyways, it's a fragile piece of shit, and looses contact while you twist it, giving you only black and white images at times. Anyways now seems to be perfect.
  2. Well the TIA i installed has exactly the same code, which is for the PAL TIA. But it could be broken, of course. Remember anyways that PAL has many substandards (PAL B, PAL G, PAL I) so it does make sense the chip is ok but the chroma needs adjusting. (My 7800 was bought in italy, while the TIA I put in is most probably UK) Anyways, I'll give it a try, I don't think I can break it more than this
  3. Hey Guys, those knobs are glued down on my 7800, I'm afraid I can ruin them. What would be the best option to remove that blob that appears to be hot glue?
  4. Ohhh, f*ck... I did not realize that now 2600 games have all colours wrong must be the spare TIA I used, or hopefully only some bad contact. It looks like the green is blue and the blue is red. Maybe I'm under a voodoo curse.
  5. Thank you for clarifying that. Any clue on what could cause the distortion of the audio aver the video? (remember I have a composite mod in the board.)
  6. Just a quick update: I changed the TIA on my 7800. Now it is socketed, so if it breaks again it will be much easier to change! Anyways still have A LOT of interference from audio to video. Any advice, anybody?
  7. the following is the mod I have: https://www.thefuturewas8bit.com/atari-composite-video-mod.html It looked very suspicious to me that there was nothing on the audio channel, not even an 1 microfarad capacitor. Well, I was wrong. Nope, no 2600 around and unfortunately my 7800 does not have a socketed TIA, but will be great to get a TIA socket to solder on my board. Anyways, is it remotely possible that the problem is BEFORE the TIA? like in the 5 or 6 audio registers that arrive in the TIA? If the answer is NO, I would not mind buying a new TIA (you can get them for around £10). If the answer is YES, any idea on how to troubleshoot? Thanks for the reply!
  8. Hello everyone. I'm Chicken George and this is my first post ! I'm the loving possessor of an Atari PAL 7800, which gave me joy for almost 30 years. I recently AV modded it with the "TFW8B" PCB and worked fine for some time. Today I was trying to fix a minor issue with the audio causing little interference in the video (you know, when some sounds generate horizontal lines). I thought adding a small capacitor on the wire would do the trick. Probably the capacitor was not really the problem, I must have short circuited something on the audio while working on it. Long story short, now my audio is behaving in a reeeeeallly interesting way: It sounds like some pieces are missing completely, like the sound of the worm in centipede. Other sounds are broken and intermittent, and completely different from the way they should sound like (the alien ship in asteroids now does just "beep beep" instead of all that racket it's supposed to do). Also the overall audio experience suffers from peaks of low and high volume, just randomly. It is hard to try and describe the sounds, I know, but what do you guys think? I tapped the sound directly from pin 13 of my PAL TIA chip, and it does not do any better. Is it possible I fried the TIA, either putting that capacitor or with an accidental short circuit? Please help !!!
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