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  1. Oh cool! Chinnyvision made a video on the redux!
  2. This is the map of the original rom that I have, for those who want a "cheat sheet". :))
  3. Does the title screen look fine on a real atari?
  4. Good job, TIX! I still can't believe how big this has become in the 8-bit community!
  5. I actually thought that you made the values without a converter and that you typed in the values of the frequencies into the assembly file directly, but an XM converter for the Astrocade's music processor is impressive! Maybe if you ever make another demo for the Astrocade, you could have more emphasis on the sound capabilities of this obscure system, by showing off its AM modulation, and that the volume registers exist lol (seriously, no piece of music for the system that I've heard has any notes decay, but I've heard sfx in games increasing and decreasing the volumes of the channels).
  6. Thanks! I wonder why the music that Fred Brooker made only had 3 channels, though.
  7. Looking at this video: , do you think it would be possible to make a program that could convert a .MOD file to a .xex, which would have a player, and everything else related to playing back the mod file? I mean, I'm sure that it would take too much CPU time for any practical use, but still. Now, it might be difficult to use a regular mod file, because, if I'm not mistaken, .MOD files don't support 4-bit samples. Maybe you can make the converter convert the samples to 4-bit sample. Thoughts?
  8. I would love to hear the Agent X II theme on the GTIA beeper, where the Pokey makes the percussion sounds! ))))))
  9. Why are all of you still talking in this thread? The guy left already.
  10. I converted the .rmt into a .wav with asapconv. For less distortion, I think it's best to use linear mixing. For accurate emulation, I would use non-linear mixing.
  11. I've set all of my instruments to a maximum volume of 10 (A). Should the highest volume be lower than that?
  12. So, you're saying that non-linear mixing is not the way to go?
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