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  1. Ah...now I get it. I didn't get what you meant earlier. I like how you somewhat combined both the spectrum and c64 version into one instrument.
  2. Sure thing! Might as well share the whole thing at this point lol Bionic_Stage_1.rmt
  3. Ah. I guess I can make a separate version more like the ZX version in that part.
  4. This will probably be the last version. Listed are the changes made in version 4: Used distortion C instead of distortion E for the alternate "burping" instrument. Added vibrato to the lead instrument in the part from 0:42 to 0:57 and fake portamento to the bass in the part from 0:26 to 0:42 (using real portamento with distortion C just sounds like noise).
  5. Also, I finally got around fixing those two instruments. Third time's a charm!
  6. If you try to listen to my cover of Bionic Commmando in any of the revisions I've posted earlier, you can hear the synth dropping by an octave when the two channels sync for a brief moment (1:42 is a good example). The song channels were rendered with multidumper, which probably uses asap for pokey emulation. For examples of it not happening, I can point to any of your covers you've recorded in Altirra.
  7. Speaking of doubling the frequency, when both the channels' frequencies sync up for a brief moment, in some sap players such as asap, it lowers the note by an octave, and in others like rmt and altirra, that doesn't happen. Does real hardware sound more like asap or altirra when it comes to this filter behavior?
  8. Why is it called a "filter" anyways? It seems to behave like ring modulation more than a "crude high pass filter".
  9. It would be nice to be able to use 16-bit accuracy on distortions other than the bass distortion.
  10. Hm. That sounds like a good idea. I'll try it out later. Thanks!
  11. So I should ditch the filter and the arpeggio instruments, and use noise and square instruments to resemble the spectrum version a bit more? Okay, but before I do, I'll show you what I hear in Altirra and rmt:
  12. Is it the 1.79 Mhz instrument? Yeah, the tuning depends on which player you use it. It sounded more in-tune in rmt (with apokeysnd.dll) and Altirra.
  13. Here's a quick fix of that mistake to enhance the listening experience™:
  14. Ah, thanks! I'm glad you pointed out that little issue with the lead. Also, yes the instrument envelope is playing at double speed.
  15. I've decided to make a cover of Stage 1 of Bionic Commando by Tim Follin using emkay's synth techniques. I think it turned out nicely:
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