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  1. Welcome to Club X-Ray!!!! Just be careful who you poke as some of us have dilligas. I'm not sure what dilligas is but it comes with X-Ray. Actually I'm not sure what X-Ray is. What did I just buy?
  2. I wasn't a member 4 years ago. I was too young to join a forum without my parents permission. Yeah, that's it.
  3. I took my daughter's toothbrush (old one, I'm not a monster) and some alcohol and did some light scrubbing. Also swapped the delay line. No effect but no worries. I was having some issues with my working 600xl. One of the issues was it wasn't reading anything on the SIO. Dr Venkman suggested the POKEY so I pulled it from the black screen machine and put it in the working one and SIO problem resolved. The old POKEY is damaged at the R/W I/O Control pin. Not sure how that happened as I have never removed the pin before. The only incident in recent history was the old power supply went bad and maybe fried that pin? Possible? Wild guess? So I guess I will just use the black screen board for parts and as backup keyboard as I don't have another POKEY to replace the broken one with. Thank you for the suggestions. I enjoyed making the effort to get it up and running.
  4. You sir, please take a bow. Popped in a different POKEY and the SIO now sees the SDRIVE2. Looking at the old POKEY it appears the R/W I/O Control pin is corroded and broken off part way down. Quite odd as none of the other pins show the corrosion. I have never previously removed the chip. Possible when the power supply fried it also cooked that one pin? Now to solve the crappy RF. Maybe the RF box is in need of maintenance or replacement with another option. Also need to replace the keyboard connecter. When I pulled out the keyboard some months ago it pulled out a few of the connectors with it. Have replacement keyboard connectors coming from Europe eventually. Been in transit for 3 months. Should have paid for tracking. /fail
  5. I do have a couple of POKEY's poking around. It's mostly obstructed by a 1980's 64KB memory upgrade board but I should be able to get in there to remove it and plug in the POKEY from my other 600xl or 800xl. 130XE has no sockets. Bad Atari. BAD!!!!
  6. When I got my 130xe it has a very similar memory config. One high quality chip in the first slot and MT crap in all the others. I wasn't showing failures on the built in RAM Test but the extended RAM was showing almost all failures. I bought a soldering iron, some sockets, a bunch of Tesla 4164 memory chips (ebay) and got to work doing a horrible rookie job of removing just the 8 on the right side and putting in sockets. I broke one of the capacitors while removing the old memory so ordered hundreds of those to replace 1. I put the 8 Tesla chips in the sockets and they all test perfect. I am holding off replacing the first row until I see signs of failure. I think I have more practice now and will do a better job next time though.
  7. I have a (mostly working) 600xl with a similar issue. SDRIVE seems to be invisible to the SIO. When I try to load from the 1010 it will send the command to start it turning but it always fails to load (don't have any other SIO devices to try). The RF output is very garbled but it's not the RF cable as using the same cable on my 800xl is quite good (for RF). It's my childhood machine so I want to fix it up but keep it as stock as possible since I have working 800xl and 130xe (and non-working 600xl) to tinker with. I did have the original 600XL Atari power supply go bad so it's possible it damaged something because before that the video was fine (for RF). I'll have to try some of these suggestions as well. Love the advice on these forums.
  8. When we bought the system for Christmas 81 we got NFL (brother's pick) and Space Battle (my pick). My parents wrapped it and hid it in their closet. My brother and I would carefully unwrap it everyday and play it then rewrap it and put it back. They were quite impressed Christmas morning that we knew how to hook it up and instantly knew how to play the football game without reading the instructions.
  9. That Dreadnaught is sooooo much nicer than mine. I may be able to justify that and one of your home brews if...... I won't be able to compete with the serious guys here and I will do something dumb like open the game and play it but at least you know it will be in a good home. Dreadnaught I won't open because I already have that but if I get one of your sealed home brews the seal will be broken. So if any of the HB's are not spoken for list your price and I will see what I can do. Kids today and their university costs taking away my Intellivision spending money. NOT FAIR!!!!! I feel like I am on Big Brother trying to explain why your shouldn't kick me out of the house. Hmm, I may have to give my wife a similar speech when she finds out.
  10. Looks like I made the cut. Good luck everyone.
  11. When you say ordered do you mean you have paid? I filled in the order form but I have not been contacted about payment yet.
  12. I sent a request to order this. Hopefully I made it in there before the 70 limit was reached.
  13. When it arrived it had no screws holding the main case together. Owner may have opened it to dry it out back in the day. The shields were still screwed together. I’ll try the delay line swap and cleaning up some of the rust this weekend. The keyboard appears to be fully functional and the IC’s all work so if it ends up as parts it was a great value.
  14. I used the same power supply that I use for my 800XL that works fine. Should I try different ones? I have a couple more I could try.
  15. They may all be more than I can afford but curious what you are asking for the Intellivision home brews. I don't own any of them in CIB. If I had to choose the ones I would most be interested in it would be Christmas Carol, Choplifter and Space Patrol.
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