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  1. I’m not really great at these types of games. My wife smokes me every time. I just can’t seem to plan my moves ahead properly. Still I got a lot of enjoyment from Maria and want to support this developer. Fantasy Puzzle ordered. Thank you.
  2. Damn, small world. Tim Favro is the man for TG-16 music remasters.
  3. Does it include the cartridge, box, manual and overlays? I'm kidding. I wasn't around here when this was available.
  4. My old Beige Power Mac G3 has a built in ZIP drive that still functions and can even boot the computer. Though I did have an external back in the day that had the click of death.
  5. Not always just for collector’s. I open and play them. I don’t think there is any way for me to play the Intellivision version of Boulder Dash or Miner 2049er unless I have the cart. Thankfully I do and I’m still progressing through these difficult games.
  6. Well I did say a couple. I was thinking of those games that are only available via cart or LTO. The onboard emulator will not play the LTO ROM but may play the cart. Also I imagine even if the developer made the game available for download on Amico some very strange (but adorable) people would still purchase the cart version if available.
  7. Strangely enough my wife likes my company and wants me out of the basement. She just doesn't want to watch me play my nerdy retro games though. She does want to do Dance Central with me. NOTE: Dance Central dance skills do not translate to the real dance floor. Just like my awesome SingStar scores does not make me a singer.
  8. You don't have me fooled with your tough guy exterior. I know you subscribe to the Hallmark Channel.
  9. Stadium Mud Buggies is a day 1 purchase for me and so is Party Line. I already have Defender of Crown so looks like I have a little time to save up.
  10. I could bid on one of these but I would have to cancel my Amico order. Pretty sure I will get more enjoyment out of the Amico. Was fascinating to watch the offers go up in the last few minutes.
  11. Looking forward to the Canadian Audiobook version read by CMART. It will be a beauty eh!
  12. My SIDE3 arrived today (Toronto) and as a first time user I'm a little overwhelmed. Just read above that the SIDE3 manual is in the pipeline but I can reference the older manual for now. https://lotharek.pl/files/side2/side2basics.pdf Have to say I noticed an incredible speed difference with this over my SIO2SD device. Love it so far.
  13. Not happening. In my basement I can play any time I want. Wife was a Colecovision kid and kids think retro means classic Nintendo so they have little interest in classic Intellivision. Also family room I have to compete with wife watching her crying shows or daughter watching her K-Pop shows. My son has his gaming PC so does not care. Amico will be like the Wii was. Fun family gaming and when people can safely visit again some group gaming. If I can play my classic carts on it occasionally with an add-on that is just bonus. Maybe a cart adaptor will result in a couple extra home-brew games sales as well if word gets out. I still plan to support the home-brew developers as long as I can.
  14. For me the cart add-on would be a day one purchase. My Intellivision is in my basement but the Amico will be in the family room so this will allow me to play my carts in that room without moving hardware around.
  15. Mine was jammed into the slot and took some serious bending to get it out. Fortunately the box weathered the abuse well. The tasteful nudes were lost. I think the postman took them.
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