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  1. I'm in the GTA. Use to be in actual TO but did the predictable move to the burbs to buy a house and raise the baby nerds. Grew up in Belleville where we had Atari Computer Enthusiasts club that I would attend.
  2. I bought some for my Genesis and Turbografx mini. Does also look good in the Atari though.
  3. If it ever is a CIB I hope it has that classic Videopac cover-art that reminds me of my reflection when I get out of the shower. Replace the sword with a loofah on a stick and there you go. Death Race and now this. What other Odyssey goodness can we expect?
  4. I will be ordering this later this week. Keep and digital copy warm for me and thank you.
  5. What game to play first when I get the cables. Carnival or Sharp Shot?
  6. Played this so much on my Mac Plus. Excellent job.
  7. Dug it out and tried both controllers. They both work fine now. Can't explain it. Maybe the solder fairies paid me a visit. Time to send a PM.
  8. Thank you and the others that you mentioned for supplying us with great games.
  9. I own one flashback with two controllers. I also own an original Intellivision, Intellivision 2 and a Sears. I could probably make use of one pair of each. I do recall that one of my FB controllers was not working when I pressed down on the disk. It had never been previously used so couldn't have been worn out. I should dig it out and see if it's repairable. I'll send a PM after I have tried it out. Thanks
  10. I have bought from both brewing academy and vintage computer centre and they are great. I did buy my FujiNet from Vintage for the 1.5 hotness and just kept a FujiNet tab open and refreshed daily. Was lucky and only a week of waiting before there were more. Such a cool little device. Was playing a random game recently and it started talking using the built in SAM on the FujiNet.
  11. OMG there is. I need to put on something frilly, set some candles out and settle in for some sexy Intellivision conversation.
  12. What happens in the parking garage, stays in the parking garage.
  13. Yikes, you should see a doctor ASAP. That is the worst case of atrial fibrillation I have ever seen. You are in danger!!!!!
  14. Playing UTOPIA to practice taking over the world. Just wait until Rebels start showing up in your yard, then you'll know!!!!!
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