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  1. Heading overseas tonight for some vacation time. Don’t suppose PRGE is an acronym for Portugal Retro Gaming Expo? Then I am all in on going to see DOTC!!!! Likely not. Will have to wait for a chance to order it with the rest of the muggles when I get back north of the wall. I think i mixing my fantasy tropes.
  2. Use to play that game on my old Mac Plus in glorious B&W. Don’t think I was ever very good at it. Unfortunately Portland isn’t in the cards for me. Hope to one day visit that show.
  3. I have a few that I use to stabilize a wobbly kitchen table and the rest are supporting my Camaro because I couldn’t find bricks.
  4. Impressive. I have the quest to go to the magical tower and I assumed it was the last zone. I’m nowhere close to your player level.
  5. Ms PAC-MAN received. Thank you CMJR. Love it.
  6. Hi Carl. I placed an order for Ms. Pac-Man a couple days ago. Did you get the donation and follow-up emails I sent?
  7. I placed an order today for Ms. Pac-Man from Carl’s site. Way too many good Intellivision games to buy. Good times.
  8. Placed my order for A.F. today and it took under 5 minutes I think to receive the merchandise. Faster than Amazon.
  9. I recently bought DK Arcade and Minehunter from Elektronite CIB. Are there discounted versions available for the LTO? I have versions I found on the internet, are they the same as the most recent cart release? Just ordered A.F. Looking forward to some vertical action. That’s doesn’t sound right. 🤔
  10. Yikes. I’m on vacation then. I guess I can order order while overseas. Europe has internet right? 🤓
  11. I have bought from Elektronite. Smooth process. Will eventually own all the ROMs they have for sale.
  12. Thanks. I will make the donation later. Some games I’m really interested in.
  13. Anyone have recent luck buying ROMs from Carl Mueller Jr site or from the Intellivision.us website? Interested in buying some games for my LTO Flash but inquiries on these sites go unanswered. I’m not comfortable making PayPal donations for a ROM if the sites are no longer the point of sale location. I’m fully prepared to accept I screwed up somehow. www.carlmuellerjr.com www.intellivision.us
  14. Ill be ordering a couple ROMs Saturday. By end of summer I will have bought all of the above. Need to save a little money for the family trip in a couple weeks. Wish I had know about LTO ROMs before I decided to have a family.
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