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  1. This guy hyped up all his stuff tonight. Sold so many retro things but the prices were crazy. Quite the salesman.
  2. Me too but apparently CMART is buying all of them. Nothing for me. Nobody better book a meeting with me for 4:00 EST tomorrow. There will be pixilated blood!
  3. I am Canadian and I have no interest in Canadian bacon. Normal thin sliced bacon please. Not all things labeled Canadian are nice. Canadian bacon, geese, tuxedos? Pass. They are all up there with Dutch Ovens.
  4. I like your wares. If I under bid are they underwares?
  5. Artwork is on my list of games to purchase. Is it CIB?
  6. But iron makes swords, swords lead to suffering, suffering leads to ... blah blah blah dark side.
  7. No. I’m not. I just thought the eBay listings looked pretty good. Didn’t realize the seller was self deprecating. Was just noob confusion on my part.
  8. They don’t need to be exclusive? Overcooked is a favourite in my house but it’s available on everything.
  9. I was just asking a question because they looked ok to me. I wasn’t taking shots at anyone or anything.
  10. What am I missing? Assuming an inside joke. These are junk?
  11. I have secured a loan and all my bots are ready to purchase all available units. I even have the Good, the Bad and the Ugly whistle ready for all challengers. Wilhelm scream provided upon request.
  12. I was really just playing on the shenanigans meme. I have not played or owned the game so have no opinion. Besides TNT Cowboy is the winner and any other choice is simply The Man repressing the proletariat using the white liberal media to inject conservative hardline talking points to advance socialist rhetoric. 🤓😜
  13. That is some frolicsome antics the exclusion.
  14. Looks like there are only 7 copies left. If you want a copy ‘git r dun’
  15. To quote the great philosopher Frederick “Yabba dabba doo!” This is my first direct CIB purchase of a new Intellivision release. DOTC didn’t count as I bought it off a wonderful AtariAge member.
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