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  1. I think this would count for the TG-16/PC-Engine. http://www.pcengine.co.uk/HTML_Games/Appare_Gate_Ball.htm If you have the mini version of the console you actually got this game.
  2. Will this schematic equal a guide? I am curious about getting one of these but not sure how to add it. My experience is limited. I have added U1MB and Sophia 2 to my 800xl but there are many guides online that helped. I cannot find Pokeymax 3 guides or I am just bad at looking for them.
  3. I just recently did the update on my LFB and was wondering why it was so slow to navigate the interface. Good to know.
  4. This of course makes sense and did the trick. Many thanks good sir. "Bally Jerry pranged his kite right in the how's-your-father; hairy blighter, dicky-birded, feathered back on his sammy, took a waspy, flipped over on his Betty Harpers and caught his can in the Bertie."
  5. Atari 800xl with U1MB, SIDE3 and a Sophia 2 I flashed the U1MB with the Ultimate ROM no errors Also Flashed the SIDE3 with the .38 Loader and the updated SDX with no errors My U1MB now shows version 4.02 but the plugin says VXS2STCO version 2.04. <-- what did I do wrong? No longer sees my SIDE3 cart and I don't see any SOPHIA controls. Tried the SIDE3 out on a non U1MB Atari and it works fine. Am I supposed to set the plugin myself and if so how? Fooling very noobish?
  6. Well I would like your game with the box for the released version. The box is probably $300 alone.
  7. One of mine has a similar problem with the down action on the disc. Nothing happens. Never tried the 1-2 buttons. I just got sad and put it back in it's box.
  8. Glad the CAD$ exchange rate has been a little more favourable. Good for buying Intellivision games but not so great for my stock options. Oh well, who needs to retire anyway.
  9. I really like this game but I keep dying on what is probably the 2nd last screen of ACT 2. One of my most played games in 2021.
  10. No worries. I can manually clean it up or wait for the next full update. Go play them games, I hear Billy Mitchell is gunning for you.
  11. I'm up to date with 7.5. Pico runs but could not start a game. Also noticed many of the Atari Computer games were now missing the cover art. Totally possibly it an error on my part. Missing cover art for Robotron, Castle Crisis, Centipede, Megablast. Atari400 section seems to be missing the Nexus shortcut to return to the main menu. Again this may be related to an error I made copying or a thumb-drive issue. Demon Attack seems to be a good candidate for the Atari 400 and I believe it's a single button game. Maybe it wasn't included because it has compatibility issues with newer Atari computers so didn't work on the emulator. In the Ports section VVVVVV runs great but plays in a small window. So glad the ZX wallpaper was replaced. MY EYES!!!!!! Keep up the great work. Or take a break. You deserve it.
  12. I guess I am missing an inside joke because it clearly says - There are No serial numbers and the order number has nothing to do with numbered copies. That being said I'll take 67.
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