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  1. And you call yourself an Intellivision collector. Good day sir. I SAID GOOD DAY!!!!
  2. I still have not received SP KOTM CIB that I ordered. Are others still waiting and I just need to be patient?
  3. I played Bomb Squad a lot but B17 Bomber was amazing to me. I loved making it deep into enemy territory, unloading my bombs and then barely making it back to jolly old England with little fuel and no gun turrets left.
  4. It's probably because Pitfall uses the top two buttons but I only use the right side so I assume jumping is on the right. I will adapt. Level 10 and I have the green rune.
  5. I wish the Jump button was on the right and the Action button on the left but that's probably just me. Fun game. Got to level 8 before I had to start working. This type of game is my jam. Trying to resist playing some more.
  6. I accidentally got a 2nd GORF so I had sent that back. Was supposed to be Death Race. No worries though. Since we also have GORF, Gooninuff and Sorrow to play I'm actually overloaded with games at the moment.
  7. Corroded and partially disintegrated, no longer has length to make the connection. I would probably need to run a wire out of the socket to the corroded leg after cleaning it with vinegar. Anyway that is a long way off as the board is still dead ATM and maybe a new source of POKEY's will show up. Someone will find a warehouse just filled with Atari 7800 Ballblazer carts to harvest.
  8. For me it's based on expectation. The price I paid did not include the ROM so I have no objection to paying a fee for the actual ROM release while waiting for the CIB to one day ship. For Wizard of Wor and Cosmic Avenger I bought the ROM and then paid full price for the CIB when that happened. For H.E.L.I. and others I bought the CIB then later paid for the ROM. It provides people the option they prefer, you still get $$$ and we may get more future developed games. LTO encryption of the ROM is probably not an option as I think it requires Joe as well. I do know my Ms. Pac-man ROM has my name on the title screen. Not sure how feasible it is to encode a purchasers name in the ROM to discourage sharing.
  9. I saw on the zeropage home-brew video Friday they were using the Yannick one I believe. It was hooked up to a retro-tink and looked fantastic. They even refer to a video of the installation being done.
  10. Fortunately I do have a Sys-Check and a little experience removing chips. My 130xe has no sockets and had bad MT RAM so it was my first ever desoldering (and soldering) experience. Removed the whole first row, put in sockets and new chips and it passes all the tests. 2nd row also has MT but it seems to pass all the extended ram tests I throw at it so I'm not going to pull those just yet. Knowm (non-working) 600xl issues - The POKEY has one corroded leg which seems to prevent anything working when plugged into the SIO so I will need to try and attach a new leg since POKEYs' are becoming far too rare to give up on to easily. - It also has a bad keyboard connector but I recently acquired replacements thanks to tf_hh. - It also needs a new 600xl mylar. I bought the Retronics one and it works when I plug it in and test it with my fingers but does not work when pressed by keystrokes, quite odd. I do need to understand how to use my meter to understand what readings I should be seeing (and where) when the board is powered. Right now I only know enough on how to check for continuity. Will be a nice project once I have several days off with nothing to do. A 600xl is a terrible thing to waste.
  11. Excellent read. I have 3 NTSC 600xl machines. 1 does not work. I one day hope to try and revive it and these well documented stories shared by AA users will be the guide.
  12. I could be gone any moment because I like to live dangerously but I still prefer to wait for the CIB cart. 😊
  13. Caught me off guard that GORF controls with the right controller. There seems to be only left or right movement as well. I believe in the arcade there was up and down movement. Still it's a pretty faithful version of the game. I think it has all the screens that the arcade had. Astro Invaders, Laser Attack, Galaxians, Space Warp and Flagship.
  14. Two out of the 3 arrived today. I placed a separate order for Death Race so it shipped separate I assume.
  15. Oh gawds no. Not the $100 price. I paid $39 CAD 2 years ago for the Flashback X. That was fantastic. The Legends for $39 is a great price. Throw in the 20% off coupon and you are doing great.
  16. That's what I paid for my Legends and my Atari FB X two years ago. Fantastic price. Tempted to buy it again.
  17. Oh, he has a nice “on air” type voice? Well here’s a thought, maybe he should do a podcast or something! 😜
  18. I'm obviously not a streamer. Hopefully I'm not the only one who read that and basically heard in their head what adults sound like in a Peanuts cartoon. I do know how to watch a stream though.
  19. That is so cool. I did not know about that? But my oldest Macs that are still on the internet are running 9.2(68K), 10.4(PPC) and 10.5(PPC) which is even too old for Interweb.
  20. I thought this game sounded familiar. I was playing it this year on my old Mac Plus. Very tricky game to figure out without a manual. I was able to fly around for a while shooting tanks but that was all I accomplished. Gives me a Dimension X vibe.
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