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  1. Ahh, thank you. The confusion came from a paragraph I found in a Service Manual for the Atari 400/800 computers which said: The domestic 6502 operates at 2.0 MHz, and the PAL & UK 6502 operates at 3.0 MHz. The increased speed is required to operate within PAL & UK television standards.
  2. Hi. I have just received my first Atari 8-bit computers; two PAL XEGS. One works, the other doesn't. (I have ordered up replacement RAM for the faulty one.) But my question is: What is the difference between the C014806-03 and the C014806-12 CPUs? My guess is that the -03 is a 3MHz chip for use in PAL units (this is what I have in my XEGS') and that the -12 is the 2MHz version for use with NTSC units. I'd be grateful for a clarification, as I like to order up a few spare parts to have on hand. Cheers, Tore
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