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  1. I mean hack that changes gameplay or change levels add new features etc.
  2. Hello, Could You write here best game hacks that You are aware of for Atari 8 bit computers?? Thanks in advance :)))
  3. To flash update with OTG cable and Pendrive I have to name image atari_update.img right ? And place it on root of pendrive. But CFW don't found updates :(. Hmm maybe is something with my OTG. But I played homebrews from it hmmm ....
  4. Thanks I'm trying to flash that OC and I got this And now whenever I turn off and turn on my FBX it says it Found One LOADER Device like I was pressing that button but I don't. Flashing again first two images brings it back to work. Only that overclock is causing problems.
  5. Hmmm when I try to flash 3rd image (overclock) it makes my console to not startup (black screen).
  6. @Draxxon Okay, but games that I want to play still have to be in "Game" folder ? @EDIT I put all content of Your archive to pendrive and I just have standard menu - without Ext. Drive to select files from. What I'm doing wrong ? I have CFW 1.2 GHz OC.
  7. So, what's firmware is best to flash AFX ? I tried to fix that flickering but I don't have folder like emulate or files like retroplayer.afb9 etc. I guess I didn't flash it with @Draxxon firmware.
  8. Any new games since last post here that requires more than 64 KB RAM ? Except "Albert" that I'm aware of
  9. Really interesting game for 8 bit Atari ;). I had much fun playing it
  10. @rocketfan Do You know maybe why flickering is not working properly on my videos (on earlier page) ? It makes some games unplayable cause objects disappear sometimes even for 2-3 seconds instead of flicker. Another game for example is Moonsweeper - You crash into invisible objects cause flicker is bugging.
  11. Hello, Could You post games that are hidden gems ? Games that are not so popular but are really good mainly gameplay wise.
  12. Mail with encouragement sent
  13. This demo looks very promising :). Keep good job up
  14. Great job! I will love playing this !! Is progress going well ?
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