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  1. Could you share links to that sites please?
  2. Hello, I think that would be great to be able to see more than top 100 games for Atari ST on atarimania site. It would be great if there would be option for showing like Top 300 or Top 500 games just like it is for Atari 8 bit line of computers. What do you guys think about that? Or even better searching by rating in advance search engine. @www.atarimania.com Is it possible to do? Thank you in advance for your replies.
  3. Thank you very much!! Now it works !
  4. Hello, I have problem with running programs written and compiled on Kyan Pascal 2.0x. For example I write code PROGRAM HELLO; BEGIN Writeln('Hello world!'); END. Save it as Hello.P. I run compiler write Hello.P - it compiles file without errors. It generates file Hello without any extension. I copy that file to new disk (formatted earlier). After that I copy LIB file from side B of Kyan Pascal disc to new disk. So now I have on new disk Hello and LIB files. When I try to run Hello file I got error message "Error loading Pascal Library". Manual says that library have to be on same disk with compiled program and it is. What I am doing wrong? I can't get it to work. Same thing happen on example programs on side B of Kyan Pascal 2.0 disk - for example there is compiled Prime program. Trying to run it gives same error. LIB file is on side B of Kyan Pascal 2.0 disk so it should in theory run. Thanks in advance for replies!
  5. I mean hack that changes gameplay or change levels add new features etc.
  6. Hello, Could You write here best game hacks that You are aware of for Atari 8 bit computers?? Thanks in advance :)))
  7. To flash update with OTG cable and Pendrive I have to name image atari_update.img right ? And place it on root of pendrive. But CFW don't found updates :(. Hmm maybe is something with my OTG. But I played homebrews from it hmmm ....
  8. Thanks I'm trying to flash that OC and I got this And now whenever I turn off and turn on my FBX it says it Found One LOADER Device like I was pressing that button but I don't. Flashing again first two images brings it back to work. Only that overclock is causing problems.
  9. Hmmm when I try to flash 3rd image (overclock) it makes my console to not startup (black screen).
  10. @Draxxon Okay, but games that I want to play still have to be in "Game" folder ? @EDIT I put all content of Your archive to pendrive and I just have standard menu - without Ext. Drive to select files from. What I'm doing wrong ? I have CFW 1.2 GHz OC.
  11. So, what's firmware is best to flash AFX ? I tried to fix that flickering but I don't have folder like emulate or files like retroplayer.afb9 etc. I guess I didn't flash it with @Draxxon firmware.
  12. Any new games since last post here that requires more than 64 KB RAM ? Except "Albert" that I'm aware of
  13. Really interesting game for 8 bit Atari ;). I had much fun playing it
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