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  1. Hi, i'm looking to hopefully finish my US Game Gear collection off, would love to finish it off but just having trouble tracking down the last few games on the list. Anything thats bolded is super big and i'm willing to get paid and rocking ASAP! If you have any of these though, i'd love to work something out! As long as its US boxed, or even just the boxes, i'm cool, but would prefer CIB! The list of games is: Double Dragon Fantastic Dizzy FIFA 96 Judge Dredd Kawasaki Superbikes Madden 96 Marble Madness NFL Quarterback Club Robocop Vs The Terminator Spider-Man/X-Men: Arcade's Revenge Super Monaco GP Super Off-Road Urban Strike Vampire: Master Of Darkness
  2. Majong has to be dumped somewhere out there, i found a site that had some video footage of it (only a small 30 second snippet, but something) but i've had no luck tracking it down in any other capacity.
  3. So i actually also recently got a Supervision with the TV-Link and have been scouring to try and find as many of the games and as much info on the thing as possible. I've been working on testing games to see if there was any compatibility issues and the only game i have that worked on the handheld that didn't work on the TV-Link was Olympic Trials. No idea if my copy is just acting up or if it actually cant run, but getting to read the exact way the thing works has been fascinating. So thanks for the extra work on something so obscure!
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