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  1. It was endemic in the UK. With the c64 we had folk in the town I lived in who worked in germany from time to time and had access to US releases that weren't even out in the uk(this was pre us gold days) Roll forward to the ST and again plenty of cracks were available. Once you get into it it turns out it was very easy to get hold of anything you fancied. The upside of al of this is that it means that the games are nowadays easy to acquire. Did anyone know that a lot of the commercial compilations were derived from cracked games?
  2. It was done with 8 pallete splits of 4 colours so pretty crap I’d guess.
  3. Yes and it was absolutely awful. Given spectrum 512 came out before it it felt like a step backwards!
  4. Nope, tinkered with some bits and bobs on the sinister version but even that was very much gordons.
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