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  1. I emailed them about the trackball. I’ll post if I get a response.
  2. My fear is that the trackball is too close to the screen for a good, strong drive.
  3. I used the electrical tape mod for hundreds of games and it's fine. Never wore out. I just found that as your skills improve, you die because of a lack of accuracy with it. It's still "jumpy" at times when you're trying to be precise so I decided to upgrade. Fingers crossed.
  4. Thanks for the description @mckafka99. I’ll try and decipher that photo tomorrow. I want to make sure I splice into the correct area.
  5. Any chance you’d share a photo of your splicing? I don’t want to screw it up.
  6. I gave this one a try. I was waiting for the one Glen is making but when I reached out to Ultimarc about it they said they were not working with Glen on anything. Maybe I reached out to the wrong place or maybe its going to be vaporware? Regardless, I decided to give the groovy one a try.
  7. If there’s still a chance to join I would. Just found this today unfortunately.
  8. Threadjack for a quick second. I don’t know if selling things is allowed here but I will have an old Colecovision that will need a good home. I won it on eBay last April and haven’t even opened the box yet. I’m not interested in a profit, just making sure a working piece of hardware doesn’t end up in a trash heap.
  9. I’ve never noticed any choppy scrolling on Mario Bros.
  10. I’m hoping for: Space Harrier Thunderblade Afterburner Galaxy Force II
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