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    Factory sealed. Looking for a good home. MSRP.
  2. I emailed them a while ago asking for a Sega cab with: Afterburner Thunderblade Space Harrier Galaxy Force II
  3. I too have a SGM. Ultimately I’ll sell it as I don’t need it. If anyone is interested ping me. I would prefer a dev or other community contributors get the device. Cheers!
  4. Want more people to buy your games? You should have let more people into the annual game club. I was too late and missed it.
  5. I love everything about this project. Thanks again to those putting it together. I hope you find it fulfilling, satisfying, and motivating for your future endeavors. Much gratitude and thanks.
  6. I emailed them about the trackball. I’ll post if I get a response.
  7. My fear is that the trackball is too close to the screen for a good, strong drive.
  8. I used the electrical tape mod for hundreds of games and it's fine. Never wore out. I just found that as your skills improve, you die because of a lack of accuracy with it. It's still "jumpy" at times when you're trying to be precise so I decided to upgrade. Fingers crossed.
  9. Thanks for the description @mckafka99. I’ll try and decipher that photo tomorrow. I want to make sure I splice into the correct area.
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