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  1. Thank you for pointing them out! Any idea which specific part it is? They've got a bunch.
  2. Hello! I'm helping a friend rebuild a wonky Atari logo arcade joystick for a 2P Cyberball kit cab. It works fine except for the degraded rubber band at the base of the stick, which needs replacement. What's the 2022 way of sourcing a replacement band for this 1090s joystick? I've read that some pinball rubber might fit, but which size, if that the thing? Thanks! Blaine
  3. Bought some OG Xbox and 7800 games from him. Super fast shipping and positive, polite communication. Very cool guy.
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/124705620370 Hi there! I have a Roland MT-90S up for auction on the Bay. Some quick main points: * General MIDI 2 (GM2) support for PC/Mac gaming * Can be played as an instrument with direct MIDI connection to a MIDI keyboard * Boxed in original Roland box and packaging * Has original docs and 3.5" floppy discs and power supply * Gotek USB upgraded with included pre-formatted USB drive (has Power SC-55 album to give you something to play out of the box) * Completely cleaned internally * Everything works 100% and the internal speaker sounds fine The Gotek floppy drive emulator was set up by Jesse (Crossbow) from Ivory Tower Collections. He also has a video on his YouTube channel for setting up the USB drive and transferring music to it for direct play on the MT-90S. He did some incredible work on both the setup and the video, and he always has my gratitude. FREE UPS GROUND shipping to the con-US 48. Auction runs through Saturday, May 8, 2021. Feel free to drop me a line with any questions. Thanks!
  5. I have a 2-port 5200 that was s-video modded at the Ivory Tower. It's glorious. If you buy this one, I have no doubt you'll love it.
  6. I am super late to the party, but if it makes it this far down the list, I'll take it.
  7. Hello, all! Looking for a copy of The Dreadnaught Factor for Atari 5200. Anywhere from loose to CIB is fine, not picky as long as it works. Hit me up by DM if you have one you'd like to sell. Thanks! Blaine
  8. PM sent for the 5200, if it hasn't been claimed yet.
  9. Hi! Do you have any pictures of the inside of the system that show the mod work? Any pics of the video output quality on a TV? Thanks!
  10. Very cool! Thank you for your incredible contributions to the Intellivision community.
  11. The time has come for me to share this labor of love with you. It’s somewhere between an Alpha and a Beta project, so please enjoy it as such. It’s a love letter of a game to TRON: Legacy and the soundtrack from Daft Punk, downloadable below. Also below is the complete set of files that were worked on to code this game in both IntyBASIC and in assembler language. It’s completely playable in your favorite Intellivision emulator or on an LTO Flash! cartridge on your genuine Intellivision hardware. === Now, for the details. First thing, though, is that I know you will be passionate about asking me to do upgrades, tweaks, and gameplay modifications to make this better. And justifiably so. Thing is, I haven’t worked on this in over a year and a half. I don’t remember how to even load up the darn thing in IntyBASIC anymore, so I can’t do anything to improve this project any longer. I released it all here so that the folks that are indeed knowledgable about what to do with this project can take up the gauntlet and continue to make this product better for all of our enjoyment. There are many smart people on this forum, much smarter than I am, that hopefully will enjoy this project as much as I did and elevate it to the next level. What you see here wouldn’t be possible, at all, without the contributions of some incredible AtariAge members. They include, but aren’t limited to: DZ-Jay: his contributions to the assembler language portions of this project are amazing. carlson: contributed character animation code for Sam and the Recognizers. Nanochess: contributed the entire demo project included with IntyBASIC - and IntyBASIC! CrossBow: helped play test the game over its iterations and did the video capture. === Gameplay You are Sam Flynn, captured by the evil C.L.U. and forced onto the game grid. Dropped into an endless runner-style game with 25 repeating mazes, C.L.U. stand and watches as four Recognizers pursue you through each progressive maze you complete. Your only defense against the Recognizers is to lure them into the surrounding grid walls, as they will derez as they finishing passing over them. But the walls will derez you too, so be careful! If you’re lucky, you might also catch them standing by on stationary patrol and be able to pass by them without being chased down! This game is an endless runner, which means C.L.U. will eventually get you through his dispatched Recognizers. It really is like the sirens said: the only thing you are supposed to do is “survive”! === Behind The Scenes Ok, the reason the Recognizers cut some slack from time to time is really because of bad coding on my part. They should chase you all the time, but I couldn’t get it to work right. And, of course, now I don’t know anything more than a goat about how to fix it. Not like riding a bicycles, this coding is. I coded in the music by ear from listening to the soundtrack. I love Daft Punk. One way to say this would be to say that C.L.U. plays dirty sometimes and spawns the Recognizers right next to you when you appear in a new maze. Another way to say it would be to say I wasn’t able to back them off and get them to still move. At all. Someone will know what to do. You’ll notice that you often exit one part of the maze but always spawn at the same coordinates when you enter the next screen. Someone will know how to give this continuity and spawn Sam where he exits the previous maze or something similar (opposite side). === Last, But Not Least… TRON: Legacy is a Disney property. I’ve never sold this, will never sell it, and you shouldn’t sell it either. It’s a love letter to the film and meant for all of us to enjoy for free as fans of the Intellivision. If you work on it, and make it better, feel free to take my name off of the title screen and put yours in there. I don’t need credit, and if you contribute to its improvement, you should be credited as such. I hope you enjoy playing with this project. It was tremendous fun for me. I should have put this out there sooner than the December 2018 date that I stopped working on it. I thought I’d lost the project code files due to failure of a backup drive. Turns out, they were still preserved in the PMs right here on AtariAge. Thanks for giving this a try on your own Intellivision or emulator. I hope you dig it. I love the Intellivision and always will. It was the first console my father ever bought me all those 40 years ago. - Blaine tronleg.rom tronleg.zip
  12. Hi! I recently did a rebuild of a Vader 2600 I bought from a local Facebook Marketplace ad. It would be a shame to do a full restoration on a Vader console and not restore the joysticks. So I did. And to help you do the same to your own sticks, I made a video to show you how to get it done. The games must go on! I hope you are doing well and in good health and spirits during these trying days. Praying daily for each of us. God bless.
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