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  1. The Nintendo Switch is easier than ever to mod to back up your game cards and load homebrew content. How easy? With an unpatched Switch, a microSD card, a RCM Jig, and a data cable, you can do it in 10 minutes! All the files to do it are conveniently stored in one place to make it a quick and easy setup. To save from having to go to about 8-9 different websites, download all the stuff, uncompress it, and move it all over the place, I put it all together on a Google Drive with two folders. One goes on your PC and the other goes on your Switch microSD card. Saves a ton of time and makes sure everything will be in the right place when you inject the fusee-primary.bin payload to launch Atmosphere (homebrew). I really wanted to make this as simple and quick as possible so you'd be able to get it up and running right away. I can literally mod a Switch in less than the 10 minutes, but once you get the files, cable, jig, and microSD card, you'll be able to mod yours in 10 minutes - or less! I put this together to help you out with it. Drop me a line if you have any questions or want some help getting yours modded. Thanks!
  2. XBMC4Gamers is a great choice for a dash for the OG Xbox. It's still in development by Rocky5. He also goes by JCRocky5, and is likely the author of the same softmod you just installed on your OG. He has a YouTube channel demoing how his stuff works and how to get it up and running. Link below. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/user/JCRocky5/videos
  3. Hi Tempest. I think I might have your answer, especially if you're using UnleashX for the FTP. Make sure your are set to DHCP rather than Static IP. The IP you see in the bottom-right corner of the UnleashX dash will change from a 192.160.0.something to 10.0.1.something. Then you'll be able to FTP in under user ID xbox and password xbox, all in lowercase, with port 21. Also, set your Max Number of Connections to between 5-10. I'm using 10, and I set my Filezilla max to 9 to prevent jamming it up. I've also got a video on how to get it all done and I demo moving over an "HDD Ready" game or two. In fact, I'm actually FTPing (not a real verb) to my OG right this moment. Here's the vid. Hope all of this gets you up and running. Drop me a line if I can be of any help along the way. - Blaine
  4. Update 01/15/2019 First, thanks so much for the subs to the channel. I appreciate you so much! Everything has been claimed at this time. Two boxes headed out today, two are waiting for mailing address info (check your PMs if you wrote me). All PMs have also been answered. Thanks! --- Hi everyone! I've got some extra Intelly games, manuals, overlays, and some loose stuff I can send you for free. I only ask for the following kindness in exchange: * Please only take what you need or can use. I'm happy to send individual items on request to a good home - your home. * I love peeps from all over the globe, but I can only ship these items within the con-US 48 since they are free. Customs charges might be a bit much. * Promise you have subscribed to my YouTube channel about repairing, restoring, and modding video game hardware and other video game content here: http://www.youtube.com/blainelocklair That's it. Drop me a PM if you see something you'd like mailed to you and I'll mark each as claimed in the thread as they're spoken for. Thanks! Blaine
  5. Here's a tutorial vid on how to replace the thermal compound under the CPU & GPU heatsinks. That stuff gets old and loses its effectiveness, resulting in rising temps and possible chip burnout. It's pretty easy to replace it, and the same principles may apply to other consoles as well. Enjoy!
  6. After a TSOP flash of the OG Xbox, you can install a HDD from scratch of up to 2TB. It really opens up a world of content to be able to have it right there on the internal drive. Makes things run so much smoother also, especially in terms of loading from the HDD instead of the optical drive. Here's a complete guide I put together to help you install a new HDD. The guide is focused on using a modern SATA drive instead of an older IDE drive, which should provide much larger storage options, performance, and cost than a legacy IDE drive (performance still bottlenecked at the IDE port on the mobo though ). Enjoy, and please share any inputs you have. I make the videos for you so your take on them matters a lot. Thanks! Blaine
  7. Hello! Up for sale is this boxed TI-99/4A computer. Everything works 100%, as seen in the photos. The box is a tape queen but is there. Includes the RF adapter and power cord, both working. Includes one cartridge, Personal Real Estate, which also works. Local pickup available or free UPS Ground shipping to con-US 48. PayPal G&S accepted. Thanks! - Pics removed to recycle 0s and 1s.
  8. Hello everyone! Do you have a PS2 Phat that isn't reading the discs anymore? The answer MIGHT be simpler and more economical than you think. Try cleaning the laser lens. Unless you've cleaned out your PS2 in recent years, it might need it anyway. I have several and they get filthy inside! If you need this done, I hope this set of instructions is helpful along the way. Enjoy! Full guide here:
  9. What started as a five-part series continues to grow! Just TSOP flashed the XBOX v1.0 and everything went wonderfully well. I put together a video to share my experience and to share techniques for getting it done to your own XBOX v1.0 or v1.1 with the Hynix, Hyundai, or ST TSOP chip. Enjoy, and please share any inputs you have - I always appreciate them!
  10. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with your XBOX and your son! I showed your post to my wife and she was also very proud of what you had to say. Glad the video was of help! That's my goal - to help out our fellow gamers.
  11. Ouch! That same thing happened to my first Xbox BITD. Came home to smell the burning in the air and a dead Xbox. It seems most have burned up due to bad solder joints at the plug where the A/C cord plugs in at the back, mostly from the years of plugging and unplugging. They can be reflowed (see video above) but not once it's already burned. Ok, so to get a replacement: As I understand it, v1.0 and v1.1 Xbox PS are interchangeable due to having the same number of connection pins on them. V1.2 too v1.5 are interchangeable and have different pin counts than the v1.0 and v1.1. Finally, v1.6 and v1.6b are interchangeable only with each other because they are 5v rather than the 3.3v of the others. v1.0 - v1.5: 3.3v v1.6 - v1.6b: 5v So, you should be able to harvest a working PS from a v1.0 or v1.1 Xbox and get yours back up on its feet. Finally, I'm not aware of a 3rd party PS replacement. Hopefully they will come out one day. Hope this helps! Blaine
  12. Well, this is quickly becoming much more than a five-part series! I decided to up my game out of the back of the Xbox in order to show the best possible footage for the video how-to guides. So, here's my unboxing, setup, and comparison of the Pound Technologies Xbox HD cable in action:
  13. Hi everyone! Looking to play backups or downloaded ISOs on your PS2? Totally doable through USB, and super cheap too. No internal HDD needed, so PS2 Slim owners can also put this to work right away. Full details and a simple how-to guide below. Thanks! Blaine
  14. Great! So glad you have your XBOX back in business. They really are a lot of fun. Coming up, I'm hardmodding a v1.6b XBOX I picked up recently. It's bone stock at the moment. Also looking to complete some cool case mods with it. More on that soon. Also going to TSOP the XBOX in the videos. I'll be posting videos as these mods / upgrades are implemented. Should be a lot of fun for us all and some great upgrades to enjoy. Thanks! Blaine
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