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  1. Purchased an Atari Lynx II from me here on AA. Great, positive person, paid right away. Wonderful experience and a great member of our community!
  2. SOLD Hello everyone! Up for sale is my Atari Lynx II console and AgaCart, along with NIB Xybots, boxed Cyberball, and loose California Games. The Lynx II works wonderfully well. It was McWill modded by our fellow AA member -^Cro§Bow^- last year. In fact, it's the star of the show on the Ivory Tower Collections YouTube channel! Video below. It's got the McWill screen installed and had been Xener and MOSFET upgraded prior to the McWill addition. I have the original receipt for the McWill installation and it will go with the Lynx to document and preserve the history of the work. All buttons on the console work great. The Lynx is just in great overall condition. As is usual for a classic console, it does have one light scratch on the front lens and minor but light use on the case. Nothing major and certainly nothing that impacts the robust condition of the console and its gameplay. Also includes the new AgaCart! Plays up to 175 games & software apps on the included MicroSD card. Includes the beautiful 3-D printed case, printed games list, and MicroSD to SD adapter. Xybots is new in the original shrinkwrapped box. Cyberball is in the original box but manual is not inside. California Speed is loose. Asking $295 for the bundle, lower than the usual eBay price for the McWill Lynx II alone in many cases, Includes FREE Priority Mail USPS shipping with tracking to the con-US 48. PayPal accepted, please feel free to message me with any questions. Thanks! Blaine
  3. SOLD Hello everyone! Up for sale is my Sony PSP-100 system. It's in wonderful condition and all buttons work great. I took the front cover off of it and cleaned the button contacts with isopropyl alcohol and hand-washed the face plate, buttons, and rubber internal buttons. They all work smoothly and have great response. The console has custom firmware permanently installed, CFW 6.61 Pro-C Infinity. No need to launch it each time the system is turned on, it's always in there, a nice plus. It come with a 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo that is already set up for playing PS1 and PSP ISO backups. The battery is an original Sony battery and holds a 100% charge (see pics). The console also includes the original Sony PSP charger and a Sony PSP sleeve. Includes a copy of MLB: The Show '11 on UMD, and the UMD drive works fine (see pics). I do want to mention that the WiFi switch is permanently in the "on" position. WiFi works 100% (see pics). Asking $100 shipped to the con-US 48 via Priority Mail with tracking. PayPal accepted, feel free to PM with question or to purchase. Thanks! Blaine
  4. Hi mr_me! I was in Charleston in the James Island community. JI has been in and out of being its own town, but at least back in the '83 time or so it was part of Charleston. I would have been 11 years old in '83, so I can't remember why/how we got it or why/how it went away. It would have been provided by Comcast cable company back then, since cable TV was Comcast in our area. I remember waking up early on whatever morning the games switched over each month so I could play the new ones before I went to school that morning. I loved PlayCable. I still think of it as revolutionary. It was a streaming game service long before streaming game services of today were a thing. Except that it wasn't. What I mean is when I hear things referred to as "was ahead of their time", they never are. They're exactly at their time, which is what makes them so extraordinary and revolutionary. When the mainstream successors that take their place that are no longer "ahead of their time" come along, they are evolutionary. PlayCable was revolutionary, and I'll always remember it fondly for that reason. That reason, and because my father loved me enough to provide it to me, will always make Intellivision special in my heart. - Blaine
  5. My father bought me one when I was a kid. I had the model 1 and Intellivoice. While it was available, I even had PlayCable. I used to get up early for school on the day each month that new games were available so I could play them before heading out for the morning. I think that I am so fond of Intellivision for what it represents in my history. It was a gift from my father, who passed away a year ago this month. I will always associate the two and will always be fond of both.
  6. Have y'all been following Cody's videos on the Tube about his time as a GameStop manager? Pretty wild stuff. https://www.youtube.com/user/PHYSCO331
  7. I added it to the list. It's in "pending review" status. Looks like it all formatted ok from the preview though.
  8. Cool. Thanks for the share. Do you have access to edit the list? This one isn't on it yet, and it'd be great to share it, especially since it's in stores right now. Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone! I didn't see a compiled thread for these, but wanted to share this so those interested would know. These Sandisk Cruzer Snap USB 2.0 drives currently sold at Best Buy work with the PSC. $12.99 each at the time of this post. I know that the PSC is fickle about which USB drives it will accept, so hoping this info helps someone looking to add capabilities to their PSC. They come pre-formatted in FAT32 and just need to be renamed SONY to work. By the way, if there's a thread running already on this, please point me there and I'll post it in that thread. Thanks, Blaine
  10. I bought an AgaCart from rj1307. They are just stunning. Beautiful cart, beautiful display case that comes with it. Shipped it pretty quickly for having to go all the way across the world to get it to the US. I am really glad I bought it! Thanks for putting them out there for us all to enjoy.
  11. I received mine in the mail today. I was floored with the quality of the cartridge and the packaging / collector's case. Just beautiful stuff. Thanks so much for putting these out there for us all! - Blaine
  12. That is very, very cool! I think you might be an Intellivision Whisperer! I would guess that if one's fingers are fast enough, actual words could be played by playing phonetics in the right order. That would make for some completely unique speech possibilities from an audio standpoint. In the chiptune world, I can see how that could be used to create vocal recordings that have that robotic sound that the Inty makes. Yeah, there are many ways to make such sounds, but none so authentic as this one. Nice work!
  13. Brian bought an Intelly II from me. Very nice guy, fast payment, very pleasant communication. He's a great asset to AA, for sure!
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