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  1. After a TSOP flash of the OG Xbox, you can install a HDD from scratch of up to 2TB. It really opens up a world of content to be able to have it right there on the internal drive. Makes things run so much smoother also, especially in terms of loading from the HDD instead of the optical drive. Here's a complete guide I put together to help you install a new HDD. The guide is focused on using a modern SATA drive instead of an older IDE drive, which should provide much larger storage options, performance, and cost than a legacy IDE drive (performance still bottlenecked at the IDE port on the mobo though ). Enjoy, and please share any inputs you have. I make the videos for you so your take on them matters a lot. Thanks! Blaine
  2. Hello! Up for sale is this boxed TI-99/4A computer. Everything works 100%, as seen in the photos. The box is a tape queen but is there. Includes the RF adapter and power cord, both working. Includes one cartridge, Personal Real Estate, which also works. Local pickup available or free UPS Ground shipping to con-US 48. PayPal G&S accepted. Thanks! - Pics removed to recycle 0s and 1s.
  3. Hello everyone! Do you have a PS2 Phat that isn't reading the discs anymore? The answer MIGHT be simpler and more economical than you think. Try cleaning the laser lens. Unless you've cleaned out your PS2 in recent years, it might need it anyway. I have several and they get filthy inside! If you need this done, I hope this set of instructions is helpful along the way. Enjoy! Full guide here:
  4. What started as a five-part series continues to grow! Just TSOP flashed the XBOX v1.0 and everything went wonderfully well. I put together a video to share my experience and to share techniques for getting it done to your own XBOX v1.0 or v1.1 with the Hynix, Hyundai, or ST TSOP chip. Enjoy, and please share any inputs you have - I always appreciate them!
  5. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with your XBOX and your son! I showed your post to my wife and she was also very proud of what you had to say. Glad the video was of help! That's my goal - to help out our fellow gamers.
  6. Ouch! That same thing happened to my first Xbox BITD. Came home to smell the burning in the air and a dead Xbox. It seems most have burned up due to bad solder joints at the plug where the A/C cord plugs in at the back, mostly from the years of plugging and unplugging. They can be reflowed (see video above) but not once it's already burned. Ok, so to get a replacement: As I understand it, v1.0 and v1.1 Xbox PS are interchangeable due to having the same number of connection pins on them. V1.2 too v1.5 are interchangeable and have different pin counts than the v1.0 and v1.1. Finally, v1.6 and v1.6b are interchangeable only with each other because they are 5v rather than the 3.3v of the others. v1.0 - v1.5: 3.3v v1.6 - v1.6b: 5v So, you should be able to harvest a working PS from a v1.0 or v1.1 Xbox and get yours back up on its feet. Finally, I'm not aware of a 3rd party PS replacement. Hopefully they will come out one day. Hope this helps! Blaine
  7. Well, this is quickly becoming much more than a five-part series! I decided to up my game out of the back of the Xbox in order to show the best possible footage for the video how-to guides. So, here's my unboxing, setup, and comparison of the Pound Technologies Xbox HD cable in action:
  8. Hi everyone! Looking to play backups or downloaded ISOs on your PS2? Totally doable through USB, and super cheap too. No internal HDD needed, so PS2 Slim owners can also put this to work right away. Full details and a simple how-to guide below. Thanks! Blaine
  9. Great! So glad you have your XBOX back in business. They really are a lot of fun. Coming up, I'm hardmodding a v1.6b XBOX I picked up recently. It's bone stock at the moment. Also looking to complete some cool case mods with it. More on that soon. Also going to TSOP the XBOX in the videos. I'll be posting videos as these mods / upgrades are implemented. Should be a lot of fun for us all and some great upgrades to enjoy. Thanks! Blaine
  10. Hi Al. No worries about the ads. Do what you need to do to keep AA robust for us all. Class move to exempt subscribers from the ads in the forums. I'm one and I'll keep on being one to support you and support our community. Blaine
  11. Hello everyone! I bought the Sega Genesis Mini on release day and put together an unboxing, review, and gameplay video for you to help you decide if it's a good fit for you. Lots to see and use to help you decide. Video below. Enjoy, and please share your input on the Mini so we can all best decide if it's a good fit for us. Thanks!
  12. Hello again! This is kind of a "Part 4.5" for this series. I'm installing an upgraded HDD, but since installing games to it is the end game, here's a video on the easiest way to do it. By using the internet, FTP/FileZilla, and Archive.org, you can load games directly to the HDD with the use of a simple Ethernet cable. A softmodded XBOX with the stock HDD can even take games this way. The HDD Ready games are condensed down to their essentials, making them fit just fine even on a stock HDD! Here's what you'll need to do to make it happen. Don't forget to subscribe while you're watching! Thanks!
  13. Hi everyone! Want to mod your Sega Saturn to play backups, downloads, or homebrews? Want to protect your original games from disc rot from excessive use? Me too, so I installed the Phantom Universal mod chip and made a video tutorial on how I did it. I hope it helps you if you decide to install one in your sSaturn. It's straightforward and a really nice mod to the console. Here's the video. Please take a moment to like and subscribe so that I can keep on making new content! THanks, Blaine
  14. Part four, the softmod tutorial, is up! Without a doubt, it's the most ambitious of the four in the five-part series so far. It's a complete guide on how to softmod the XBOX Classic using a USB Drive through an inexpensive cable and some free downloads. The end result is... well.. check it out here, and don't forget to like and subscribe!
  15. Not sure. I'm putting in the Rocky5 softmod via USB-to-controller port, and I believe it allows for controlling the fan speed directly from the interface. I'm sure that would help with cooling quite a bit. The new fan is much quieter and would move a heck of a lot of air compared to the stock one. I forgot to put the link for the fan in the description, but headed back to the vid to knock it out. Here's the fan I bought: https://www.amazon.com/Nexus-70mm-Real-Silent-Case/dp/B003PNLRLU/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=nexus+70mm&qid=1567778617&s=gateway&sr=8-1 I'll be sure to address fan speed control in the video, which I think I'll have completed in the next couple of days. Thanks for watching them, much appreciated! - Blaine
  16. Part three is live! Get rid of the old, loud fan in the back of the XBOX and replace it with a new, modern, quiet fan from Amazon. Also, for XBOX v1.0 owners with the fan on the GPU heatsink (active cooling), learn how to refurb the fan to quiet it down and make it last for the future. Don't forget to like and subscribe to catch all new, original gaming content three times weekly!
  17. Hello! My family and I went to Hendersonville, NC last weekend and stumbled upon quite a gem in the downtown area. The Appalachian Pinball Museum is a wonderful place with a great selection of pins and arcade games and a friendly, involved staff. We absolutely loved our visit, and I want to share what it's like to tour the museum with you. I've made a YouTube video of a full tour of the museum for you to enjoy below. Don't forget to like and subscribe to the channel! Thanks, and enjoy! - Blaine
  18. Part 2: Power Supply Restoration And Time Capacitor Removal I mentioned it in the first video, but my first XBOX I owned BITD caught fire internally. Fortunately, it didn't burn down the house! With the knowledge that hindsight offers, it's now known that the A/C port on the power supply gets weak at the solder joints, which causes this problem. This is a cheap, easy fix, and I'll show you how to save your XBOX from a power disaster! Also, there's a capacitor that serves as a battery for time/date keeping that is practically guaranteed to take an electrolytic dump on your XBOX motherboard. It's especially problematic for the v1.0 - v1.5 mootherboards. All you have to do is get it out of there to save your XBOX motherboard from acidic death! Learn how to do these important tasks here:
  19. Thank you for watching the video and for your input! I really appreciate both. I'm planning to do a five-part series about the restoration of this XBOX. Next part is reflowing the AC points on the bottom of the power supply and removing the time bomb of a capacitor that is used for date/time keeping. I'll be soft modding the XBOX anyway which will make the timekeeping cap unneeded, and it's highly prone to leakage, so out it goes. Thanks! Blaine
  20. Edit: making a five-part series for XBOX Classic repair, restoration, and modding. This disc drive video is part one. Here's the rundown for the series: Part 1: Stuck Disc Drive Repair Part 2: Power Supply Restoration & Time Capacitor Removal Part 3: Fan Replacement Part 4: Soft Mod Part 5: Hard Drive Replacement And Loading Games Don't forget to subscribe so you can catch the entire series and more upcoming great gaming content! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc16nxCRvhba37wzU2eVS2Q/?sub_confirmation=1 --- Hello everyone! The disc drive on my original Microsoft XBOX was closed and would not open the tray when the eject button was pressed. Turns out, it was just a cleaning job and a rubber band from a $1.00 bag of hair bands that solved the problem. Is yours stuck? The fix is right here: I"ll start a thread in the next couple of days that is dedicated to my YouTube video game related content rather than individual posts. But in the meantime, enjoy the video and plase subscribe! I'm on the journey to 1,000+ subscribers and your kindness is much appreciated! - Blaine
  21. Hi everyone! I was a first-time attendee at the Southeast Game Exchange (SEGE 2019) event in Greenville, SC yesterday, August 24, 2019. There were over 100 vendors, cosplay, free play games, panelists, and tournaments at the event. My son even participated in the Madden '20 tourney, and 2x Pro Bowl Steelers LB Levon Kirkland was in attendance to play Madden with the contestants and sign autographs! It was a great time, and I live-streamed from the event to share my experience with others. I've uploaded it from Facebook to YouTube and you can watch it below. I'm on the journey to 1,000 subscribers so that I can add value back into the channel, so please take a moment and subscribe when you watch the video. Your generosity is so incredibly appreciated! Thanks! Blaine
  22. Hello everyone! I've put together a video tutorial on how to take apart, clean, and put back together a Sega Saturn OEM 6-button controller. I just bought a Saturn last week and really like it. The controller shoulder buttons seemed somewhat mushy to me though, so I set out to remedy that. Everything works on the controller, but it was clearly in need of some love. So I cleaned it up and made a video about it. I hope you enjoy it. It's really one of the first of this kind I"ve ever put together, so I hope it adds enjoyment to your Saturn ownership experience in some way. Also, I'm starting the journey to 1,000+ subscribers, so taking a moment to click "Like" and "Subscribe" is tremendously helpful to me. I'm starting from the ground up, so your help is instrumental in making it possible to keep on making these kinds of videos. Thanks! Blaine My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc16nxCRvhba37wzU2eVS2Q
  23. Why, yes, I do have a RetroTINK 2X. In short, it's perfect for the task. It takes in composite, component, or s-video and converts it into HDMI. But it does so in some very specific ways that really help. First, it outputs a 480p signal, which modern HDMI TVs seem to really like. All three of the ones around the house I've used all took the 480p signal gracefully and without complaint. It also can do some line doubling, making incoming 240 signals look a bit nicer on the output side. Finally, it can send out the signals in their native aspect ratios (at least for me they do), which really, really helps if the TV is fussy about compressing a natively 16:9 picture down to 4:3 for older consoles. My one and only dislike is that the TINK doesn't save your settings when it''s powered off, so I have to press a button on it each time it powers on. A very, very small price to pay to get such a nice looking, compliant image in HDMI from well over a dozen different consoles and computers running through a switch box. Hope all of this helps!
  24. +1 for RetroTINK 2x. Love mine and it does the task exactly as needed.
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