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  1. HI! We are now offering Atari Lynx recapping services for both the Atari Lynx MK 1 and Mk 2, this is a preventive maintenance and not a repair service. Price is £39.99 plus return shipping, worldwide service available. Details of the service can be found here Atari Lynx Recapping Service For those that don't know our background was offering Commodore and Commodore Amiga recapping, so we have vast experience in both through hole and surface mount work. Any questions by all means ask. Thanks!! RetroPassion
  2. I created this guide for people who have an ACA500 plus on their Amiga 500 or 500 Plus, I have no idea if it works on the ACA500 but please do let me know if it does! Enjoy! http://www.amigapassion.co.uk/mapping-kickstart-3-1-4-rom-using-maprom-on-an-aca500-plus/
  3. Hi! Here we have an Amiga 500 plus unit only (no PSU or mouse) in full working order. Battery was removed (by me) and cleaned up. Keyboard also stripped and cleaned. £139 plus postage and fees. (SOLD) Shipping approx (tracked and insured): UK - £14 US - 38 CAN - 37 Europe - please ask. Pics here: http://www.amigapassion.co.uk/amiga-500-plus/ Any questions by all means ask. Looking forward to being part of this forum, as in fact I had an Atari 520STFM before the Amiga for 3 days, I will save that story for another day! But yes I do own an Atari 1024 ST :-)
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