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  1. I just thought i'd pop in here (first post, just because i saw this topic) and say hi. I am an original owner of a Tandy Sensation (Model 1 / 25-1650) that i bought when i was 12/13 years old with paper route money. And @rorysl is correct about 'if kids had cash', because i saw it at Radio Shack and i had to have it. And.... I still do. In 2013 i powered it up for the first time in over 10 years and it was dead (motherboard issue). I got lucky and found a spare board for it on Ebay so i swapped it out and made it all work again. One drawback, the replacement board's Joystick port seems to be dead. Fast forward to literally last week... I have it all set up. I only held onto the computer itself over the years. The monitor, speaker system, keyboard, and Deskjet 500C are long gone. However, i've been Ebaying a lot and i now have the MMS-10 speaker system (slightly yellowed), Tandy Enhanced Keyboard (AT with PS/2 Adapter), an old PS/2 Microsoft mouse (no scroll wheel), and have upgraded the system beyond it's original specs. I now have a Sound Blaster 16 Pro ISA card (model 2910) with GamePort disabled (conflicts with the dead one apparently). I had to change the jumpers to not conflict with the onboard Adlib stuff that you cannot disable, but i found a combo that works. 48mb of RAM (book and any info i can find says maximum of 32mb, but that's likely because nothing larger than 8mb sticks existed when built) 250mb hdd (upgraded the 107mb drive that is long gone) 24X CD-Rom is installed currently, but only because i lost the proprietary LMS cable for the single speed drive. I have one on the way, but i may just leave that out. I have the additional 512k (4 chips) of VRAM on the way so i can get that 1MB of VRAM i've been wanting for almost 25 years. I have a slightly newer Packard Bell SVGA monitor with the speakers on the side. It's the only oldschool monitor i have left that's the appropriate size. Evergreen Technologies Overdrive Processor. In theory i guess it's an AMD 100mhz overdrive cpu, it seemed to run Windows 98SE sort of ok. It's now running the factory image of DOS 5.0 and Windows 3.1 Anywho, I also bought a very clean looking used Sensation on Ebay for spare parts and it'll be here Thursday. I'm hoping it's gameport works as i'll be able to swap that board with mine and have a fully working system. That's all, Thanks for reading! Brian
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