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  1. Thanks zCRP, that's the first I tried. Other game starts on this way. If I put this example roms on an emulator it starts with a game each one. No loader.
  2. I made this cartridge today and try to use the example roms without success. Mi CV boots on Jungle Hunt and not in the loader's game list. Could you explain how to make this rom files step by step?. I don't have a clue about scripts. All you need is on the 63in1 file. Thanks in advance. 63in1.zip
  3. Hi!, My first post on this section. I asked to newcoleco to use his tunes on a few videos I wanted to upload to my non monetized youtube channel. My only goal is to offer info on how I did it with hope to help others. It doesn't show nothing new to you but there is not much info about CV tech in spanish and practicaly zero on youtube. As you could see only a few text in spanish on a timelapse video with the great newcoleco's music.
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