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  1. Holy crap I've NEVER seen one of those!
  2. GREAT TOPIC! For me on the 2600 it was Star Raiders. I LOVED the extra keypad control, the strategy involved. It was like nothing I'd played on a console. H.E.R.O. was also amazing but so late in the 2600 cycle that I never really got a chance to try and master it. Finally, the ONE game I play just for kicks, EVEN today, is....(drumroll).... Spaceward Ho! Does ANYONE know this game? I love it in its original form on my Mac, and have a VERY old PC version. TAO Software was sold to some outfit that ported it to tablet/phone and its while its controls are too clunky, its very nice graphically and game-play wise. Just my 3 cents Evan
  3. Middleway, do you have a recommendation for a similar barrel jack that comes without the plate, one that would fit where the original 4-switch 2600 power jack currently is? Obviously I'd have to attach it inside the unit, I'd just like to keep the original look to the system if possible. Thanks again. Evan
  4. This is excellent - thank you Middleway, Crossbow, and Stephen! Evan
  5. Great info, thank you Crossbow! I thought it might be possible, thank you for responding so quickly. I've VERY new to electronics, but am really enjoying repairing the 2600. Its just complex enough to make a novice such as myself interested and capable of making small repairs, and learning how to make bigger ones. Out of curiosity, what kind of a diode would you recommend? Again - novice here! Evan
  6. Hello All, My apologies if this has already been talked about, but I've wondered if it was possible to swap the Atari 2600 power jack for a more modern one that takes more common power supply tips than the 3.5mm headphone jack? Has anyone detailed a) how to do this and b) where to find the new style jacks? Thanks! Side note: My understanding is that the 2600 can easily be fried if the polarity is incorrect on a power cord. Is it possible to add a regulator that would stop this from happening, and if yes, just to be sure, the polarity of the old power cable is thae the tip is positive and the sleeve is ground, right? Thanks again! Evan
  7. This is TOO COOL!!! I think I may need to build one with Rasberry Pi or something. FUN STUFF! Thanks for sharing Evan
  8. I can't tell if these hardware prices are real anymore. This stuff is getting more rare. Would the Compumate at $250 be worth it? I just can't tell. Too funny about your testing! Also, have you ever tried to DO anything with the Compumate? I know how limited it is. If it wasn't so damn rare hacking it would be fun. Evan
  9. TENNIS BOXING - McEnroe vs. Borg? Its like celebrity death match - only better!
  10. Holy cow Rob, what the heck is that!
  11. I didn't realize there was a difference between the high % iso and electronics cleaner. I'll look for that, and give this method a try first. Not gonna lie - at first I thought your post was the beginning of a bad joke Thanks for the help!
  12. I wondered about that. I don't have a console cleaning kit (they make those?!?!), I just figured that inserting the recently-cleaned carts would do the trick, but I will try your way next. Update to follow! Thanks for the suggestion. Evan
  13. Brilliant - thank you again! I've really enjoyed learning small electronics, and the Atari is kind of a perfect way for a beginner such as myself to do so. Again, thank you very very much. Evan
  14. Thank's Crossbow - I wondered about that too. I did test a slew of the ones that were not working on this system and yes, they did work on another system. The majority of the carts that work are Atari, but even Atari carts tended to not work in general. They were more likely to work, but for example many like Pac-Man (several different working versions) simply came up blank. If it is the slot being bent or worn, any recommendations on repair? I tried replacing one once and just wrecked the PCB board when I finally was able to pull it off 😕 Thanks again - list of the working carts below. Best, Evan The carts that played include: Atari: Solaris Moon Patrol Yars' Revenge Asteroids Space War Target Fun Missile Command Basketball Jr. Pac-Man Mario Bros Joust Realsports Baseball Raiders of the Lost Ark Activision: Spider Fighter Note - I did not test many activision carts. Kaboom seemed to work but I'll need to retest Coleco: Carnival ONLY - several Donkey Kong carts are not working, but are working on other systems. 20th Century Fox: Mega Force Worm War I
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