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  1. I didn't realize there was a difference between the high % iso and electronics cleaner. I'll look for that, and give this method a try first. Not gonna lie - at first I thought your post was the beginning of a bad joke Thanks for the help!
  2. I wondered about that. I don't have a console cleaning kit (they make those?!?!), I just figured that inserting the recently-cleaned carts would do the trick, but I will try your way next. Update to follow! Thanks for the suggestion. Evan
  3. Brilliant - thank you again! I've really enjoyed learning small electronics, and the Atari is kind of a perfect way for a beginner such as myself to do so. Again, thank you very very much. Evan
  4. Thank's Crossbow - I wondered about that too. I did test a slew of the ones that were not working on this system and yes, they did work on another system. The majority of the carts that work are Atari, but even Atari carts tended to not work in general. They were more likely to work, but for example many like Pac-Man (several different working versions) simply came up blank. If it is the slot being bent or worn, any recommendations on repair? I tried replacing one once and just wrecked the PCB board when I finally was able to pull it off 😕 Thanks again - list of the working carts below. Best, Evan The carts that played include: Atari: Solaris Moon Patrol Yars' Revenge Asteroids Space War Target Fun Missile Command Basketball Jr. Pac-Man Mario Bros Joust Realsports Baseball Raiders of the Lost Ark Activision: Spider Fighter Note - I did not test many activision carts. Kaboom seemed to work but I'll need to retest Coleco: Carnival ONLY - several Donkey Kong carts are not working, but are working on other systems. 20th Century Fox: Mega Force Worm War I
  5. Thank you, I've been using Qtips and 99% electronics-grade alcohol for years and that usually does the trick. In this case - no dice! Evan
  6. Hi Everyone, Yet another question, because as previously stated I am 100% new to working on electronics. So I have another Atari VCS that is displaying very strange behavior: It only plays some cartridges, but not others. The ones it does play it plays repeatedly - that is, with repeated re-seating of the cartridge. This is only about 1/3rd of all carts that are seated in the loading slot - the rest simply show blank screen or occasionally wide vertical lines. Does anyone have experience with a picky cart-playing Atari VCS 2600? Thanks! Evan
  7. WOW, this is FANTASTIC - thank you! I may have a spare RIOT chip, so I'll start by replacing it. I did check the other controller port and it works perfectly, and I did use a working joystick on both ports and the problem persisted with the left joystick port, so it is not the actual joystick that is the problem. I'll search the forums per your suggestions. I don't have a logic probe but do have a multi-meter that I HATE as its numbers just jump all over the place. I think its mostly for larger electrical work. Can you recommend a brand/model for both of those? Again, thank you for all of the help. Evan
  8. Can you tell me how you know it’s not rare? I’ve been scouring ebay and other sites and have never seen it in a lot. do you see it often? Can you tell me where? Thanks for the info. Evan
  9. Can you tell me why you think so? I’ve been scouring several sites for almost 2 years while building my collection, usually a couple of hours a day, and I’ve only seen one of these for sale. Have you seen many? This was my main question as I truly believe that some of these Sears picture labels are more like a 7-9 range, and possible a 10 or two are in there to boot.
  10. wow, and very cool!! I still believe that it is far more rare than people know.
  11. Hello Everyone, I am brand - new to fixing electronics, specifically Atari VCS boards. I’ve had some success and some abject failures, so I thought I’d as the community before ruining another one. I have a 2600 VCS where the left joystick port does not register an “up” signal from the controller. For example, no thrust in Asteroids. The solder joints look OK, but before I reflow or even replace the part, if the joints ARE ok, what else could this be? Any recommendations of the order in which I should try things to repair the issue? Thanks everyone! Evan
  12. Can you point me in the direction of the threads that discuss Sears and Telegames stuff for the Atari? This is near and dear to my nostalgia - I grew up picking toys out of the Sears catalog every September/October.
  13. Funny. Not for sale - took me 2 years of scrounging to find such a thing. I've just come across a Sear Baseball picture label. Can't wait for it to get here!
  14. *DROOL Woa, VERY COOL I think the rarety guide doesn't really reflect how hard these picture labels are to come by. I've NEVER seen one of those. I had a chance to purchase Basketball and no luck - really hard to find that one, too. Any others that are difficult to locate? Evan
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