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  1. These are currently these are for sale on eBay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/203516116491?hash=item2f62817e0b:g:eFgAAOSwMc5g2i05 https://www.ebay.com/itm/384871697857?hash=item599c240dc1:g:OLsAAOSwGExicwdK https://www.ebay.com/itm/384871697828?hash=item599c240da4:g:CnsAAOSwT7ZicwdH https://www.ebay.com/itm/384871697386?hash=item599c240bea:g:qusAAOSwsIRicwcz https://www.ebay.com/itm/384871693760?hash=item599c23fdc0:g:E4wAAOSwFNZicwaW https://www.ebay.com/itm/384871693579?hash=item599c23fd0b:g:A~oAAOSwk9licwaM
  2. For the past few years, I have been trying to complete a collection of Atari 400/800 cartridges listed on the http://www.pitfalljones.com/0800-list.htm sight. I have acquired about 60% of the 333 titles listed. If anyone has the following cartridges for sale, let me know! Thank You in advance. 810 Diagnostic Cartridge A-D Converter, Action! Adventure Creator, Airball, Alf in the Color Caves, Animated Puzzle, Astro-Grover, Atari Games 1, Atari Games 2, Atari Utility Cartridge, AtariLab Light Module, Atarimax 1MbitAtarimax 8Mbit AtariSchreiber, Attack at EP-CYG-4, Attack of the Mutant Camels, Ballblazer, Barbarian, Basic XE, Beamrider, Berzerk, Blaster, Bomb Jake, Boulder Dash, Bristles, Bruce Lee, Castle Hassle, Citibank DirectAccess, Colossus Chess 4.1, Commando, Cosmic Life, Cosmic Tunnels, CPS Supersalt Diagnostic Cartridge, Crime Buster, Crystal Castles, Crystal Castles XE, Da' Fuzz, Dawliah, Deflektor, Des Chiffres et des Lettres, Designer's Pencil, The Diamond GOS Diamond Mine Droids Eastern Front XE Espial Expando-Vision Fast Food Fort Apocalypse Gold Mine GTIA Draw Halftime Battlin' Bands Ham Pack Hobgoblin Hollex Cartridge Hypnotic Land Impersonator, The In-Store Demonstration INFO-soft 3000 Text Generator INFO-soft 5000 Graphic Generator Isora & Loops DX Jawbreaker II Jr. Pac-Man Kangaroo Karateka Last Starfighter, The Learning Phone, The Letter Perfect Letter Tutor Lifespan M-A-S-H Mac-65 Magic Dump II Mario Bros. Math Works-Addition Math Works-Basic Subtraction MatterHorn Mean 18 Microfiler Microprinter System 800 Microsoft BASIC II Midi Maze Monkey Wrench II, The Monkey Wrench, The Montezuma's Revenge Mr. TNT Oil's Well Orc Attack Ozzy's Orchard Persistent Ram Picnic Paranoia Powerstar Proburner Pronto The Home Infomation System Pursuit of the Pink Panther R-Time R-Time 8 Robbo Forever Sea Chase Sea Horse Hide'n Seek Seafox Sinistar Space Journey Spark Bugs Spartados X Spider City Star Maze Star Trux Stargate Starion Story Machine Summer Games Super Cart Super Charger Cartridge Super Pac-Man Super Pill, The Superman III Survival of the Fittest Synapse Series Telelink II Tempest Xtreem Time Bound Tower Toppler Turmoil Typo Whiz Kid Writer's Tool, The XE Demo Cartridge Xenophobe Yoomp
  3. Hi all. I am looking to complete my Atari enamel pin collection. To date, I have all but three. Does anyone know where I can find these three following pins? Thank You in advance!
  4. its been a challenge to compile this list.... so far I have collected over 250 cartridges... unfortunately its getting difficult to obtain more with todays prices..
  5. - Selection of Atari 400/800 Cartridges - All Work - Make an Offer - CND Funds - ET PHONE HOME $25 BASEBALL $120 VIDEO EASEL $35 QIX $25 EASTERN FRONT (1941) $40 GATO $35 POLE POSITION $50 SUBMARINE COMMANDER $30 PITFALL $50 NIGHT NIGHT $35
  6. I have accumulated a list of over 850 different cartridges for the Atari 400/800/XE. It's a smorgasbord of several lists. ATARI LIST.ods
  7. Yes I am.... I took a chance to see if there was a picture of the item described.... 🙂
  8. have you seen this list? http://www.pitfalljones.com/atari.htm
  9. Do you have a complete Atari 400/800/xe cartridge list bfollowell?
  10. here’s a few more of those variants…
  11. I have found 4 cart variants for Space Invaders.
  12. I have located 6 cart variants for this game....
  13. I have not seen a cartridge version... do you have a picture of the Pharoah's Curse cartridge?
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