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  1. unfortunately, I do no have any duplicates....
  2. Has any one compiled a recent cartridge list for the Atari 400/800/XE systems.? The Pitfalljones sight (http://www.pitfalljones.com/atari.htm) has 333 cartridges available. My list, including variants, has 496 cartridges. For example, Miner2049er has 6 different cartridges...
  3. Hi Stargunner... I am interested in your loose carts... in particular zenji, fast eddie, turmoil, seafox, beamrider, the designers pencil, ozzys orchard, atlantis, boulders and boms, protector II, picnic paranoia, astro grover, movie musical madness, big birds special delivery, sea horse hide and seek, battling bands, alien garden, fun with art, gruss and orc attack... are these available?
  4. Over the past year, I have generated a list of cartridges and variants using the pitfalljones sight as a starting point. (http://www.pitfalljones.com/atari.htm) To date, out of the 333 cartridges available for the Atari 400/800/XE systems, I found 163 cart variants. For example, I have found Miner 2049er has six cartridge variants.
  5. scottyy

    Gorf Pin

    i had this made for the new pins...
  6. scottyy

    Gorf Pin

    would you be able to provide a close up picture of the quantum and the liberator pins? i hope someday to complete the set
  7. I have 12 of these pins and I am looking for the remaining six... does anyone know where i can purchase them.. i still need, millepede, crystal castles, star wars, quantum, pole position and liberator
  8. scottyy

    Gorf Pin

    how many games did these style of pins represent... i have a set of the enamel pins but didn’t realize there was a different style... by the way, i’m looking for 6 of the enamel pins to complete my collection.. please contact me if anyone knows we’re i can get them...
  9. scottyy

    Atari Lynx pins

    I am looking for 6 of the 18 original pins from 1983.
  10. i too am looking for 6 pins... pole position, millepede, quantum, liberator, star wars and crystal castles
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