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  1. Possibly, but we don't know how long the dev time was for the other games that used work arounds. However, since MK Trilogy isn't that graphically demanding overall, another month may have yielded something.
  2. Soooo, is this another MNO.9 type deal with false promises? Because reading the last several pages it looks like they are just taking peoples money for a product that has nothing to show. Also wasn't this announced 2 years ago?
  3. At Games... See here's my thing with the Plug N Play scene, there are many companies with games that haven't been re-released numerous times that could put out some profitable Plug N Plays. Nintendo have shown us this with their NES and SNES mini. However, I think Atari and Sega have over-saturated themselves. How many times can we play Sonic,Thunder Blade, OutRun, Vectorman, Pitfall, Kaboom, Riverraid, Asteroid before people start losing interest? We've had Sega and Atari re-releases for around 20 years now, multiple retail compilations, digital compilations, numerous Plug N Plays, stand-alone releases, authorized emulation sites, portable gaming console compilations, not many people are interested anymore. Atari and Sega likely will never see similar success to a NES mini because they have both run their wells dry. Outside a Jaguar/Dreamcast mini they really don't have anything to tempt someone to buy their Plug N Plays in my opinion.
  4. The more I look at the specs the more I believe it may have been better to have just made a 32X stand-alone (maybe even CD based) and made that the successor to the Genesis instead of the Saturn. If not world wide than just the US and Europe. It would have had no competition because the PS1 wouldn't come out for another year, giving it a year head start, and the 3DO in 94 was $400, leaving the Jaguar as the only competitor. Jagaur didn't get a visual amazing 3D game till AVP and that was at the end of 94, the 32X would have had numerous 3D games by then. Plus Jaguar had nothing in 95 to match 32X Virua Fighter visually either, or anything that ran as smooth. This was a very common thing for 2D games that were on both the Saturn and the PSX that had water. Water would almost never be transparent on the Saturn version. Sometimes games would have the water in the background instead of the foreground and then just swap the player sprite with one colored more blue when you entered the water field to make it look like it was underwater. Then when the sprite left the field, it would swap the blue sprite with the normal one. But I wouldn't say that specific development issue was due to the Saturn being difficult to program for, but rather the PS1 was more flexible. If you create within the Saturns capabilities, development is fine.
  5. Bomberman Hero is the only Bomberman game on the N64 that's anything worth its salt. The other two are wayyy too slow, have odd stage design, sub-optimal camera angles, and areas tend to drag on causing a bit of boredom. Not to mention the gimped multiplayer mode. Hero has issues but it's a much faster action game. It has great graphics, better stage design than the other two, a good soundtrack, and was generally more fun. Even the intro attempts to get you pumped up. I would say however that the N64 games in general weren't the best games in the series, even during that time period, but Bomberman Hero is worth at least a look
  6. Mortal Kombat II surprisingly wasn't on it as well/ Considering it could run Pit Fighter decently, and the GG got a MK port, Lynx wold have had no problems handling MKII.
  7. Oh yeah there was a NeoCD version. Looks Like I only have 3/4 then. Yeah Tomaday is a crazy game, not killing the mafia with a yo-yo in Spinmaster crazy, but it's up there.
  8. Sometimes it's not all there. (LOL, sorry for the bad joke) I've all 3 versions of Viewpoint. It's the game that always gets my attention because of the soundtrack. Even the Genesis version was surprisingly well done. I still need to try beating Captain Tomaday or Pulstar at some point. Pulstar is much more difficult than Blazing Star.
  9. It looks interesting, and Insomniac was one of my favorite developers in the past, but as an Xbox One only owner and no PS4 I'll have to miss it sadly.
  10. It grew on me a little bit. It was refreshing to see sprites other than stick figures for a change. But at least he looks like a miner now!
  11. Yeah, I likely will. If the controller and lagging issues are the same for the NTSC model as the Euro version I'm not sure if it's worth the $80 investment. Best to wait for more impressions.
  12. is that a Cananian beard I see? Lol. This actually looks really good in motion! Will have to download later! I never did like that weird Umpa Lumpa design the original sprite had. It always looked really creepy and would serve better in a horror game.
  13. My bad, I meant Rastan 2. It's sometimes called Rastan Saga despite it being the second game. As for cancelled games well, Atari had issues with that for all their later consoles. They really should have tried to get a few of those types of games earlier though. I know they wanted to make LYNX an arcade powerhouse, but they really where the only portable lacking those genres. But otherwise, I still believe the Lynx was Ataris best console in terms of library since being renamed Atari Corp.
  14. Since Atari Corp and Atari Games had a better relationship with Lynx development than with the other Atari consoles, the Lynx could have gotten several more Atari Games arcade ports: -Marble madness -Super Sprint (Perfect for multi-player) -Relief Pitcher -Planet of robot monsters -Moto Frenxy -Bad Lands Then you have the fact that Namco and Taito only released one game on the Lynx, Pac-land and Qix respectively. The Lynx's power would have allowed namco to release: -Druaga(1 and 2) -Toy Pop -Thunder Scepter -Bravo Man -Bosconian -Dragon Spirit -Pac-Mania -Final Lap Games -Burning Force -Phozon As for Taito: -Rainbow Islands -Rastan -Master of Weapon -Sonic Blast Man -Arkanoid -Bubble Bobble -Darius These games aren't able to run on the Game Boy or Game Gear but the Lynx is powerful enough so that ports of these would be more than possible. Another thing the Lynx needed ports of was more Adventure and RPG games, the Lynx was the ONLY portable that was weak on those. While the quality was questionable, the GB and GG had a number Adventure games and Rpgs to choose from. I think the only game that would technically qualify in those categories would be Bill and Ted unless I'm forgetting something.
  15. If you don't mind buying a Kinect for the 360, I think there's a few board games on that that combine TV interaction with some cards. Keep in mind that the original Kinect has detection issues and is generally not the most reliable piece of hardware.
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