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  1. Score = 947,500 (I know I can hit 1 million) I also found a "super-secret-technique" for the cave levels. You can see it on the HS run... Not sure if anyone else ever did this, but I figured it out on my own (have that vid also - it was a game changing moment!
  2. Greetings all, I hope everyone had a great holiday and new year! I own/operate the website gametrog.com. I sold games/systems/cables for several years, but stopped a few years back. While I left the site up for it's popular how-to sections, It was in need of some TLC. I have since done a major upgrade to the website (it was built in iweb...) and am moving it in a new direction. Which brings me here. ******************** I am about to expand and add all Atari systems (2600 - Jaguar) to the website. I have an original Woody, 5200 and a Lynx, but not all systems (yet). If you look at my SEGA or Nintendo pages you will see I like to have nice large photos of all the angles and original boxes if I can. I am looking for someone (or some-few) who have each system and even boxes, to get photographs. I'm not in a position to compensate much, but am willing to credit and link to any that help. If you ar interested in helping please let me know and I will provide additional info. You can contact me here or through the website. Thanks! -Trog
  3. First post on AA, popped on just to marvel out-loud and the number of pompous hand-wringers on here. Good luck with the system, helped as much as I could currently.
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