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  1. What's interesting is none of this BIFF stuff happened for the first many several posts I made, I even made a introduction thread that nobody has read yet for some reason. Only when I posted a few more times in "Classic Gaming" did this problem start. http://atariage.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&sid=79a039e06968f544f28f46c70c1b5df7&mid=66005&userMode=content&search_app=forums&search_app_filters[forums][searchInKey]=&search_app_filters[forums][sortKey]=date&search_app_filters[forums][sortDir]=1 First post was an introduction thread that that is still unread, and then the link contains the rest of the posts in chronological order. Nothing wrong until Youxia on page 2 of my posting history in the ADAM thread, out of nowhere, with no instigation. Suddenly, I'm BIFF out of nowhere, for no reason! Why? I don't know.
  2. There's no logic in your post but this comes at no surprise.If you actually click on that users contribs he actually for the most part talked about phones and not gaming as much as the sock master Jak. But apparently the guy called "Tigersuperman" on Wikipedia was banned anyway, likely because something we can't see. However, Jakandsig is actually a name where if you saw it on multiple sites it would likely be the same person because it's not based on an actual name from a character of an online series, unlike Tigersuperman, but a mash of words. I know this because Jakandsig does give me search results, unlike BIFF, and he has an account right here on this very forum who made a thread here talking about fixing Wikipedia, and from the looks of it his account isn't banned: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/220803-lets-fix-wikipedia-thread-1/?do=findComment&comment=2905485 So if you're trying to use Jak as BIFF, then why wouldn't BIFF use the Jak account? IF I'm the same "tigersuperman" as Wikipedia that also doesn't make sense either because then I would be Jak wouldn't I? So then why wouldn't I use the Jak account if I'm the same TS as the one on wiki? Weird, none of it makes sense. It's almost as if you have zero critical thinking and are tying to be deceptive like you were here: I mean if being dishonest is your thing go ahead. I just don't think it works when most prefer good people with integrity instead. Like I said I can find plenty of Youxia charged with various crimes but I don't say they are you.
  3. Oh no, a name from an online strip has other people using the same name? I can't believe it. Here I guess this is you using your very own logic Weird how that works. Or Is this similar to how you took a gaming list out of context, only quoted GEX and used deceptive tactics to act like I was that Bubsy member guy?
  4. Terrible first try, hopefully will do better when I play on the actual machine when I get home:
  5. Have you ever thought of making DVD's containing episodes?
  6. You will! I'm just trying to do multiple things at the same time. I'm going to do a before & after once I get some sprites and backgrounds done.
  7. I know a few guys that imported ADAM's from the US. I'd be surprised if 100k Adams were sold across all European countries given the high prices and crowded market.
  8. I just don't think Nintendo wanted to spend so much money on power after the gamecube. It kind of crashed on them and they had to temporarily stop production and play price war with the PS2.
  9. That sucks. Hopefully you get a good price on eBay at some point. I remember many people being upset the S removed the kinect port. I guess Microsoft didn't realize more people liked Kinect than they thought, especially for voice commands and such. I think if they tried a gen 3 Kinect and had software prepared for ii in advance, with the correct messaging it could possibly come back and be popular.
  10. An idea how the ADAM was priced compared to the competition in France? I know it didn't last long there but I wonder if it was a similar situation like how the CV was expensive there.
  11. I didn't know Commodore made PC clones. That doesn't really make sense given their so called mission. But yeah, I guess PC clones being cheap was more of an American thing, perhaps in some parts of asia as well. But IBM PC's were pretty expensive in France right? More than the clones surely?
  12. I find playing Dragonfire is easier to keep up with in later levels if you're constantly blinking your eyes as you play. Don't ask me why it just works lol.
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