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  1. I just ordered 2 - very glad that this project is moving forward! A request: I saw some installation notes earlier. Any chance of a pictorial step-by-step installation guide? Thanks again!
  2. You can try shipping an LCD packed inside a small Pelican case. I attached an image of one that I use to transport small electronics inside a briefcase while traveling.
  3. Thanks for the update. I have 3 units (2 functional) and am in for at least 3 screens. I agree with tg517 - there are many units that only need a screen to restore them to a playable state. I had one when I was a kid - didn’t keep it . Having grown up during that time, it is my opinion that the storage/transport requirements kept this awesome game from staying out-front in the portable game marketplace. Unlike today, no one was offering accessories like padded carry cases targeted at portable video games. As I recall, the MV won’t fit in the typical camera case of the era.
  4. I’m OK with non-backlit - that would keep the display true to the original IMHO. I have 2 functional units and 1 with a rotted screen. I’m still in for 3 units.
  5. I’m glad to hear that there is momentum on the project. I can’t wait to get my screen-rotted unit up and running.
  6. Good Evening - I have 2 of these units; 1 has a usable screen. The second one is completely rotted. Im interested in 2 of these replacement screens.
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