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  1. Ok, it is not really true apparently a guy that has a toy shop still have many videogames from the 80s I am going to visit his secret hidden place soon
  2. Belgium got it!!! I repeat....Belgium got it!!!😁
  3. ok then, good thing, for everybody, I suppose
  4. why stay silent about this deal and not mention it to the community, dear Collectorvision persons? Maybe afraid of the reactions...still keeping it "secret" when we know theses kind of things are always surfacing is disappointing.....
  5. hello all, is there a HDMI home "console"/machine that can properly emulate Dreamcast, Saturn, N64 and PS1 and PS2? thanks
  6. are you in the Netherlands? they already begin to arrive in Europe??
  7. not one got his secret game, yet?
  8. Hello, lost a bit the news, when is the second batch of Phoenix consoles suppose to be released?
  9. so completely identical to the Arcade? or still some difference?
  10. both this game your other game I RAN are really cool I love them both I will buy them in cartridge but stuck on the level with the blue Ninja do I have to climb the wall? how?
  11. Hey, Collectorvision, is the 2020 Secret Game still planned to be shipped this month?
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