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  1. I am not on his side (far from it) but I have to say that I was refunded (long time ago)
  2. My copy is still for sale Maybe more for European collectors... Send me pm if interested
  3. For sale VENTURE ARCADE EDITION numbered the end par of the label is sunfaded $35.00 CCE cart lot $100 for the lot shipping fees from Belgium to be added paypal payment
  4. Prepare to sell or trade my of Secret Game... Too.... I am in Belgium
  5. I enjoyed this game, just a question, why when saving ...you can only save your "level" but each time you have to go through each warehouse from n 1.... a bit tedious, and repetitive, I think
  6. " The official Intellivision Website. Used to be more navigable, and game list is down, but the time line is cool http://www.intellivisiongames.com/ " the question was maybe already asked...but did someone save those pages with all the game explanations, if I remember well each game history and how they came to be was well described.....
  7. WTB Intellivision PITFALL CIB DRAGONFIRE CIB FATHOM CIB NOVA BLAST CIB Hi I am in Belgium and I am looking for those complete games, thanks
  8. in case, they are not available anymore, I am selling a complete set
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