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  1. Mad Planets arcade conversion with an appropriate controller system (also good for Tron arcade
  2. Are Europeans going to receive a Pal Snes Sydney Hunter?
  3. plenty of positive vibes, Oscar...sorry for your loss...
  4. it exists already https://cvaddict.com/profile.php?gameid=65
  5. is Opcode replying from time to time? no reply to PM here no reply to email no reply to message ......
  6. Hello, playing a bit of Mr Do!'s Wild Ride today, the MSX conversion, it deserves a physical release
  7. hi, are there still some SGM available?
  8. Shipping from Belgium for sale this multicart for Vectrex a sd card allows it to load roms, and add any roms old model, a new one exists $90 shipped from Belgium trade for boxed Atari, Intellivision or Colecovision games
  9. Hi, is the game finished and working? And most important, is it a fun game?
  10. For sale this Vectrex Flashcart working with SD cartn so you can load any games you want $140.00 shipping included (no tracking)
  11. for sale this french pal/secam console and games, some rare HMG7900 lot $150.00 + shipping SOLD
  12. For Sale Aggelos for Nintendo Switch $35.00 plus shipping trade possible with SUper Mario Bros U, Yoshi Crafted World, etc
  13. Ok, it is not really true apparently a guy that has a toy shop still have many videogames from the 80s I am going to visit his secret hidden place soon
  14. Belgium got it!!! I repeat....Belgium got it!!!😁
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