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  1. or the opposite way...you enter a room, mini-game, you achieved it, you received an object that you have to place in a room (lamp in dark room, etc), if correct, you go to next mini-game
  2. 13 EUROS total in USD 37.00 no tracking or insurance possible
  3. Thiis is an adapter with keypad to use DB9 controller on a Atari 5200 console shipped from Belgium trade possible (with 5200 games, or 2600 boxed games) $75.00
  4. Hi, Time to limit my Colecovision collection I look for correct prices, I am always open to offers For sale on other forums Paypal payment (no fees for me) Shipped from Belgium Prices in Euros if not in list, item is sold COLECO MODULE 1 ATARI NTSC only works on NTSC console 15 euros BOXED WITH MANUAL CABBAGE PATCH KIDS 22 euros GORF 20 euros JUMPMAN JUNIOR 23 euros LADY BUG sealed 20 euros LOOPING 15 euros MOUSE TRAP 17 euros MR DO 22 euros OMEGA RACE sealed 27 euros PEPPER II 14 euros PITSTOP sealed 33 euros SUBROC 16 euros TARZAN 35 euros VICTORY 15 euros COMPKETE HOMEBREWS MAJIKAZO 55 euros C-SO 45 euros LOOSE HOMEBREWS STARSHIP DEFENSE FORCE 25 LOOSE GAMES BC II GROGS REVENGE 15 eur BURGERTIME 17 eur CARNIVAL 5 eur CENTIPEDE 10 eur DUKES OF HAZZARD 14 eur FROGGER II THREEEDEEP 15 eur JAMES BOND 007 18 eur MOUSE TRAP 6 eur TAPPER 30 eur TURBO 7 eur
  5. it was made by a friend in Belgium I think there are still some left
  6. so what are the companies that are "aggressive" with their IPs? Nintendo Disney anything else?
  7. are you sure? unofficially and unreleased then? or you meant on Atari 800 ??
  8. why? because an arcade game conversion is always selling a lot, but a Nintendo IP has to stay discreet any C & D action...
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