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  1. The only game that was ever truly finished from the BDC (Boston Design Center) was Kabobber by Rex Bradford.
  2. Hi lawdawg710! Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm honored to be a part of the Atari Age Forum. Dan Kitchen
  3. Hi Moonsweeper! Thank you so much for your input. Yes, I plan to have a limited edition of signed games with a color manual, box and poster. We'll also be adding a complete set of the Collectible Trading Cards for the game. You can view the first card and subscribe to my mailing list at https://www.dankitchengames.com. The game will have almost 75 enemies and obstacles which will be highlighted on these Trading Cards. The game is now called DAN KITCHEN'S GOLD RUSH!™. In my upcoming newsletter I'll be releasing images of the train cars and obstacles. Thank's again for your kind words! Dan K.
  4. Hi Inky and Supergun! Thanks for writing! I've never used the DPC or any other chip for the Atari 2600. All my games, including Keystone II and the new version of it that I'm now finishing up (renamed GOLD RUSH!™) are written in pure 6502 with no additional RAM or hardware support. Dave created the DPC chip because he wanted to create a stunning version of Pitfall 2. Adding the DPC to a cartridge would greatly increase the manufacturing cost, so by the time Pitfall 2 had been released and the market crash had occurred, it was more imperative then ever to make games in the smallest and cheapest configuration. It was purely a management cost decision, Dave had nothing to do with it. As far as I know the DPC was never used after Pitfall 2. As an aside, many people call the DPC the "Display Processor Chip". The truth is it was named by Dave for his full name "David Patrick Crane". Please check out the latest on my development of GOLD RUSH!™ at my new Retro Game Site: www.dankitchengames.com Thanks again for all your questions! Keep 'em coming! Dan Kitchen
  5. Hi everyone! I want to thank all of you for your supportive comments and suggestions on my Kickstarter question. I'll keep everyone updated on my Kickstarter plans and Keystone II's progress.
  6. Once again, I wanted to thank everyone for your accolades, support and comments. I actually have a question for all of you that I would love your opinion on: I'm thinking of starting a Kickstarter campaign for Keystone II (and potentially my other 2600 games to follow) to pre-sell the game and raise the funds for the game's manufacturing. I'm thinking about offering different pledge rewards that include: - Receiving only the cartridge - Receiving the cartridge with a box and full color manual - Receiving a limited edition signed copy of the cartridge - Receiving a full size poster with the boxed game - Participating with me in the design of the game by designing an enemy character that I'll program into the game - Securing an invitation to the game's launch event (date & location TBD) As retro game players, collectors, historians and experts, I'd love to know what you think about a Keystone II Kickstarter Campaign. Thank you in advance for your valuable feedback! Dan K.
  7. Hi guys! Thanks again for the comments from Arenafoot, AtariLeaf, Supergun, Kosmic Stardust and Rom Hunter! Regarding the Eastern Designer Center, Garry and I join Activision with three other programmers in 1981 and were based in New Jersey at the time. Instead of moving to Santa Clara, California, Activision decided to allow us to open the Activision Eastern Design Center. We were the first of a few satellite design offices they eventually opened. When Garry and I left Activision in 1986, we formed a development company called Imagineering which produced many games (C64, NES, SNES, 2600, Genesis, etc.) for a number of different publishers such as THQ, Acclaim, Activision and Atari. We eventually started Absolute Entertainment and started publishing our own games. Most of the equipment from our Activision Eastern Design Center was acquired and used by us at Absolute, while much of our original Activision development hardware and promotion materials from the early 1980's have been donated to our friends at the National Video Game Museum. Keystone II will be published through my new retro game publishing company, "TikiVision". Tiki Interactive (which has a temporary web page up at the moment) is my development company which creates art assets for a number of publishers of F2P games PC & mobile. TikiVision will have a new site up soon. I am doing some research and putting together a list of the guys that worked in the Activision Boston Designer Center and will post it here when complete. Regarding the Keystone Kapers review cart, that is very cool to have! It probably did come from our office as we used to burn EPROM versions of our game for the marketing team to pass among to the video game magazine reviewers and the press. Thank you again for all your support and comments. Keep 'em coming!
  8. Hi Cafeman, I'm actually a big of Michael Kitchen. A great English actor. I'm not related that I know of, but our family is English so there might be a connection way back in the annals of English History. Dan K.
  9. Hi Supergun and ROM Hunter, Thanks for writing. Keystone Kapers was a brilliant game created by my Garry Kitchen. When I started working on my "train game", it seems natural to bring Keystone back into action. Regarding those unknown Activision games, they look to me like ones that were done by the Boston Design Center which was opened about a year after we started the Activision's Eastern Design Center. That group worked on a number of games that didn't make the "Activision" quality cut. I'll try to dig up the names of the programmer who were part of that center. There doesn't exist any additional materials on Keystone Cannonball. The game never made it out of our East Coast Office to the marketing group in California. Thanks for reaching out! Dan Kitchen
  10. Thank you again for all your accolades and support! Regarding reviving the 2600, I hope to do that by making new Activision quality games, not a new console.
  11. Hi atarilovesyou! Thanks for sending me a comment and thank you for all your accolades! Programming the VCS is "just like riding a bike". I was amazed at how quickly I remembered the system considering I've programmed many other games for other systems in the last 35 years. (I can't believe it's been that long!!!). It was a unique time in video game history where one programmer could do everything. That's possible these days only if one is creating a very simple mobile app, but once graphics are involved, an artist is required. However, I did work with one chap in the late 1980's who was so talented he drew all the graphics for the Nintendo Game Boy game he programmed. I have been speaking to a few of the original designers about possibly joining me at TikiVision to revive the 2600 with new games. I'm hopeful some will jump in. Thanks again for all your interest! Dan
  12. Bon Voyage will definitely be a voyage into the unknown...
  13. Hey Greenfuzz, Nice to meet you! In answer to your questions: 1) When do you anticipate Keystone Kapers 2 and Bon Voyage to be available to purchase? DK - I expect Keystone Kapers 2 to be available for purchase in November of this year. Bon Voyage before Christmas. 2) Will they be complete box/cartridge/manual releases? DK - Yes, I plan to have the games available in complete boxes with manuals. I'll also have Activision-style patches available for high score plateaus. 3) Do you ever plan to release the ROM for the original Keystone Kapers 2, for us collectors that are interested in it from a historical perspective? DK - Yes, after Keystone 2 is released I'll make the prototype ROM image available. 4) Were you working on any other games that weren't released, or did you have ideas for games you never had the time to begin programming for? DK - Yes actually. At Activision I had a complete game we called the "Levee Game". Keystone Kelly appeared in a yellow rain slicker running around ladders and platforms repairing cracks that would appear in a background Hoover Dam-style image complete with warning lights and a beautiful sun setting on the distant reservoir . The screen kernels were written such that I could change the background color on every scan line so the entire screen would slowly fill up with water if the player couldn't cement the cracks in time. There was also a mechanic to "empty" the water on the player's side of the dam to keep the game going. I'm hopeful that I can locate a ROM of that game in the future. I do have other games I plan to release early next year and will have information about these next titles later in the year. Thanks again for your interest and questions! Mahalo!
  14. Dan Kitchen here. I want to thank everyone in the forum for their accolades and comments regarding the discovery of my Keystone Kapers II ROM! Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about that game and any others I've developed over the years. I'll be posting information about my new Keystone game in the very near future. All the best, Dan
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