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  1. I have modified cable and tried connecting Atari pin 8 to Scart pin 16 (and disconnecting Atari pin 12 to scart pin 16). It's not "shaky" but image is kind of blurred. Then I tried Atari pin 8 to Scart pin 8 (as it was originally) and Atari pin 12 disconnected. Better than previous but still not good. Similar to Atari Pin 8 and 12 not connected at all. What else should I try?
  2. Thanks for suggestions.I actually bought cable so had to open it now to verify. Looks like producer used this diagram https://www.flashback-computing.com/screenshots/Atari%20-%20scart.jpg However don't see any resistors
  3. Hi Everyone I have recently found 520STfm on local auction. After connecting to TV (via SCART Cable) it did not display anything but grey screen. I have opened it and found quite a lot of rust on disk drive and a bit on motherboard. After cleaning everything and reseating chips I was able to see green TOS screen Little success However, I noticed strange screen shake every 5-10 seconds. Here is recording how it looks I guess something is wrong with motherboard (C103253 Rev.1) but not sure where to start/what to replace. Any suggestions?
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