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  1. how to change from default 1200 baud to something higher in PlatoTerm 1.3?
  2. Hmm, tried to start it from SIDE2 (PLATOTERM-LITE-ATARI-1.3-JOYSTICK.xex) and it loads PlatoTERM but instantly reboots back to SIDE2 Loader. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, will be checking it further
  3. Could you give me some hints how to run it from SIDE2 as ROM then, please? I can run it as xex and I'm curious if running as ROM will make any difference?
  4. I have modified cable and tried connecting Atari pin 8 to Scart pin 16 (and disconnecting Atari pin 12 to scart pin 16). It's not "shaky" but image is kind of blurred. Then I tried Atari pin 8 to Scart pin 8 (as it was originally) and Atari pin 12 disconnected. Better than previous but still not good. Similar to Atari Pin 8 and 12 not connected at all. What else should I try?
  5. Thanks for suggestions.I actually bought cable so had to open it now to verify. Looks like producer used this diagram https://www.flashback-computing.com/screenshots/Atari%20-%20scart.jpg However don't see any resistors
  6. Hi Everyone I have recently found 520STfm on local auction. After connecting to TV (via SCART Cable) it did not display anything but grey screen. I have opened it and found quite a lot of rust on disk drive and a bit on motherboard. After cleaning everything and reseating chips I was able to see green TOS screen Little success However, I noticed strange screen shake every 5-10 seconds. Here is recording how it looks I guess something is wrong with motherboard (C103253 Rev.1) but not sure where to start/what to replace. Any suggestions?
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