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  1. In my opinion, seeing as how it came out well after the system's demise, I wouldn't consider it an "official release" really.
  2. I like Atari Karts, but the power-ups are kinda' pointless unless you're going up against a friend. When playing alone, didn't feel like they had any impact on other racers. It's enjoyable, handles well, looks pretty, and sounds good. Still, best played with a friend.
  3. I have a re-production of Gold. It's a reasonably fun game, though I feel it's definitely one of those titles meant to be enjoyed with a friend. Otherwise, there are more exciting games to play by yourself (Alien vs. Predator, Tempest 2000, Ruiner Pinball, Flashback, Attack of the Mutant Penguins, and so on). Would love to link-play this someday, just for the experience.
  4. Yes, an arrogant presumption indeed, considering it's a Facebook promotion. I'll gladly accept that dunce cap, sir. In exchange, please accept this Snickers bar.
  5. Well, we all know where Top Hat gets his Jaguar information from these days.
  6. That too is valid, though has little bearing on the video or how Jenovi presented it. As I said, boxes are clearly not legit mock-ups created by those involved with development, and the game footage was tagged.
  7. Not if people are actually paying attention to the video. For example, the two games mentioned here. The box art is clearly a fan-made mock-up since neither title made it very far in development. Hence, no box. Also, the game footage is tagged with its source. If people have difficulty reading, or employing any kind of common sense, that's hardly Jenovi's problem. Besides, people are quite capable of creating more rumors and fairy tales without these videos. Just watch Laird's Lair or Top Hot Gaming Man. They're living proof.
  8. I'll totally vouch for Jenovi. He's far more meticulous with his research than I am, and he's too damn busy to get involved with...certain people.
  9. May wanna' try Facebook. There's tons of folks on there dying to get their hands on more Jaguar games. The bright side is you can use PayPal and it costs you nothing to make a post. Unlike eBay, Facebook doesn't expect you to give 'em a taste. Look up "Atari Jaguar" and you'll find a bunch of groups, a market place, and so on.
  10. *turns and faces you* "You're hilarious. I can't believe this..." My favorite line is, "Yeah, I liked it. She made me wanna' go out and buy rubbers right now." LOL!
  11. LOL! Not often I see a Lethal Weapon quote, let alone one from Lethal Weapon 3.
  12. Alien vs Predator is great if you're wanting a "survival horror" experience. Personally, I think Alien vs Predator is a fantastic game, and is downright essential for Jaguar owners. I'd favor that over Protector, though Protector is pretty fuckin' good.
  13. @Clint Thompson That's lookin' sweet, bro. I really can't wait to see where this one goes.
  14. He's wearing a fanny-pack in his profile pic. That's all you need to know.
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