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  1. If I could manage that I would. Was really into Video CD for a time, making back-up copies of movies to watch on my Saturn. Haha!
  2. We considered exploring that story a bit more. It's not supposed to be a zombie; just a possessed person with no eyes. However, we didn't sell the idea that it was blind very well. Ends up coming across more of an exercise in visuals and editing. Shorts like Murder Virgin, Flicker, Skeletons and Art is Death are more fleshed out.
  3. Here's a link to the "Dark Current Cinema" playlist on YouTube. All these shorts, excluding the Halloween fan-films, were made available on our very first tape release. I say "our" because my wife and I collaborate on a few projects. We've done two more shorts that will be featured on our next tape release, though we're waiting to debut those at VHS Fest at the Mahoning Drive-in (PA). If you're curious as to how the tapes came out, I'll include a pic here.
  4. My pleasure. Thank you for enduring the foul mouth and weird sexual analogies. 😂 I may come back when things settle down at home. Just gonna' take awhile. At least I get to contribute through Reboot, writing mission briefings and spitballing with the crew. That, and getting to see what's in the pipe for upcoming projects is always a treat.
  5. Thank you. I appreciate it. It may return here and there once my home life settles down. It's just that since this pandemic struck, the day job is way more demanding. That, and both my parents have serious health concerns in which both my wife and I are doing the best we can to help. I honestly can't remember the last time I was able to sit down and enjoy a video game. Whenever I get a little free time, I try and spend it with the wife, or work on movies. Still, one of these days, Master-Cast may return. Once I accept nobody likes my movies. 😂🤣
  6. Just to be clear, I don't receive review copies from Reboot or AtariAge. Rebooteroids was a gift, and I was a tester on Last Strike. Also, seeing as how I collaborate with CyranoJ now, I don't think potential consumers will fully trust any critique of Reboot's work done by me. I may be wrong, though I feel it's the fair thing to do. In addition, I've retired Master-Cast TV indefinitely. Honestly, I wanna' be the guy making stuff; not critiquing it. So I'm concentrating on my movies - even releasing them on Betamax and VHS.
  7. Fuck that. Rip it open and play it. King's X. 😜😂
  8. CONGRATULATIONS on making it to mission 2. At least you've unlocked it, so you don't have to play through the first mission again.
  9. Dude, that's progress right there. You'll find the sweet spot and persevere. It took me a hot minute and lots of cursing, but I did it. LOL! If my dumb ass can do it, you should be in like Flynn. Didn't even notice that error with the manual. I just followed their placement on the screen. Where I sometimes screw up now is the smart laser. I get the buttons crossed in my head and I end pressing '5' instead of '6'. That killed me a couple times because my timing was on point, but I kept thinking '5'.... There are days in which I hate my brain.
  10. First of all, there's no shame in using the "Novice" setting. Remember, "Pride goeth before the fall." LOL! Like you, I struggled with the first level. My greatest obstacle - no, my nemesis - was the red serpents at the very end. It releases a string of laser fire that can kill in a single blast. Doesn't help that it's built like a brick shit-house and hugs your craft like a clingy grandmother. My advice to you is collect all the power-ups, or as many as it takes to charge your shields and blaster. Remember, power-ups will charge whichever one is highlighted, so - once the selected power-up turns 'GREEN' - move onto the next as soon as possible. You want that shield maxed out by the time you reach the serpents. You have the 'smart laser', in which you only get three per mission. Again, save 'em for the red serpent. It's a waste to use 'em elsewhere since every other enemy appears in the same numbers and position, and are considerably weaker. Even the blue serpents are chumps compared to the red. As soon as the red serpent appears, select the blaster charge and hit it like a high school kegger. Its attack pattern doesn't change, so memorize it. Once you have the timing down for when it unleashes its laser attack, hit your 'smart laser'. Just one! You'll need the other two (wait for it). Finish it off with your charged lasers and it should bust up at the seams.... Then, we get a SECOND RED SERPENT! Yes, another one. As if the first wasn't hard enough. However, you should still have two 'smart lasers' available to you. Feel free to use 'em here (the level ends with its destruction), though I suggest timing their use to coincide with its attack - just to save wear-and-tear on your thumbs trying to blast away its neon string of anal-bead like lasers. With any luck, it goes boom, and you're off to Mission 2. Good luck, sir. May the schwartz be with you!
  11. I'd argue the Jaguar was already saved; by its fans. The folks that continue to produce games for it, and the players that buy and share their experiences with others, they saved the Jaguar years ago. It's still alive. I mean, shit! I think folks show the console more respect now than when it was launched. That's saying something, considering we have numerous click-bait articles and YouTube programs that continue to push it as the punchline of retro gaming. The Jaguar died, only to be resurrected. IT LIVES, DAMN YOU! IT LIVES!
  12. Rise of the Dragon. A "neo noir" graphic adventure game that was on DOS, Amiga, and SEGA CD. If it were to ever appear, I'd be delighted.
  13. Accurate. Unfrotunately, many of 'em tend to do well. Like you, I find them boring. I'll watch Stop Skeletons from Fighting, Southern Sega Gentleman, and Retro Gaming Arts. That, or Gamer Ahmer because her collection's positively insane (kiosks out the ass, and she enjoys SEGA and Atari). I dig the "Punching Weight" series on SSFF, and SSG is pretty fuckin' genuine and fair. Retro Gaming Arts focuses mainly on console repair, modification, etc. That got me into trying my hand at soldering. Those are good channels where I feel they actually care. They wanna' make content that has value beyond, "The CD-i is total fucking gar-bitch! Thank you so much for liking, commenting and subscribing. Be sure to check out my Patreon, and hit the gift shop for a hot beverage thermal mug and free balloons for the kids!" Also, I'm glad you dig on the videos. I'm working on Hover Strike right now (cart only, for I don't have Jaguar CD), but I'm really wanting to see the final. The previous owner told me it's hard as fuck. LOL! If it makes you feel any better, I'm kinda' fucking myself too. There's shit I still want like Attack of the Mutant Penguins, Breakout 2000, and Atari Karts.
  14. Well, that's certainly Nate the Gamer, though there's plenty more. I'd swear some of 'em don't even bother to skim Wikipedia. Instead, they're going completely off memory, or shit they heard in other videos. With Nate, considering what he recycled, pretty sure his "research" ended with the AVGN two-part episode. I've actually never watched Scott the Woz. Heard good things here and there, but always get side-tracked. Generally end up watching Techmoan or Technology Connections.
  15. He's fairly new. Only 119 subscribers and his views are in the toilet. Four months ago he reviewed the Jaguar and a few games. I think he falls in the "22-year old talkin' retro" category. If you wanna' face-palm harder than Ryan Reynolds after X-Men Origins, link below. Yeah, the comparison videos are easy views. I'll touch on different versions in my shit - when available to me at least - though I rarely devote an entire video to it. Like you said, there's tons of 'em. Unless the host is going to do a deep dive into the 'how' and 'why', it's like, "Why bother? Watch VCDECIDE." They've made plenty of great side-by-side comparison videos spanning damn near every console. Unless they're sharing an opinion or preference, it's kinda' meh.
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